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If you are looking for a log store, then look no further! WhatShed have spend hundreds of hours researching all the log stores that are currently for sale online in the UK. The following log store reviews should make your new purchase a little easier. We have attempted to select log stores that will go with the design of any garden and are set at a sensible price with fast delivery. If you feel we have missed anything off the list, please feel free to email us and we will do our best to add more.

Almost all log storage sheds listed below are from FSC approved sources and some use pressure-treated timbers. If the log stores are pressure-treated then this means that the wood is significantly more resistant to rot.

Most retailers listed below are able to offer all the top brand log stores online at a competitive price (including VAT). Often with products delivery in a few days, usually for free. Just have a quick search and see if a brand or company have any products that are a price you like. Our job is to help you as a customer find the log storage solution that is perfect for you.

All products listed are available online, the prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery is often included within the price. Often delivery can be made by the company/brand just days after ordering online. This service ensures you see all the log stores as a customer you need so you can find the perfect one for your garden.

What is a log store?

Log stores are in essence they are small sheds that are dedicated to only storing firewood in them. If you have a wood burner or indoor open fire then a wood store is a garden storage unit with a roof and typically one open panel that you use to store logs outside. The primary objective is to keep the wood dry.

Can I store logs in a shed?

YES. As long as the logs are kept dry then any form of a covering can be used.

Where can I put my log store?

Typically most log storage sheds are designed to be slim so as to fit close up against the wall of a building in the garden. Have a quick search online by entering “store for garden” and see what others are doing.

How do you store logs on a wood burner?

Assuming you have outdoor woodstores in your garden all you need to do is take a few logs inside and place them next to the wood burner. As wood is combustable it is not wise to sore the logs directly on the wood burner or in an area where sparks can fall on any timber.

When storing & seasoning firewood it’s important to ensure they are stored correctly. If your logs are not kiln dried logs (kiln dried logs are ready to use as soon as they are purchased) then it’s important that the wood is seasoned. Seasoning wood is just a fancy way of saying you have reduced the water content so that the wood will burn without creating excess smoke and spitting. Having an outdoor log store is a good way to take days off drying the wood you want to use.

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8'8 BSW Log Store
Score: 9.3
Price: £1899.00
Size: 8 X 8
Full Details

8’8 BSW Log Store

Wow is what most people will say when they stand in the shadow of the 8’8 BSW Log Store. We say shadow because this log store stands at..

Forest Garden Log Store
Score: 9.0
Price: £109.99
Size: 6 X 3
Full Details

Forest Garden Log Store

Being sold at a fantastic price, the Forest Garden Log Store is one of the better log stores that is on the market right now. This is one..

1ft 11 x 2ft 5 Store-Plus Wooden Saw Horse
Score: 9
Price: £39.99
Size: 0.6 X 0.76m
Full Details

1ft 11 x 2ft 5 Store-Plus Wooden Saw Horse

Sheds featuring log stores, and stand alone log stores, are becoming increasingly popular, and we’re glad to see this shift towards more environmentally sustainable fuel. With the cost..

Store-Plus Log Sack
Score: 8.5
Price: £19.99
Size: 635 X 330mm
Full Details

Store-Plus Log Sack

This log sack is perfect for storing and transporting your logs around the garden. The flat base inside the sack makes it easy to maximise the storage potential..

Store-Plus Log Gobbler
Score: 9
Price: £8.49
Size: 1.03 X 0.58m
Full Details

Store-Plus Log Gobbler

Sheds featuring log stores are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. Log burning stoves are a traditional solution to a modern problem, providing low cost..