Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are a new and innovative way to store your gardening tools, landscaping equipment, and everything else for your outdoor enjoyment. These sheds are known for being durable, long-lasting, and best of all: easy to assemble.

The benefit of metal garden sheds is that they can last a long time without the need for the extensive maintenance that wooden sheds need. These sheds are practical and provide a sleek modern look, which may be appealing to those who prefer a more modern and minimalist home design.

Ease of assembly, practicality, and durable materials make metal garden sheds the ideal choice that can withstand the test of time and provide years of enjoyment with the right steps. Many UK homeowners choose to switch from wooden to metal garden sheds for their aesthetic appeal and inability to succumb to wood rot and termites.

Outside of premium functionality, metal garden sheds also provide a unique aesthetic that many UK homes lack. When you picture a garden shed, you might think of the typical wooden shed that has gone without maintenance for years in the corner of the yard. It is a piece of history for the home, but it can be an eyesore.

Best of all, these metal garden sheds come in a variety of designs, colours, and roofing options that fit every budget, making it a top choice for our community-based reviews. Find the right metal garden shed for your backyard today with WhatShed, the UK’s leading choice for garden shed reviews:

Metal Sheds FAQ

Metal Sheds in UK Weather

The weather in the UK can be brutal on sheds, providing an onslaught of many different weather conditions. For many months out of the year, depending on where you live, you might find your shed half-buried in snow.

Other times, you may struggle with warm waters and flood zones threatening to erode your shed’s foundation and warp the framing, especially if you own a wooden shed.

Metal garden sheds can withstand many weather conditions without a scratch, tolerating even extreme conditions for a time. With such outstanding qualities, there is no wonder why so many UK residents are switching to metal garden sheds. Metal is resistant to both low and high-temperature extremes, and excessive sunlight does not affect the quality of the shed, unlike plastic sheds.

Of course, there is an exception to everything. With more budget-friendly metal sheds, the one weather condition that you might find trouble with is hail. Other environmental concerns, like falling tree branches, can scratch the material and dent weaker areas of the shed.

Fortunately, these concerns are easily overcome with proper placement of the shed. Many UK manufacturers are beginning to line the roof of their metal sheds with UV-resistant materials and incorporate new roof designs to prevent scratches and dents.


The Different Types of Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are often the most budget-friendly type of shed you can purchase, and while they often have fewer options in their size and shape than other types of sheds, they are resistant to a lot of environmental factors.

There are two main materials available on the market for metal sheds. The differences between the two materials don’t just affect pricing and aesthetics, but they also play an important role in how you can use the shed throughout the year. Generally, if you are using the shed to store lawn equipment and other items that do not require a set storage temperature, then you can use either material without consequence.


Steel Sheds

Steel sheds are the most popular option available in the UK, but it can also be much more expensive than aluminum sheds. With that expense, you get more durability, more longevity, and a stronger feel to the metal. Steel sheds are a reliable choice that will not rust unless it is heavily scratched from falling debris or storms. Of course, steel is not an inexpensive material, so you are getting what you pay for.

Steel sheds provide the longevity needed to keep your belongings sheltered for years to come, with very little maintenance. It is the top choice for buyers who are concerned about durability and strength over budget.

The downsides of using a steel garden shed are that it can be difficult to regulate the temperature. In the cooler months, you might find that the temperature inside the shed is even colder than the temperature outside since the steel lacks insulation to keep the heat in, amplifying the cold effect.

Likewise, in the hotter months, the shed can become sweltering inside, only suitable for quick excursions in and out, rather than using it as a workshop or playroom.


Galvanized Aluminum Sheds

Aluminum sheds are the most budget-friendly metal garden shed available on the market, making it the most common metal shed type to spot in a neighbor’s yard. These sheds are tough, but the less expensive the shed is per cubic meter, the flimsier the material will be as less is used.

Thicker, more expensive aluminum sheds are more likely to have similar durability as steel, keeping your workspace free from holes and dents caused by severe weather.

Aluminum cannot rust, which is a strong benefit for many folks, but it can oxidize if it is exposed to water. Many manufacturers coat their aluminum sheeting to prevent oxidization, but over time, this coating may wear off. Scratched aluminum may also oxidize as the coating has been worn away.

Fortunately, the initial layer of oxidization is resistant to further corrosion, protecting the metal underneath. This means that the oxidization may change the appearance of the metal, but it will never be corroded or eaten away by rust, making it ideal for a workshop or playroom that needs to stay sealed from the outside elements.


Pros and Cons of Metal Sheds in the UK

There are so many types of garden sheds for sale in the UK that it can be overwhelming to choose one type for your backyard. Fortunately, there are several pros and cons to metal garden sheds that may make your decision a little easier.

