Top 10 Pergola Retailers

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We love the look of a well made pergola. No matter if it is just as it is, standing with pride in your garden, or if you have it covered with all kinds of hanging plants, a pergola can really be a stand out feature of your garden. As much as we like pergolas they are not usually the first thing a site will have listed, as they are not as mainstream as say an arbour or a summerhouse, but today for those of you who do want to add a fantastic looking pergola to your garden and for those who also want to do it as easily as possible, we have put together this top 10 pergola retailers list.

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Waltons has the largest selection of pergolas and we must say that we are very impressed with the many different sizes of pergolas that they have. We feel that they are priced very fairly, but these are pergolas that are made from high quality wood, so even their cheapest pergola is a little over £100. Still the Waltons site was nice and easy  more...

to use, we just typed in pergola to their search engine and were greeted with a list of over 40 pergolas. Once you click on one, they manage to give you all the information that you will need and many of them also have a couple of pictures. In all, Waltons are one fantastic pergola retailer and should certainly be the first place you look.


To be honest with you, if Taylors Garden Buildings had speedier delivery times then they would have most probably made the top of our list – that is how impressed we were with this site. To start with, these guys have their very own pergola section which was very pleasing to see. Inside this section they have a vast amount of pergolas, many  more...

of which are of a very high quality which of course do come with a high price tag, but that is to be expected to be fair. We found the site very easy to navigate and they make it just so easy to understand what each pergola is offering, we just wish they had a few more pictures for each one. Still despite our criticisms, Taylors Garden Buildings is still an incredible retailer and a site you simply must have a look at.

Buy Sheds Direct

The pergola section at Buy Sheds Direct may not be all that large and it does also throw in a couple of other structures like an arbour and an archway, but the fact that they do actually have a pergola section on their site is something we really liked as it means you do not have to manually search for them. When you click on one of their pergolas and  more...

you take in all the info they are sending your way, you will also notice that they offer many accessories with their pergolas here. Now these are not just things that they are trying to get a bit more money out of you with, they are actually items that will help your pergola be stronger and make it easier for you to install.

Shed Store

Like a few of the other sites on this list, Shed Store place their pergolas with other structures such as arbours and to be honest with you this is something we do not mind at all. They do not have the largest selection of pergolas here, but they do have a couple of pergolas that actually come with decking which we thought was really cool. We feel  more...

that Shed Store is the site you would go to if you wanted something high quality, as their pergolas are certainly near the top of the line side of the pergola quality spectrum. This is a really good site and we feel that while they could have used a couple more pictures, the information they give you is ideal and you will certainly know exactly what you are getting.


At Homebase they do mix in their pergolas with other structures, but as this seems to be what many other sites do, we cannot put them down for this. Homebase actually have a very user friendly site and when you do type in pergola, you are shown other items, but they do make sure that many of their pergolas are listed first. The selection  more...

may not be all that large, but we love how they are offering pergolas that come with a table and benches as this is not something many other sites do, so it does make Homebase special. They just give you the info you actually need and are not too long winded which we really like. Also, they use more than one picture which is always something we like to see.


Ok so how do we tell you what B&Q are offering when it comes to pergolas? Well they do not actually sell any pergolas here, but before you stop reading and jump to number 7 let us tell you that they do kind of sell pergolas here. That may make very little sense, but what we mean is that while they do not sell an actual pergola, they do sell the beams  more...

that would make a pergola so you could create one yourself. These are actually called pergola beams, so it is not just random bits of wood we are talking about here. This is kind of cool as it means you could come up with your own spectacular pergola that looks unlike any other one, but at the same time, you will have to be pretty handy to pull this off.


Wickes have taken the same approach to pergolas that B&Q have done where they do not sell an actual pergola, but they do give you the tools to create your own. To be honest with you, we would say that we actually prefer the ones that B&Q are offering, but if for some reason they are sold out or you just do not want to give B&Q your money, then  more...

you at least could purchase pergola beams at Wickes.

Sheds do not offer any pergolas on their site, which is actually very surprising as they offer pretty much every other kind of garden accessory you could think of. While they do not have any pergolas they do have a few different canopies which are probably as close as you are going to get and to be honest with you some of them look fantastic  more...

as well. So while there is no pergolas here, they do at least have a decent selection of other garden structures for you to have a look at.

Garden Buildings Direct

This is a fantastic site and for the most part when it comes to any kind of garden structure, we will always suggest you have a look at what Garden Buildings Direct are offering.  In this case though they have decided against carrying pergolas which we will admit is a disappointing as this is such an easy site to use and their customer service is great. They  more...

do though have plenty of gazebos and arbours for you, but if you really have your heart set on a pergola then you will not find one here.

Sheds World

As they do not have an actual pergola section, Sheds World does mix in a few other items when you search for pergolas on their site, which to be fair is something other pergola retailers do so we will not put them down for that. They have some lovely pergolas here and while the information is spot on for them, we really would have liked to have seen  more...

a few more pictures. One of the first things we noticed was that some of these have a very long delivery time so that is something to think about if you want your pergola rather quickly. Also, Sheds World’s customer service is not as efficient as the other retailers on this list, so we hope that is something they will work on as time goes by.