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Back in the day, if you wanted a garage on your property you had no choice but to search the Yellow Pages and have some bloke come and build one for you. These days though, you can actually purchase a garage and have it delivered to your house. What an age we live in! Anyway, knowing what site is the best to purchase a garage from can be tricky… well it used to be. You see we have done some research, done a few tests and we have come up with the ultimate top 10 garage retailers list. By the end of this list you will know exactly who has the easiest to use website and the best selection of garages.

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The selection of garages that Waltons have truly blew our minds. They have a great selection of wooden, metal and plastic garages. They also have garages for cars, motorbikes and even scooters, so no matter what you need a garage for, these folks will take care of you. The site is very well made and we found that looking round all the garages, more...

which are in their own convenient section on the site was very easy. They do a good job giving you all the information that you need and many of the garages even have a few extras and customisation options as well.

Shed Store

Here we have Shed Store who have a selection of over 20 garages for you to look at. We like how they have a dedicated garages section and the mix of wooden and metal garages is just great. They do cater for all budgets so if you do not want to spend a ton of money, then they do have some very reasonably priced, but still high quality garages  more...

here. The site is laid out very well and we do not see you having any trouble finding the garage section and then looking through it. They do a good job in showing off the garages with their pictures and telling you the specs of each one.


Taylors Garden Buildings has a section that is all about garage and carports. What we like about this site is how they have subsections for their wooden, metal and other types of garages. All in all, they have a great selection and we love how they go into detail about each of their garages so you will know exactly what each one offers. To be   more...

honest with you, the only reason we ranked this one below Shed Store is because their site does have numerous categories in their garage section which we actually really like, but it also means there is the chance you may miss out some of their cooler looking garages if you do not go into every section.


B&Q is probably not the first place you would think to check when looking for a garage, but they actually have a rather impressive selection. They have over 20 garages with a good mix of wooden and metal garages. One thing we will say about the garages that B&Q offer is that they only offer more high quality garages, and they do not   more...

have any under £1000 garages. So if it is something cheap you are looking for, then this is not the site for you. But if it is something a little larger, extravagant and more impressive you are after and you do not mind the high price tag, then you will be happy with the selection and with how easy it is to browse their site.

Buy Sheds Direct

Buy Sheds direct have ten different garages for your consideration and interestingly they do not offer any wooden garages. These guys specialise in plastic and metal garages for cars and motorbikes. They have a good mix of smaller and larger garages and they do cater to all different kinds of budgets as well. Due to the materials their   more...

garages are made of, there is not really much in the way of customisation or extras, but they do go into great detail when it comes to telling you about each garage. If you know for a fact that you have no interest in a wooden garage, then this would be a great website to start your search. We know the selection is not as impressive as some of the other sites, but we feel the overall layout of the site and the excellent customer service does make them stand out from the rest.

Sheds, we feel are offering a selection of garages that are similar to what Buy Sheds Direct are offering. They do not have any wooden garages here and instead are selling metal and PVC based garages. Each of these has their own section or you can just browse through them all together. This is something we really like to see as it lets you   more...

choose how you view them. We were impressed with how many under £1000 garages they have, but they do also have some larger more pricy garages as well. In all this is a great site that honestly if it had a few more garages would have made it a little higher on our top 10 garage retailers list.


Wickes have their garages in the same section as their workshops, but as they do not actually have any workshops for sale you do not have to worry about them getting in the way of your quest for a garage. They only have four garages here and they are all the same style, just in different sizes. So while it may not sound all that impressive, this   more...

one style of metal garage that they are offering is very high quality and the price we feel is spot on for what it is. The site is not going to cause you any problems at all as these are all in their own section so there will be no searching around that you have to do. If it is a metal garage you are looking for then we recommend you check out what Wickes are offering.


Sheds World do have one of the largest selections of garages of any site and they do actually sell wooden, plastic and metal garages. The site has a dedicated garages section and most of the garages on here are showcased with at least a couple of pictures and a detailed description. So why are they not ranked higher on the list? Well first of   more...

all they do not actually stock any of these garages themselves, so you will have to wait for them to order it from somewhere else which may lead to a very long delivery time. Also when it comes to customer service, without being too unkind, let’s just say, Sheds World do not have the best reputation when it comes to dealing with their customers. Still despite this there is no denying that they gave a very impressive amount of garages on their site.  

Garden Buildings Direct

If you look at most of our other top ten lists, you will notice that Garden Buildings Direct regularly feature much higher in the list. But despite the immense amount of products they offer, garages are not something that they really carry. They do have a number of larger workshops, many of which we are sure would work well as a garage, but  more...

they do not actually have a dedicated garage section which was very surprising to us. Still the people who run this site are awesome so if you were to shoot them an email telling them you want a garage, we have no doubt they could advise you on what one of their products would best suit your needs.


Much like Garden Buildings Direct, Homebase do not have a section on their site that is dedicated to garages as a matter of fact typing garage into their search engine is the last thing you want to do as you will be shown hundreds of random products. While they do not offer any garages, Homebase do actually have a few larger workshops  more...

that would work really well as a garage for a motorbike or an electric scooter, but they do not have anything that you would want to be attempting to drive your car into.