6’7 x 7′ Shire Shiplap Pent Shed

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Size: 6’7 X 7’
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Not nearly enough credit is given to this solid, attractive storage shed. Manufactured using slow grown Northern European Pine, the thick outer cladding is supported by a very robust, thick frame. Both the walls and the roof benefit from effective water resistance, helping to protect the building and ensure it lasts for many years.

There is a single, wide ledge door added to the front of the shed, alongside a glass opening window. The shed has been designed so that you can swap the position of the door and window, though they cannot be placed on the sides of the building. The criss-cross mortice and tenoned window is secure, boosts insulation inside the shed and helps to add good air flow into the building as and when it is needed.

Inside, the floor is also created from tongue and groove cladding which means the shed is useful for all types of storage. It is a lot stronger and harder wearing than solid sheet board and no extra money will need to be spent in order to strengthen it.

A pad bolt keeps the door closed much better than a button catch and it also makes it pad-lockable. It is important to be aware that the shed doesn’t actually come with a padlock however and you will need to get one separately.

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What we rate

  • Created from slow grown timber
  • Shiplap tongue and groove walls
  • Tongue and groove floor
  • Choice of door and window placement
  • Basecoat treated

What we slate

  • Like with most outdoor buildings, the roofing felt on this one isn’t the best quality. We would recommend buying and installing a better felt if you can afford it.
How We Rate It
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
Longevity Of materials 9/10
90% Complete
Storage Space 8/10
80% Complete
Ease of installation 8/10
80% Complete
Value for money 10/10
100% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Building Type and Measurements

  • 6'7 x 7' Shire Shiplap Pent Shed Open Window and LatchExternal ridge height – 6’7”
  • Internal eaves height – 5’10”
  • Door height – 5’4”
  • Door width – 2’7”
  • Internal depth – 6’3”
  • Internal width – 6’3”

This is a good size, strong and sturdy storage shed, with a space saving pent roof. As it comes with a very strong tongue and groove floor, you could also use it as a small hobby room or workshop. Its external ridge height is impressive, ensuring you have plenty of height inside the shed to use it comfortably. You’ll find all pent sheds are either taller at the front of the building or at the back. This one follows the traditional style and is taller at the front. However, the roof slopes a little gentler than it does on other pent buildings, so the height difference between the front and rear isn’t that big. The width of the door is a lot wider than you’ll find on standard sheds so this gives you a lot more room to transport your equipment and tools in and out.

Roof and Floor

6'7 x 7' Shire Shiplap Pent Shed Open Door and WindowA gentle pent roof makes gives you more installation options than an apex style building. For example, it can be neatly assembled in front, or to the side of other buildings. It can also be placed underneath particularly low hanging trees. However, this doesn’t compromise the amount of interior storage space and it also provides the same rainwater protection as an apex roof. The manufacturer has covered it with a mineral felt which will last approximately one year from purchase. Therefore you might want to buy a higher quality felt to add during assembly. Unlike the rest of the shed, the roof is built from solid sheet materials.

One of the things we like most about this little attractive shed is the tongue and groove floor. This always highlights the overall quality of a building. Solid sheet tends to be the preferred material of choice on most similar priced sheds. So the fact this one is built with tongue and groove means it has an overall higher quality design. It also means you can store anything, regardless of its weight.

Cladding, Frame and Treatment Requirements

The type of timber used for the Shiplap tongue and groove clad walls is what sets this shed apart. As you can see, it has a natural light coloured wooden design. This is thanks to the Northern European slow grown pine used throughout its construction. This results in a much higher quality than overlap and even in comparison to some other Shiplap design sheds.

When you look at Shiplap clad sheds, you see that the panels are wide and they have a small indented appearance in between each one. What you might not realise is that this isn’t just there to make the shed look more attractive. It actually plays a vital role in ensuring the walls are water tight. As rainwater falls into the small indented groove, it is instantly channelled away from the building. So as well as a smooth, rigid appearance, the shed is also naturally resistant to all weathers. Tongue and groove interlocking installation also helps to keep out drafts, as well as making it easier to put together.

