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Clearly when most people imagine their kids or grandkids playing in their own playhouse it is some kind of huge wooden playhouse like you would see on TV or in a movie, but if you do not have the budget or most likely the space for something like this, then there is always a more practical plastic playhouse. Plastic playhouses are very low maintenance, can take a real beating and they are in most cases a far cheaper option. Today we are looking at the most popular playhouse retailers in the UK and while most of these do specialise in wooden playhouses, we still managed to find some incredible plastic playhouses and are going to let you know what sites are have the best selection and what ones are easy to use.

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Shed Store

Shed Store by far have the best plastic playhouse selection of any retailer on this site. They boast an impressive ten different models of plastic playhouses and they all are showcased with multiple photos as well as a fantastic description. We really like how they make understanding what each playhouse offers so easy and jargon free. They  more...

have a great mix of playhouses for boys, girls and ones that would be ideal for both as well. We just love the choice that Shed Store are giving you and the fact that they are priced very fairly is also an attractive quality. In all this is by far the first place you want to go to when it comes to looking for a plastic playhouse as to be honest they really do not have a rival.


Homebase like most of the other sites that are featured on this list do favour the wooden playhouse, but they do actually have a couple of different plastic playhouses for you to check out. These are from Little Tykes so they are very high quality and can take a real beating which if you have kids who love to play rough is great. We had  more...

no trouble finding their plastic playhouses at all, but we did have to use their search engine. They give a good and easy to follow description and they have some lovely pictures that let you visualise how much fun your kids are going to have with their new playhouse.


Taylors Garden Buildings may not technically have what you would class as a plastic playhouse, but they do have a fantastic selection of other playhouses on their site, many of which do have plastic features. We love how they do not just have playhouses for you to look at, but they also have a great selection of things like swings, tables  more...

, sand pits and other things kids love to have fun with. One thing that we really like is how all of these outdoor items are based in the one section on the site. If you want to really make your garden a kiddie wonderland, then Taylors Garden Buildings have all you and your kids could possibly want.

Buy Sheds Direct

Buy Sheds Direct have a whole host of playhouses for you to browse through. We really like how they have their own playhouse section and also how they have playhouses of all different sizes and styles. No matter what your budget is, we are sure that they will have a playhouse that fits within it. If it is something plastic based that you have  more...

your heart set on then you are going to love how Buy Sheds Direct have playhouses that come with a high quality plastic slide  – we feel that this gives you the best of both worlds as you have that classic looking wooden playhouse, along with the fun and modern plastic slide.

Garden Buildings Direct

You know if we were to have done this list at another time in the year, then quite possibly Garden Buildings Direct would have been real close to the top. We say this because as of right now they are not actually offering any plastic playhouses on their site, but they do have a dedicated plastic playhouse section where they have sold them in  more...

the past so it is safe to assume that they will stock them again at some point. Garden Buildings Direct do actually have an incredible selection of wooden playhouses for you to browse if you cannot wait or should we say if the kids cannot wait for them to get plastic ones back in stock.


What we like about Waltons is how easy their site is to navigate. They very cleverly have all of their playhouses located in the same section of their site and while they clearly are specialists in wooden playhouses, if you have a little search on their site, you will notice that like Buy Sheds Direct, you can actually get the best of both worlds here  more...

as they do stock a few playhouses that have plastic features and a plastic slide. So while you cannot get a playhouse made from moulded plastic here, we do feel that they are offering the next best thing. The way Waltons explains what makes each playhouse special is something we really like about their site.

Sheds do have a very similar selection of playhouses to those Waltons are offering. They have plenty of wooden playhouses, but they also have a few that do come with a super fun, plastic slide which you will no doubt have to tell the kids to stop running up on an hourly basis. One other cool things that offer are other things  more...

that the kids can have fun with such as a really smart looking sandpit. While they do not offer a traditional plastic playhouse, we feel that the selection of other types of playhouses that they have makes them well worth a look.


To be honest, we actually thought that B&Q would have a fairly large selection of plastic playhouses. While they do have one of the largest selections of playhouses of any retailer on our list, B&Q actually do not stock any plastic playhouses at all! While this of course makes them close to the bottom of a top ten based on plastic playhouse  more...

retailers, we still think that their vast selection, ease of use and detailed descriptions of the other styles of playhouses that they do have makes then worth checking out.

Sheds World

While Sheds World do offer an incredible amount of wooden playhouses, they like many others have no plastic playhouses for sale on their site, which is quite surprising as they do actually have a plastic playhouse section so perhaps they will get them in stock at some point in the future. Just be sure to know that, Sheds World are  more...

not known for their speedy delivery times or customer service.


At the bottom we have Wickes. Considering what a large nationwide chain Wickes are, we are very surprised that they do not have any playhouses. We are not just talking plastic playhouses either; Wickes currently do not stock any kind of playhouse whatsoever. So while Wickes may sell a million other things that would look great in  more...

your garden, a playhouse is not one of them.