Top 10 Wooden Greenhouse Retailers

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No matter if you want a greenhouse so that you can grow some delicious vegetables, look after some plants or just have a space to potter around so you can hide from the other half, we have for you right here the top 10 wooden greenhouse retailers in the UK. This was not an easy list to put together and we put each of these sites through their paces so we could see who offers the most user friendly experience and who also has the best selection of wooden greenhouses.

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Garden Buildings Direct

Finding the wooden greenhouse section on Gardens Buildings Direct could not be any easier and once you have found it you have quite the impressive choice on your hands. One thing we really like is how most of the greenhouses that they offer can be purchased in different sizes and each one does have a couple of extras that you can consider as  more...

well, which we thought was really nice. The site does a wonderful job in telling you the information you need to know and there are multiple photos that do a great job in showcasing the different wooden greenhouses. Purchasing your greenhouse from here would be a very straightforward experience and that is why they take our top spot.


Waltons is a fantastic wooden greenhouse retailer as the have one of the largest selections of anyone on this list. Not only is the selection large, but they have made sure to have greenhouses in all kinds of sizes and to suit all kinds of budgets. We really like how they have a specific section dedicated to wooden greenhouses so you do not have  more...

to look through other styles that you have zero interest in. We are very impressed with the way they describe their greenhouses as they manage to give you the vital information, but they do it in a way that is not boring or too jargon filled. In all this is a wonderful site and it actually comes really close to taking the number one position on our list.


Ok so we will admit right away that this is not the most user friendly site to use as they have so many different subsections of greenhouses to look through, but they do have an incredible amount of choice and if you do know exactly what style of greenhouse you are after then all these different sub sections will make looking for what you want that  more...

little bit easier. When you do find a wooden greenhouse that you are interested in, then we are sure you will be happy with the way they describe things, but a couple of extra pictures for each one would not have hurt. Still though, this is one of the most impressive selection of wooden greenhouses we have seen and if you do not mind a little bit of clicking around then you are really going to love this site.

Sheds do not have the biggest variety of wooden greenhouses on this list, but we really do like the design of this site. It is just so easy to make your way to the wooden greenhouse section and then each one has a very smart layout that makes looking at the photos and knowing the need to know info very easy. As a matter of fact, we would go as  more...

far to say that these guys do the best job in breaking down what materials are used and the benefits of them. If you do not know anything about greenhouses, then this site would be ideal for you as they make it very easy to know exactly what you are getting.

Buy Sheds Direct

Buy Sheds Direct have a rather small selection of wooden greenhouses, but what makes them such a good wooden greenhouse retailer is the way they have made their site so easy to use. Apart from one, all of their greenhouses are of the top of the line variety here so if you want something large, impressive and very high quality then this site actually is  more...

your best bet for getting that kind of greenhouse. As these are more expensive wooden greenhouses, they have made sure to give you all the information that you need and also show them off with plenty of high quality photos.

Shed Store

While Shed Store do sell a vast amount of different greenhouses, they do not have an overly large selection of wooden greenhouses. Still, they do have a selection that is varied in their style and price and the site really could not be any easier to use. You just head to the greenhouse section and they are all there. The only issue with have is that this site does  more...

not make it as easy to just group all the wooden greenhouses together so you will have to scroll through all of the metal greenhouses as well. This is not the end of the world we know, but it is still a little more legwork than some of the other sites make you do. Once you do find a greenhouse that takes your fancy, then you will be very impressed and not overwhelmed with the way they describe it and showcase it with photos.


Homebase have a very similar layout to Shed Store in that they do lump all of their greenhouses together. While they may not have the largest selection, we did like how they had wooden greenhouses to suit all budgets. It is just a little bit of a pain to have to look through over 40 greenhouses to find them all. We thought that their information would  more...

be lacking so we were very happy and impressed with how in depth their descriptions of each greenhouse were, also they have plenty of pictures which really help you visualise just how awesome it would look in your garden.


If this was a general top ten greenhouse list and not a wooden greenhouse list, then B&Q would be very close to the top as they have a large selection of greenhouses. However, they only have a small selection of wooden greenhouses and in order to see them you have to go through a whole lot of metal ones so finding them can be a bit of a hassle. In  more...

general the site is easy to use and the information they do give you is fine, but the small selection and the fact it takes so much looking around to find their wooden greenhouses are why they are close to the bottom of the list.

Sheds World

Sheds World have a very good mix of wooden greenhouses. While their selection may not be the largest, we really do like the fact they have budget greenhouses mixed in with higher priced ones. We do not see anyone having any trouble with the site as it is very easy to use and they are very in depth in their descriptions of greenhouses so  more...

you will be well informed about what it is you are looking at. One thing we must mention is the delivery times, as they do not stock the greenhouses themselves some of them have very long delivery times, sometimes as long as 11 weeks so keep that in mind if you want a greenhouse rather quickly.


Wickes do have a greenhouse section that is actually pretty impressive and they even let you make it so it only shows the wooden greenhouses. So why are they taking the number ten spot in our top 10 wooden greenhouse retailers list? Well, they only actually have one, yes one wooden greenhouse for sale here. Do not get us wrong, what  more...

they do have is a charming mini greenhouse, but as there is only one there is no choice here at all and that is why we had to put Wickes at the bottom of our list.