8 X 6 Lotus Heritage Green Shed

Prices Around: £262
Size: 8 X 6
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With a smart, strong and industrial kind of look, the 8 X 6 Lotus Heritage Green Shed is a fantastic 8 X 6 metal shed. This is offering you a very generous amount of storage space, as well as the area on the floor. This shed has elevated eaves so you actually have more vertical space to make use of as well. The sliding double doors make getting things, things as awkward and large as a lawn mower, in and out of the shed very easy. The overall design of the shed makes it very low maintenance. Once it is installed you do not have to worry about treating it so it is ideal for those who want a shed without any kind of fuss.

The heaviest gauge galvanised steel is what has been used for the construction of this shed. This is very, very strong and it also makes installing the shed much easier than a wooden counterpart. The roof of the shed is made with the same kind of material and the apex nature of the roof means that rain will never sit on the top. A strong steel frame is what has been used to keep the shed together. This frame is strong, but it does not take up much space inside the shed at all, so that is a very good bonus.

What we rate

  • Elevated eaves give extra headroom
  • Sliding double doors
  • Low price
  • Air vents in the gables
  • Low maintenance and easy to install

What we slate

  • No floor included
  • Can be noisy when it rains
  • Two people required for installation
How We Rate It
Quality 9/10
90% Complete
Longevity Of Materials 9.5/10
95% Complete
Ease Of Installation 9/10
90% Complete
Value For Money 8.5/10
85% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Shed Type And Roof Size

8 X 6 Lotus Heritage Green Shed Type And Roof SizeThe 8 X 6 Lotus Heritage Green Shed is a fantastic and low cost 8 X 6 metal shed that is ideal for those of you who want some storage space, but do not have a huge garden and also who do not want to spend a ton of money. We really like the green colour of the shed and feel that the overall design has a rather industrial kind of look. The width 7 feet 8 inches and the depth is 5 feet 9 inches so there is a good amount of floor space to make use of in here. When it comes to the space on offer, it is the height that caught our eye. This shed has elevated eaves which means that even at its lowest point the shed is 5 feet 10 inches high. Along the ridge the shed is 6 feet 6 inches high so there is plenty of headroom inside here. This extra height also means that you can stack things up easily at the sides.

The roof is made with galvanised steel which is actually the same material that the whole shed is made from. This is a rather shallow apex roof and we think that it goes very well with the rest of the shed. You will not have any worries about rain sitting on top of here. One thing we will tell you is that when it is raining pretty hard a metal shed can be quite noisy, so keep that in mind.

Cladding, Frame And Floor

8 X 6 Lotus Heritage Green Shed Cladding Frame And FloorThe 8 X 6 Lotus Heritage Green Shed is made with the heaviest gauge galvanised steel. This is what gives the shed its industrial look. We love this as it is nice and strong and it also looks great. The process that this steel is put through ensures that the walls stay strong and looking good for many years.

There is a steel frame that keeps the whole shed together, but if you look closely at the pictures you can see this is not a typical shed frame. It works just the same though and we have no concerns at all about it. We actually like how the frame goes round the shed rather than vertically like a frame in a wooden shed does. It means that you will have an easier time storing items against the wall.

No floor is included as standard with this shed, so you will need to install it on a concrete or even a wooden base. They do actually offer a flooring kit. This is a timber flooring kit which costs £121, which when you add to the already relatively low price of the shed still keeps the overall price at under £400. Of course if you are a little DIY savvy then you can whip up your own flooring much more cheaply with some solid sheet boarding from somewhere like B&Q.

Treatment Requirement And Warranty

You do not have to worry about treating the 8 X 6 Lotus Heritage Green Shed once you have installed it or on an annual basis after. This is one of the best things about metal sheds – they are very low maintenance. No one actually enjoys treating their shed and with this one you do not have to. This is made with materials that are designed to last and do so without any help from you.

Covering your back like a good partner in a 80’s cop drama is a ten year warranty. This will protect you against any issues that may occur with the shed.

Doors And Windows

We love the doors on this shed as they are sliding doors and any doors that let us pretend we are on the Starship Enterprise are cool in our book. But being serious these doors are actually very well made. First of all we love how the white/cream colour goes with the green of the shed. Also when both doors are open they offer you 5 feet 7 inches of height and 4 feet 5 inches of width. This is more than enough room to get things like a lawnmower and a bike inside without any hassle.

The 8 X 6 Lotus Heritage Green Shed does not actually have any windows, but if you are worried about things getting a bit hot and stinky when you have been working in here for a while, do not. The gables actually have air vents so there is still a good flow of air in here which will help fight off condensation.

Security And Privacy

As much as we love those good sized double doors,we do wish that they included some kind of locking mechanism. Still adding a padlock to these doors or even a chain if you want to be extra secure is easy and cheap to do. In general, though, this is one very robust shed and anything you place in here will be kept safe.

Due to the complete lack of windows this is a shed that offers you full privacy. So if you do have any expensive tools, children’s garden toys or just stuff you do not want people knowing about, then they will be kept hidden away inside.

Customisation Options And Extras

The way this shed looks is the way that it looks. That almost sounds poetic, doesn’t it? What we are getting at is there is no way to customise this shed. To be fair though this is the case for 99 percent of metal sheds that we have come across. We do not think this is a bad thing, though, as this is actually a very smart looking shed.

We already mentioned the floor, but the 8 X 6 Lotus Heritage Green Shed does have another couple of extras that you may be interested in. For £79 they have a floor foundation kit which will help keep your shed from sitting directly on the ground. For £62 you can actually add a window to the shed. They also have an official Lotus shelving kit which costs £62 and it does actually go very well with the style of the shed.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 9/10
90% Complete
This is one very well made shed. The strong galvanised steel is able to deal with anything the weather can throw its way. If they had included a floor as standard then this could possibly have been rated a 10!
Longevity Of Materials 9.5/10
95% Complete
The galvanised steel and steel frame that make up this shed will ensure you get well over 20 years of use out of this shed. It is very robust and requires pretty much no maintenance.
Ease Of Installation 9/10
90% Complete
Metal sheds in general are easier to install than wooden ones. This is basically a case of putting the pieces together and then screwing them into place. You will need someone to help you and a few spare hours, but that is it.
Value For Money 8.5/10
85% Complete
This is one of the cheaper 8 X 6 sheds we have seen, even if you buy the floor from them the price is still under £400.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: The 8 X 6 Lotus Heritage Green Shed is a shed that we really like. We think that the industrial look of it is very appealing. The way that this requires no yearly maintenance like a wooden shed does is sure to make it even more attractive. We feel that the storage space it offers is just ideal for the average person or family and it does not take up all that much space in a garden. The price is very reasonable. While you will have to sort something out with the flooring, when you factor that into the price it is still very fair. If you want a solid, good looking and low cost 8 X 6 shed, then this is one we highly recommend you think about.

Prices around: £262
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  • wendy goodall said...

    Looks nice but heard metal sheds get a lot of condensation problems,so need to be vented,and even insulated,which means there IS some management required!


    • Richard said...

      Your right Wendy, on some of the cheaper sheds this can be an issue.


  • Marilyn Cox said...

    Ok mine is the 6 x 3 version. Putting it together was a complete nightmare. The thick instruction booklet covers myriad different sizes and it is very hard to identify and orientate the parts from the images shown. Parts appeared on the diagram without having been told to fit them. You have to physically bend panels at the corners. Screw holes do not line up, in some cases we had to make new ones. and the ridge panel does not cover screws risking leaks. The floor kit is ludicrous and too big, we removed one board but even so it is bigger than the shed so that the roof drips on it. Well over a day’s work because of the struggles.


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