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NOTE: Sheds World stoped trading after they were purchased by Dunelm 

Sheds World are a fairly large shed and garden building retailer that have been in business for a little under ten years now. At first glance they appear to be one of the largest retailers of outdoor buildings in the whole UK and their impressive selection on their homepage really does make a great first impression, but we decided to dig a little deeper and see exactly what kind of products and customer service Sheds World are offering. By the end of this Sheds World review, we are sure you will know if this is the site for you.

What we rate

  • They have lots of products listed on their site
  • There are many specific categories such as sheds, greenhouses and playhouses
  • Most of their products have very detailed descriptions
  • Many of the products on the site are showcased with multiple high quality pictures
  • Some of their prices are very reasonable

What we slate

  • They have a staggering amount of negative reviews
  • Many of the products are not directly stocked by Sheds World
  • Customer service and delivery times are the main complaints for most people
How We Rate It
Amount Of Products Available 7.5/10
75% Complete
Extras On Offer 7.5/10
75% Complete
Customer Service Support 6/10
60% Complete
Delivery Times 7.5/10
75% Complete
Prices 9.5/10
95% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Sheds World: A quick overview

Sheds World have been selling playhouses, greenhouses, arbours, sheds and pretty much anything else that stands in a garden since 2008. They say that they have had over 45 million hits on their site, so they are clearly attracting a very large amount of viewers. The amount of items they have on their site is quite remarkable and by their count there are over 500,000 different items available. So if you want to see all the products that are available here, then you are going to have to spend some serious time exploring every nook and cranny of the site. It is worth noting that Sheds World are part of a much larger brand called World Stores who have their fingers in a lot of pies as they sell all kinds of things from beds, tables, dog kennels and many, many more things.

Sheds World: Support Contact Information

Phone: 0344 482 7570Maps

email: Contact through site

Sheds World: Physical address

Regal House

70 London Road



Sheds World: The Products

Now to be honest with you, we did not actually get our abacus out and sit there with a pen and piece of paper to see if there were actually 500,000 different products listed on the Sheds World site, but even from your first glance at this site, you can tell there is a lot going on here. If a structure has been designed to fit into a garden then there is a high chance you will find it here. Of course with them being called Sheds World they have a very large selection of sheds, and not just wooden ones, but plastic and metal as well. We like how they have sheds in all different shapes and sizes so no matter what size your garden is there will be a shed that will comfortably fit in it here. As well as sheds, workshops, summerhouses, garages, gazebos, arbours and other forms of garden storage are available on the site. They do also have a lot of accessories like shelving, bases and even a lot of choices of wood treatment as well.

While it is very easy to be blown away by the vast amount of products that are for sale here, one thing we knew for sure when we started this Sheds World review was that we were going to have to talk about how they stock their products. You see many of the items that are for sale on Sheds World are not actually stocked by them, themselves. So they sort of act like a middle man where you would order a shed from them and then they would order that same shed from another retailer. They do of course stock a large number of items themselves, but it is worth noting that not all of the products you see on their site will be stocked by them. This is something to keep in mind before you start hitting that buy it now button like you are playing a video game.

Sheds World: The Prices

One thing that has made us nod our head in approval while doing this Sheds World review is their prices. We feel that there is something here for people of all budgets and no matter if you are on a tight budget and just want something cheap to stop yourself from tripping over the kids garden toys or if you want to splash the cash and get something a little more fancy, Sheds World will have something for you that will suit your budget. For example, if you did not want to spend a whole lot of money on a storage shed then they do have some budget price sheds such as their 4 X 3 Forest Garden Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Shed which comes in at under £150. For those looking for something a little more high end, then they have many higher quality sheds such as a 8 X 6 Bentley Shiplap shed that costs £606.99. They are just two examples of how they have sheds for all budgets. The same is true for their range of summerhouses, playhouses and other garden buildings. We feel that they do a good job in having plenty of lower cost structures as well as more extravagant and expensive ones.

