How this site is financed is not your typical site about garden buildings. Our mission is to be the UK’s largest resource site for anything to do with garden buildings. So, if you are looking for tips on how to build a shed, which is the best online merchant, or just wants to save time by looking at our expert-selected product league tables, then this site is for you.

We are not your typical website, we allow no advertising on the site (companies can’t pay to appear on the site). Nor do we charge a subscription for using the service. The site is completely free to use.

Yet it’s a growing beast, with several members of staff and a large amount of technology needed to keep the site online. So how do we pay for it all? We do this by having content on the site that is split into commercial and non-commercial content. This guide explains how a site set up in a coffee shop does all that.

Non-Commercial Content

Non-Commercial content simply means that we do not make any editorial content decisions that are influenced by the companies we are talking about. This is applied irrespective of if we have a commercial relationship with them in another part of the site.

The following areas are completely free of any commercial influence. Companies cannot pay us to change them.


Merchant Reviews

The merchant reviews are summary pages that we create based on extensive online research. If a merchant does not like the review, then the only way they can influence it is by showing that any concerns we have were addressed.


Brand Reviews

The brand reviews are mainly information pages that focus on helping the reader understand a little more about the brand. We also prove contact details so that if you have any issues you can easily contact them.


Mystery Shops

We also mystery shop from retailers. When we do, we clearly explain what we thought of the whole process. We also update the mystery shop page over the course of a year to update you on any further issues we might have with the purchase. The goal of the mystery shop is to give a potential customer a snapshot of what the whole buying, installation and after-sales services were like.

Commercial Content

The commercial content is all written purely from a ‘what’s the best for the customer?’ stance. It is this content that pays the bills and we are very grateful to all the users of the site that help us do that.

Content that supports WhatShed: by making a purchase after clicking a link in some of the below content categories, a portion of the sale supports this site:

  • Product League Tables
  • Merchant League Tables
  • Individual Product Guides

The guides and league tables we produce are written purely from a ‘what’s the best for the customer?’ stance. Once they are finished, it’s one of the team’s job to see if they can find ‘affiliate links’ to the products.

We use a number of different factors to help us compile the retailers we use in our commercial content. Such as market share, customer feedback and general popularity, etc. In the garden building sector, around 90% of all the top online retailers have what’s called an affiliate program and those are the retailers we use when researching and compiling the guides and league tables. This means that each table or guide is still very comprehensive and typically covers 90% of all the garden buildings that are available online for the topic that was covered. Again, the retailers are only included if their products merit inclusion. If they are included, then they they cannot pay to influence the ranking they were given.

We only use affiliate links that give you an identical (or better) deal than going direct. These look and work in the same way as normal links, but if someone clicks through, the link is tracked and may generate a payment to the site.

We don’t track individuals’ data. Nor will we ever sell it to third parties, without the individual user’s permission.

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