Sheds are often chosen for their utility first and their appearance second. Metal garden sheds tend to add more appeal to the more minimalist or modern home design, with their sleek edges and a metallic sheen.

Metal garden sheds are often used as carports, as chemical and lawn care storage, or outdoor workspaces that need both an open area and overhead shelter. Below are several pros and cons to owning a metal garden shed in the UK:


Pro – Easy to Assemble

The top thing many homeowners look for in a shed is whether it is easy to assemble and disassemble. Often, when selling a home, the shed is not included in the purchase price and the homeowner will take it with them to the new property.

Sheds that are not easy to assemble or disassemble might get left behind, making it a harder sale for individuals who are thinking about selling their home in the future. This may also be a detriment to home buyers who might not want a shed in the yard, making it more difficult for them to remove after they have bought the home.

Metal sheds are notoriously easy to assemble and disassemble, making them a good choice for homeowners as well as tenants.


Con – No Pre-Installed Flooring

One of the disadvantages of a metal garden shed is that they seldom come with pre-installed flooring. Your foundation will act as your flooring, should you choose to place one down. Metal garden sheds that have gravel or shale as a temporary foundation might not be suitable for storing anything except lawn equipment or materials that can be placed on the ground, as the flooring will be too uneven to safely place shelving and tables.

On the other hand, this might be ideal for the individual who is looking to install a metal garden shed for use as a workshop. The lack of flooring can make cleanup easier, able to be done with other yard chores.


Pro – More Security and Durability

Enclosed metal garden sheds have the advantage of providing more security than wood or plastic, as it is more difficult to purposefully damage and tends to make more noise than the other types of garden sheds. This can alert anyone in the area to an intruder, whether it is a neighbor or a member of the local wildlife.

Metal is much more durable than plastic or wood, giving it an advantage against the elements and strong storms. When the shed is correctly assembled and weighed down, high winds and strong rains have to work harder to push the shed over, where it might pick up a plastic shed with ease, and tip over wooden sheds without any trouble.


Con – Not as Attractive for Traditional Homes and Townhouses

Unfortunately, metal sheds are not the ideal material of choice for many people, especially if the home the shed will be placed next to is designed with a more traditional or rustic aesthetic. Setting the metal shed next to a log cabin-style townhouse or rustic farmhouse can make the metallic sheen from the metal stand out like a sore thumb.

Luckily, manufacturers have begun coating some of their sheds in coloured coatings to help alleviate the hard look of these metal sheds. These colours range from reds to greens, to tans and greys for a full range of options.


Pro – Resists Extreme Temperatures

Metal garden sheds are known for their resistance to extreme temperatures, retaining their shape and structure without trouble, whereas wood might warp with high heat and plastic might deteriorate over time.

Steel is extremely resistant to rusting and can be maintained to ensure its longevity, and galvanized aluminum oxidizes to protect the underlying metal from rust and corrosion. Metal sheds, however, lack the insulation needed to keep the shed temperature controlled by any means, which can make it difficult to store temperature-sensitive materials in this type of shed or turn it into a workshop. If this is not a concern, then metal sheds are the best choice for resisting extreme temperatures.


Con – Tough to Modify

Most sheds can be modified in some way. If you want to change something on your wooden shed, you can generally do the modification yourself, or hire someone to make a custom part. Plastic sheds may need their plastic siding replaced, which simply snaps into place. These modifications are easy to make on other shed types, but metal can be difficult to modify in any way.

Outside of assembly, there is little you can do to the exterior or interior of a metal shed to change the way it works. Whether you’re trying to add insulation or modify the outside coating, metal sheds are resistant to everything including modifications.

Many shed owners choose to make temporary modifications to their metal sheds instead, using tarps or sound padding to make adjustments to the shed space.


Pro – Little Maintenance Required

Something many first-time shed buyers forget about is that all sheds will require some sort of maintenance to keep them in good shape, just like a home or vehicle. A strong advantage of choosing a metal shed is that no matter the material you purchase, metal sheds seldom need any sort of maintenance or upkeep to keep them looking and functioning at their best.

Steel sheds might need a coating or two of rust-resistant wax to keep them in good condition after damaging storms, and aluminum might need a coat of paint for aesthetics after it has oxidized, but metal sheds are the best choice for a shed for those who want to get as close to “maintenance-free” as possible.


Con – Cheaper Material May be Flimsy

It’s no secret that a cheaper material may be less durable, but if you are looking for a metal garden shed on a budget, be prepared for that least expensive option to be flimsier to the touch than the thick-cut steel.

If you purchase a cheaper metal shed, be prepared to weigh it down to accommodate for the lost weight and prevent it from being picked up in high winds. Cheap metal garden sheds should always have some sort of anchor, whether they are bolted into the ground or held down by sandbags.


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