Now as we said earlier in our Sheds World review, they do actually order many of their products from other retailers – retailers like Waltons and ShedStore are just a couple of the companies Sheds World acts as a middleman for. So if you do see a Waltons shed on here that you really like the look of, then it would be worth your time to also see how much it would cost to get it directly from Waltons. For the most part, Sheds World’s prices are reasonable, but we want to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Speaking of deals, they do have a top offers section at the top of their site and this is where you will find all their latest deals and offers for sheds, greenhouses and other garden buildings, so be sure to have a look here as the lineup of products can change quite regularly.

Sheds World: Using The Site

With so many products listed on their site, Sheds World is actually one of the busiest and most jam packed websites we here at WhatShed have ever seen. Their homepage is just fill of products and while impressive in its scope, we are sure some people will find this a little bit overwhelming and not know where to click first or even just look. It is certainly a site that is going to take you a minute or two to get your bearings and know exactly where you want to go. They do actually have dedicated tabs along the top of the screen for sheds, summerhouses, log cabins, playhouses, accessories and gardening items, but it can be very easy to miss these at first due to all the other things that are bombarding your eyes. We feel that they should tone down the homepage a little bit and not throw so many things at people right away.

We made sure to click on many different products so that we could be fair and give you an impression of what it is like to actually view a product on the Sheds World site. They do actually a very good job in giving you all the information you need about a product. In many cases, as well as giving you the dimensions of the shed, summerhouse or whatever it is you are looking at, they will also give you some good information about the things that make that particular product special. We found that many of the products are showcased with at least two pictures, with some having even more. Each product you click will also have a variety of extras or things that Sheds World feel would go well with it listed on the page. While we know some people may see this as them just hustling you to spend more money, this is something we really do not mind as it may help a customer get something they may not have actually thought of otherwise.

Sheds World: Onsite Reviews

One of the most surprising things about this website is the lack of Sheds World reviews. Every single product that we clicked on (and we can assure you we clicked on a lot!) gave customers the opportunity to write a review. This is not something that was hidden either, it was very easy to find and plain as day to understand, but for whatever reason hardly any Sheds World customer reviews are on the site. Take playhouses for example, they have pages and pages of playhouses and there are actually 257 playhouses listed on the site, but we would say that less than ten have a customer review. This is the same for most of their other products. Hundreds and hundreds of products, but hardly any reviews.

It is easy to know what products do have a review as when you are browsing a section, let’s say their apex sheds section for example, you can see a star rating on each apex shed that has a customer review. Now this is where things get a little bit odd as the majority of reviews we saw on here were for 4 and 5 stars. Now we are not saying there are no reviews that score lower than this, but we can tell you we spent a considerable amount of time in each section of the site and every review we saw was for 4 or 5 stars. Most of the reviews that we read were just one sentence telling you how great they were and not really giving you any good information about the actual product or the customer service, delivery times or anything else really. We are not saying that these are not real reviews, but we just feel there should be more variety to them as it does come across like they are only publishing the positive reviews as we do not see how you can offer this many products and not have at least one unhappy customer.


What Are The People Saying About Sheds World?

We have given you our opinion on Sheds World and now we are going to share with you some of the best sites when it comes to Sheds World reviews. We can tell you right away that this is a company who do not exactly have the best reviews online, but we encourage you to read these with an open mind and not to just focus on the 1 and 5 star reviews, but also read the average reviews as well as this is a good way to get a more balanced and fair look at Sheds World. Also, as we said before, Sheds World are part of a larger brand called World Stores and many sites like to lump all the World Stores brands together, so it is not all that surprising when you are looking for Sheds World reviews to find reviews for beds, tables and other household items.

We like to be fair here at WhatShed, so we want to let you know that Sheds World is a site that claim to have millions of hits per year. So please keep in mind that with so many customers, things are bound to go wrong now and again. We are not excusing any wrongdoing at all, but just remember if they sell a few thousand sheds in one month, then chances are some of those orders are going to go wrong.

