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A gazebo can actually be the ultimate accessory for any garden. First of all they look really smart as they stand in your garden, but also they serve as a great way enjoy a nice meal outside or even as a covered space so you can have a few drinks and a lot of laughs with friends. In the UK we have a pretty crazy amount of choice when it comes to purchasing a gazebo and as we love a good gazebo, we thought we would put the most popular gazebo retailers in the UK to the test and see who is the very best.

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In first place we have Taylors Garden Buildings. These guys have the largest selection of gazebos of anyone on this list and one really cool thing about this site is how they have different subsections for their gazebos. There are seven different sections which put them into more specialised categories. This is the only site that does this  more...

and we really like it. They may only give one photo for most of their gazebos, but they do give a very detailed description so that in a way makes up for it. While we love Taylors Garden Buildings, the only nit pick we have is that for some of their products, you will have a very long delivery time.


Homebase take the second spot on our list as not only are they offering you 20 different gazebos to look at, their site is also very easy to navigate and they give you the right amount of information. Most of their gazebos also have multiple pictures showing them off. By far the thing we like the most about Homebase’s selection of gazebos is  more...

how they have some very extravagant gazebos that are made from wood and have a high price tag, but they also have some much cheaper gazebos with their cheapest one starting at £19.99. So if you did want something inexpensive for a one off party, then Homebase would be the site to use.

Buy Sheds Direct

Buy Sheds Direct have some truly glorious looking gazebos. These guys are specialising in high quality gazebos that are made from the finest wood and that have a design which will no doubt make whatever one you pick a focal point of your garden. The site really could not be easier to use and we like how they have all of their gazebos  more...

on the one page to make looking through them a hassle free experience. Now while we love the selection of gazebos that they have here, they are certainly only for those of you with some serious money to burn and who only want to consider the best.


Waltons have a very similar setup to what Buy Sheds Direct have. They do not have quite as many gazebos, but they do have a very similar style as they only have higher quality gazebos. This is not a site for those of you looking to get a gazebo on the cheap, so keep that in mind. One thing that Waltons do very well, is their extras. Out of all the  more...

sites on this list, Waltons provide you with the most extras as many of their gazebos will give you the option to add various things. We had no problems using this site at all and found the way they describe things very simple and not overly complex. We feel that this makes Waltons a perfect gazebo retailer for those of you who do not want to have to read a jargon filled description.


There is a lot of choice when it comes to gazebos at B&Q. Not only that, but they have managed to have a really good mix of gazebos that are cheap and cheerful as well as some more higher priced and impressive looking ones. B&Q make it very easy to look through their selection and we really like how they make it so easy to know what   more...

ones include an assembly service and which ones do not, as this is not something any of the other gazebo retailers do. The site gives you good information, but we do feel that some of the gazebos, especially the more expensive ones, could have benefited with a bit more. Still, B&Q with their large and diverse selection is certainly a site we suggest you check out.

Shed Store

Shed Store do not have the largest selection of gazebos on their site, but what they do specialise in is high quality wooden gazebos. Honestly they have some of the most gorgeous gazebos we have ever seen and some look so nice that you could imagine them sitting in a park. Of course as they only sell good looking and high quality gazebos,  more...

you are not going to find any here for cheap, but if it is a more extravagant looking gazebo that you are in the market for then Shed Store is a site that will be ideal for you. We really like the way that they show off each gazebo all the while giving you the essential information. Also they offer a very impressive amount of extras for most of their gazebos, giving you the option to customise them a little bit.


With a selection very similar to what Shed Store are offering, do not have the largest gazebo section on their site, but even though they do not have a lot of gazebos they still keep them all in their own section which was something we liked. They only sell wooden gazebos and despite them not having an overly large section, they  more...

have a good range with their cheapest being £99.99 and their most expensive being a little under two thousand pounds. So as you can see, if it is a wooden gazebo you want then do have them to cater for all budgets. The actual site is great to use as it makes learning about each gazebo easy and they also use plenty of pictures so you can get a really good idea of how it will look in your garden.

Garden Buildings Direct

Garden Buildings Direct only have three gazebos on their site, but we actually really like what that are offering. Rather than offer wooden gazebos, these guys have gone for cheaper and more practical gazebos that you would use for some kind of party or just a little get together with friends. We in particular really like their pop up gazebo that  more...

they are offering which would be ideal for those of you who just want something you can use as you need it and not have a permanent residence in your garden. So while their selection may be slim, we do feel that if it is something less expensive you are after, Garden Buildings Direct should certainly be a site that you have a look at.


While Wickes do actually offer a couple of different gazebos, they are mixed in with other garden structures which normally is something we find a bit of a pain. But as there are only 7 items on the page, it is not that big of a deal. The gazebos that they do offer are of the higher quality variety so you will not find any cheap, party type gazebos here.  more...

We must say that while their selection is very slim, we did actually like the ones that they are offering and we wish that they had a few more pictures so we could have seen them a little bit better. While in general we do like the Wickes website, it is clear that gazebos are not something that really take much of an interest in.

Sheds World

While we had to resort to using their search engine, Sheds World did actually have a very decent selection of gazebos on their website. They also have a few gazebo accessories which we thought was a very nice bonus. In general they have more high end gazebos for sale here and while they sell them, they do not actually stock them so this  more...

may result in a delivery time as long as a month. While we had no issues browsing their site and found the level of information they gave for each gazebo to be fine, we must say that they are not known to have the best customer service, so take that into consideration when thinking about using this site.