Pergolas make a great eye-catching feature in any garden and look sensational. Smaller than gazebos, they work in gardens of various sizes – from limited spaces to larger areas, and are beautiful additions to the outdoor space. Use wooden pergolas as archways, entrances, canopies and trail plants and flowers over them – they are a luxurious treat. There are many different types of pergolas, from traditional to more modern in styling and in differing sizes or shapes. We have compiled what we believe are the best pergolas for sale in the country. You could say we have done all the hard work for you, researching exactly what will work for your requirements and what will work for your pocket, too. more...

Transform your garden with a beautiful pergola. People use garden pergolas in many ways because they are such a versatile garden structure – if it be as a simple dividing screen, to cover a walkway or even to separate different areas of your garden to create a marvellous experience, pergolas really produce a bold statement in a garden and create an excellent focal point.

We hope you find the right one for your outdoor space within our pages. So, if you are looking for Pergolas for sale you are at the right place.

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Blooma Rafter Wooden Pergola
Score: 8
Price: £319.00
Size: 7 x 7
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Blooma Rafter Wooden Pergola

Here we have something that is a little different. It may seem a little simple and low key, but this pergola has just a ton of personality. With..