Trust Pilot: With over 8 thousand reviews spread over a couple hundred pages, Trust Pilot have lots and lots of Sheds World reviews for you to check out. The problem is that they are listed under the World Stores banner so you will have to look through reviews for other products like beds and such. We had a very good look through many, many pages of reviews here and we did find more than a couple that related to sheds. Most of the negative reviews, of which there are 2204 1 star reviews and 594 2 star reviews, are mainly about customer service. Poor communication seems to be the main frustration for many people with one reviewer called Denise I’anson,  having this to say: “The worst service I have ever experienced from anybody: 1. No confirmation of receipt of order 2. Could not find information re my order the day before it was supposed to be delivered”. And these are just two points of a review that contains ten things that went wrong with their experience with Sheds World. To be fair, over 50 percent of the reviews listed on Trust Pilot give them 5 stars, but most of these reviews are for World Stores other brands and not Sheds World, so we are sure it must be very confusing for some people who want to look at reviews for just Sheds World.

Sheds World, or actually more accurately World Stores, have commented on a number of the bad reviews, but it is the same copy and paste answer every time telling people that their customer service team will be in touch. We can imagine that if you have had very bad customer service the last thing you want to be told to do is talk to them again. We are sure that many customers find that this kind of copy and paste response just adds to their frustration, so we are not sure why they even bother to respond to be honest with you. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Site Jabber: While having nowhere near the amount of reviews that Trust Pilot has, Site Jabber does actually contain Sheds World reviews on their own so they are not all mixed in with other World Stores brands. There are as of writing, 47 Sheds World customer reviews with 37 of these being scored at just one star. Interestingly there are no three star reviews at all, with the other ten reviews being made up with 5 five star reviews, 2 four star reviews and 3 two star reviews. So as you can see, this is a site that does not paint a pretty picture of Sheds World. Much like the reviews on Trust Pilot, customer service has been called into question over and over again here. One reviewer, a gentleman called Kevin J, seems to sum up what most of the negative reviews say: Ordered shed – nothing delivered, no contact, cannot get through on phone, no response to emails, just like most of people on here”.

People seem to have a very hard time getting in touch with Sheds World and we are not just talking about people who have already ordered. A reviewer called John C was trying to get dimensions for a product and even though he was wanting to order he still could not get a proper response. He had this to say: “This company is the worst I have ever dealt with, it is impossible to contact them by phone and when you do they are very unhelpful, I have been trying to get a dimension of a base to put a carport on, I have texted them and phoned them , they are incompetent and very unhelpful”. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Twitter: As Sheds World are mainly featured on review sites as part of the World Stores brand it is not all that easy to find what customers think. But one way not to get a Sheds World review, but to hear what customers really think, is by having a look at their official Twitter page. You will have to scroll down the page, but if you want to get some first hand accounts of what it is like to deal with Sheds World, then this is a good place. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Our Concerns

The customer service is a huge concern of ours. As well as poor customer service, we read many reviews where people had to deal with less than friendly or professional delivery men. Nothing worse than getting an order that is wrong, but having to deal with a delivery person who is rude is not great either. We feel that perhaps World Stores does have too many things going on and as a result some of their sections such as Sheds World can have some pretty big problems that cause customers to feel messed around. The copy and paste response to many of the reviews that are on the Trust Pilot site is something we really do not like to see as it seems like they are just doing it do appear like they are actually trying to fix the problem. Now of course they will not be able to reply personally to the thousands and thousands of reviews, but if one of their customer service reps had dealt with the problem first off, then perhaps that customer would not have felt so frustrated that they needed to post a negative review.

As well as some reviews stating the delivery person was a little on the rude side, delivery times are also a big concern of ours. Some people have to wait over a month for a shed and this is something that we have actually seen on their site as some of their items do claim that delivery time can be four weeks or more.

