Arbours make a for gorgeous looking, shady bench alcove in your garden and within these pages we have found the most eye-catching looking structures which will work in most, if not all garden spaces. We think these are prettier than a standard bench and definitely make for a head turning feature. They are great for relaxing too, enjoying a drink or having a snooze, and they look fantastic when trailing plants and flowers are combined to make stunning focal points. We have compiled what we believe are the best arbours in the country – you could say we have done all the hard work for you, researching exactly what will work for your requirements and for your pocket as well. We hope you find the right arbour for your outdoor space within our pages. more...

Select from the UK’s largest range of garden arbours from Storemore to Grangestyle.

For the best independent reviews of all arbours in the UK, from cheap arbours to corner arbours, we have them all. So, if you are looking for arbours for sale, then you have found the right place!