Top 10 Mower Store Retailers

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Today we are looking at the best and most popular, mower store retailers in the UK. We have given each of these websites a real workout and had a real good look at what each one offers. If you want to make sure that your lawn mower is kept out of the rain and out of the sight and reach of thieves then this is the perfect list for you. We take a look at the selection they offer, what alternatives they suggest and of course how easy the site is to navigate.

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Garden Buildings Direct

You may think it’s strange that we have put Gardens Buildings Direct at the top of our list considering that they only have one mower store, but actually the mower store they do have comes in multiple sizes and has just a vast amount of customisation options from flooring to shelving to even the colour of it. Five people could purchase  more...

this and each person could end up with a different mower store. One cool thing they do is they do show you some other sheds that would also be suitable for mower storage. The site will not cause you any problems when you are browsing it. Without a doubt their BillyOh mower store should be the first thing you look at when it comes to finding a safe place for your mower.

Shed Store

There are two different mower stores for you to check out at Shed Store and we love how each one has multiple pictures and an easy to follow description that tells you all you need to know about each one. There is not a whole lot of difference between the two that they have, but we do like how there is at least a choice here. We love how they make  more...

it so easy to get all the information about their mower stores, but they also list a couple other storage options for you as well which we really like. They have speedy delivery times so if you are in a hurry for your mower store, then this would make Shed Store one of the first sites you should check out.


Waltons, like many of the other sites we have here, have two dedicated mower stores for you to look at. Each one has a simple, but informative description as well as multiple pictures showing you them from all angles, and they even have a few extras for each mower store to consider. We love how easy to use the Waltons website is and  more...

when you type mower store into their search engine it also shows you a whole bunch of mowers they have for sale as well which we thought was really useful. This is certainly one of the easiest to use and best sites for mower stores, plus you could always purchase a mower at the same time and when your other half gives you hassle about it, you can say the site tempted you so it was not your fault!


While Taylors Garden Buildings do have a couple of different mower stores for you to check out, they do not have a dedicated mower store section which actually is the case for many of the sites on this top ten so we will not be too harsh on them for that. They have two under £200 mower stores and each one has a detailed description telling  more...

you all the info that you need to know. We really like how easy this is to follow so people are going to know exactly what they are getting. They do suggest a couple of sheds that would be ideal for mower storage as well, so that is something that is worth looking at. The only thing we must warn you about is they can take up to two weeks to deliver.

Sheds have a couple of really nice mower stores for you to look at and consider purchasing. The best thing we like about this site is their layout. They have made sure that even a person who does not have a clue about things like this will be able to click on one of their mower stores, look at a few pictures and have all the information they  more...

could possibly need. Each mower store does give you a couple of customisation options, mainly in relation to the treatment, but this was still something we liked to see. So while they may only have two mower stores, we still really liked the way are showing them off.

Buy Sheds Direct

Okay, so while Buy Sheds Direct do not actually have a product that is specifically called a mower store, what they do have is plenty of other storage solutions that would perfectly house a mower. When you type in mower store to their search engine it very cleverly suggests to you the best products that would be ideal for mower storage  more...

. There are a couple of sites on this top ten that take this approach to mower stores, but this one is by far the best. They suggest both metal and wooden garden structures and no matter what one you click on, you will get plenty of information and at least a couple of pictures as well.

Sheds World

Sheds World do not actually stock mower stores themselves, they will order the mower store from another retailer and then have it sent to you. It is a bit of a weird setup and it can lead to some very long delivery times, but at least their site does have a fairly decent selection of mower stores for you to look at and get an idea of what it is you  more...

want. Their mower store section does also contain a few other items like a couple of wheelie bin stores which was surprising to see. While they may have plenty of mower stores for you to look at, we must say that Sheds World do not exactly have the best reputation when it comes to their customer service so that is certainly something you will want to keep in mind.  


Now, we usually find the B&Q website to be one of the easiest sites to navigate, but when searching for a mower store it was a royal pain in the rear end. They do not actually stock a mower store, but they do stock plenty of sheds that would be ideal for mower storage. So while there is a good selection of these, when you type in mower store  more...

to their search engine you end up with a whole host of items that have nothing to do with mowers, sheds or even gardening in general. So while there are products on their site that would be ideal for keeping your mower safe, you are going to need to do some major detective work to find them.


Much like B&Q, Wickes do not have a dedicated mower store section, which to be honest if their search engine is up to scratch is not a big deal. But again like B&Q, Wickes when you  type in mower store will come up with all kinds of random things. This is not only frustrating, but it is also a shame, as Wickes do actually have plenty of wooden,   more...

plastic and metal sheds that would offer you a good and low cost way to store your mower. It is just a pity that you will have to spend an age looking around their site to find them.


Last on the list is Homebase and before you start throwing your rotten tomatoes at them, let us tell you that the bottom three on this list could actually be interchangeable in their positions as they all offer roughly the same experience. Homebase has plenty of garden storage options, many of which actually would work very well  more...

as a mower store, but they do not have a dedicated mower store section. This means you’ll be required to do some looking and clicking around, which when other sites make looking for a mower store so much easier, we would not blame you at all if you decided not to bother.