Suggested Improvements: The first thing that we feel would greatly help and improve the amount of positive Sheds World reviews, is to vastly improve customer service. Cut and paste responses do not make people feel like their issues are being dealt with. Perhaps World Stores could really invest in educating the customer support staff who deal with the Sheds World side of the business a little bit more. Also, we feel that communication needs to be improved. Sometimes things can happen and we can understand that, but there are far too many customers who do not just have problems with their order, but feel angry because no one is telling them what is going on. Honestly, we feel that perhaps World Stores have too much going on and that they maybe should employ a few more people to help out so customers can be helped in a better and more timely manner.

Sheds World: How We Rate It

Sheds World is a company that on the surface looks to have a lot of products, but actually as we said in our review, many of these products they will order from other retailers so they serve as a middle man. We really feel that their customer service could do with being looked at so that customers get the help they need when an issue does occur. One thing we will say though, is that they do have some great low cost sheds, summerhouses and other garden buildings on their site so if you are on a tight budget and do not mind a potentially long delivery time then you may want to have a look at what they are offering.


  • They have lots of products listed on their site
  • There are many specific categories such as sheds, greenhouses and playhouses
  • Most of their products have very detailed descriptions
  • Many of the products on the site are showcased with multiple high quality pictures
  • Some of their prices are very reasonable


  • They have a staggering amount of negative reviews
  • Many of the products are not directly stocked by Sheds World
  • Customer service and delivery times are the main complaints for most people

Sheds World: How You Rate It

The amount of negative Sheds World reviews is quite alarming, but here at WhatShed we would love to hear from any of you fine folks who have purchased a product from Sheds World. Let us know how your experience with Sheds World went, because we are genuinely interested to know.


So, How Does It All Stack Up?
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Sheds World Review
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  • Richard Brooking. said...

    Customer Service seems to be a major problem. I ordered a shed costing £1283.99 on 18th March. with a 2- 3 week delivery. I am now into the 4th week and am considering cancelling the order. I phoned the company today to enquire about delivery, and was told they would contact the delivery department, who would investigate my order and phone me back. I waited all afternoon for a phone call which never came. This evening I tried to e-mail the company through the tracker they provide and also through the website contact, nothing appears to work. What is concerning me, is the money for the shed was taken from my account 2 days after the order was placed, and there is still no indication of a delivery pending. Has anyone else cancelled an order and how easy/ difficult was it to have their money refunded.


  • Tribe said...

    I ordered a shed costing £1795 5 weeks ago and the money was taken the day after. I have ‘phoned the company 3 times (usually being about 19th in line!) and waited up to 25 minutes to get to a person. I was then promised that my order had been given top priority and someone would call me back within 24 hours, which never happened. I emailed to complain and threatened to cancel the shed, I was again promised someone would call – no-one did. I am now in the 6th week of waiting and another worrying fact is that I paid to have it erected, but understand that is carried out by yet another firm – what hope have I got of ever getting an erected shed??


  • Dereck webster said...

    Very happy with the shed and the installer Tony who did a sound job on his own.all in nothing to complain about the product or the price we paid🤗


  • helen tyler said...

    My shed arrived in a very damaged box and although I was very reluctant to except delivery because I was worried the contents would also be damaged.

    My surspitions were right the shed was very badely damaged, in fact I believe it was a return from another customer.

    I am waiting to hear from shedsworld ? But think I should get a refund and shop elsewhere………………..


  • Sandra small said...

    Awful customers service, wait forever for someone to ans phone.Still can’t get through, ordered 10ftx10ft Helios summer house, arrived on time young guys who built it were brill ,but I had only one side of double door they said it would b ordered 3 wks ago still not arrived shed has no ventilation ,I had Togo and buy an other door fit the mortice my self.I often wonder just how many work at there customer service ,Fast enough to take money out bank account


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