34mm x 34mm square framing is used on the inside of the building. This again is thicker than what you will find in most sheds of this size and cost. All of the timber, both inside and out, has been given a basecoat treatment. This is a water based treatment that prevents damage during shipping. You will be required to add another treatment once you have erected the shed and then continual annual treatments will be needed thereafter.

Doors and Windows

An extra-wide single door and one large openable window are included at the front of the shed. It doesn’t come with interchangeable sides so you can’t install the door or the window anywhere other than the front of the shed. However, you can switch the door and the window so they are at opposite sides as shown in the picture.

The door has an impressively wide design compared to most sheds of this size. Therefore you won’t need to struggle to store bulky equipment or machinery. It is hinged with three, rather than two, hinges which makes up for the fact that it doesn’t come with bracing. It also comes with a pad bolt secured so you are guaranteed high winds won’t blow it open.

The fact the window opens means if you do choose to use the shed as a workshop, in the warmer months you can let air circulate through, making it more comfortable whilst also ventilating the building to reduce condensation. It has a unique criss-cross style and benefits from a morticed and tenoned design. It is also constructed from 3mm glass, meaning it will insulate the shed more in the winter months too.

Security and Privacy

Though both the privacy and security of the shed aren’t brilliant, both can easily be improved. For example, the pad bolt attached on the wide door means you can padlock it. We highly recommend the alarm padlock supplied by Shed Store as this sounds a high pitched alarm if tampering is detected. To improve privacy, curtains can be installed thanks to the superbly thick cladding.

Customisation Options and Extras

Though we are pleased with the overall design of this shed, there are still a couple of things that it doesn’t include. Therefore we’re surprised that Shed Store haven’t offered any extras. Of course, you can customise the shed slightly by altering the position of the door and the window. However, apart from this the manufacturer only suggests a few products you may find useful and none of them are particularly relevant.

Saying that, there is a couple of things that the manufacturer does sell that can help, but you will need to find them yourself on the site. The main thing we recommend is a padlock. The pad bolt added to the door is really strong, but a good padlock will ensure it is permanently secure. We particularly recommend looking out for the alarm padlocks sold by Shed Store. These really provide an excellent level of protection, sounding an alarm if they are tampered with.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
This is one of the highest quality sheds of this size. The thick tongue and groove used on both the floor and the walls really help to give it a superb quality, long lasting build.
Longevity Of materials 9/10
90% Complete
Treatments will be required in order to maintain the shed’s excellent natural weatherproof qualities. The tongue and groove floor adds to its longevity massively and will accommodate heavyweight storage without posing a risk of damage.
Storage Space 8/10
80% Complete
This is classed as a medium size shed and tends to be the most popular size sold. It offers generous space to store a variety of different equipment, tools and machinery. There is also the option and capability to install shelving if preferred.
Ease of installation 8/10
80% Complete
It’s going to take approximately 4 hours to assemble this shed and it is recommended you enlist the help of at least one other person. Putting it together is pretty easy thanks to the instructions supplied.
Value for money 10/10
100% Complete
Taking into account all of the sheds impressive features and storage space, you are getting exceptional value for money. Even though the privacy and security could do with a little upgrading, it shouldn’t cost too much to make these improvements.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: This is one of the highest quality affordable sheds on the market and it comes with many good features. Tongue and groove cladding used throughout, even on the floor, gives it a much better quality than the majority of competitor sheds out there. Suitable for all kinds of storage, the pent roof also gives you more choice in where you wish to install it. Thanks to the strong 3mm glass opening window, the shed also benefits from better insulation, noise reduction and ventilation when required. If you’re looking for a robust, long lasting storage facility then we highly recommend this model.

Prices around: £429.99
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Longevity Of materials
Storage Space
Ease of installation
Value for money

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