Metal Greenhouses

Greenhouses are ever popular and many gardening enthusiasts spend plenty of time cultivating their plants, flowers and vegetables, so it’s important to have the right structure for your needs and to fit your garden. We have done all the hard work for you, researching exactly what will work for your requirements and what will fit in your outdoor space – and what will work for your pocket, too. more...

The extensive array of metal greenhouses for sale at WhatShed means there will likely be a greenhouse ideal for you. So grab a bargain straight away, as these metal greenhouses are just the thing you need to begin to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Delivery of your greenhouse is free of charge to most UK mainland homes. Stop your green fingers from itching by getting aboard with the other UK gardeners today, and buy a metal greenhouse from WhatShed.

With the bad weather we are experiencing and the summers that seem to come and go in a matter of several days in the UK, it gets harder to grow your own food from home without the assistance of the age-old greenhouse. There just aren’t enough hours of sunlight or quality periods of sun to help make the ground yield the bounty that people could once grow in Britain. Even allotments have significantly more and more greenhouses and coldframes appearing on them to improve the quantity of crops the gardeners of the UK can grow. Never before has there been such a significance of a quality metal greenhouse. With a steel greenhouse, you will have a way to harness more of the sun’s power and keep your crops at a higher temperature,allowing them to grow bigger and better. WhatShed has many different metal greenhouses for sale that cover most needs of the gardener, and covers a range of sizes to match most gardens. Whether you require a traditional apex metal greenhouse or even a lean-to metal greenhouse, WhatShed includes a greenhouse for you.

For the best independent reviews of all Metal Greenhouses in the UK, from cheap metal greenhouses to poly-carbonate greenhouses, you will find them all at So if you are looking for greenhouses for sale, you are on the right site.

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Score: 8.5
Price: £1899.99
Size: 2.56 X 3.14m
Full Details

Vitavia Zeus Silver Framed Greenhouse

This unique greenhouse has one incredible feature that helps it to stand out from all of the rest. It’s not often that you see a stable door integrated..

Score: 8.5
Price: £1399.99
Size: 3.30 X 3.80m
Full Details

Vitavia Hera 9000 Hexagonal Metal Greenhouse

This large hexagonal metal greenhouse is extremely attractive and will grace any garden positively. You can even choose between three frame colours of silver, green and black. This..

Score: 8.5
Price: £809.95
Size: 2.57 X 3.21m
Full Details

Vitavia Saturn 8300 Silver Framed Greenhouse

This large and spacious greenhouse is attractive, and also has some very contemporary features that make it perfect for specialised plants. Integrated gutters come as standard, and ensure..

Score: 8.5
Price: £914.95
Size: 2.57 X 3.83m
Full Details

Vitavia Saturn 9900 Silver Framed Greenhouse

This large and spacious greenhouse has multiple glazing options as standard. You can choose between horticultural glass, which is often seen as the more traditional glazing option, and..

Score: 8.5
Price: £299.95
Size: 1.93 X 1.31m
Full Details

Vitavia Venus 2500 Silver Framed Greenhouse

This neat and compact greenhouse contains more features than many other greenhouses. For example, you can have a wide choice of glazing options, from horticultural glazing all the..

Score: 8.5
Price: £334.95
Size: 1.93 X 1.95m
Full Details

Vitavia Venus 3800 Silver Framed Greenhouse

This greenhouse brings a great combination of practicality and quality. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to glazing for this greenhouse, and this really..

Score: 8.5
Price: £1099.49
Size: 3.65 X 2.43m
Full Details

Palram Victory Orangery 12×10 Metal Greenhouse

This large and attractive greenhouse is actually quite perfect for growing oranges, but it doesn’t have to be just about that fruit. The polycarbonate glazing is unbreakable (99.99%..