Traditional Summerhouses

If you have been searching for the perfect summerhouse for your home and garden we have done all the hard work for you. There are many different types of buildings on the market (such as corner summer houses or garden summer houses) and our dedicated team has spent time researching and testing out what we believe to be the best so that you can find the ideal one for you and your family. Whether you are looking for something traditional, modern and functional, or if you have been searching for a real eye catching feature to add drama to your garden, you will find what you are looking for in these pages. We have also listed the cheap summer houses. It could be you are looking for somewhere where you can enjoy some relaxation, spend time working on your favourite hobby or just want to sit and admire your garden – whatever you need, you will find it here.

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6x6 Purton Summerhouse
Score: 8.2
Price: £359.99
Size: 6 X 6
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6×6 Purton Summerhouse

The 6×6 Purton Summerhouse is one very classic looking small summer house. Those who have a garden where space is limited will love this summerhouse as it takes..

Althorpe Summerhouse 5' x 7'
Score: 8.2
Price: £922.83
Size: 5 X 7
Full Details

Althorpe Summerhouse 5′ x 7′

For those who have a small garden and want a smart looking and well made small summer house, the Althorpe Summerhouse is just ideal. This is a very..

Sunningdale Summerhouse 8' x 6'
Score: 8.7
Price: £1155.63
Size: 8 X 6
Full Details

Sunningdale Summerhouse 8′ x 6′

The Sunningdale Summerhouse is one very smart looking and well made small summer house. This is a good sized summerhouse that despite its compact dimensions actually offers you..

Wickes Buckingham Summerhouse 7 X 7
Score: 8.1
Price: £503.99
Size: 7 x 7
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Wickes Buckingham Summerhouse 7 X 7

With a very smart design, the Wickes Buckingham Summerhouse 7 X 7 is one very attractive looking small summer house that would be just ideal for a smaller..

Score: 8.5
Price: £579.99
Size: 2130 X 2640mm
Full Details

9′ x 7′ Rowlinson Eaton Summer House

The Rowlinson Eaton Summer House offers a classic design and natural timber colour that make this summer house blend into your garden with ease. Large windows and a..

Score: 8.5
Price: £682.99
Size: 2.44 X 2.44m
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8′ x 8′ Chelsea Corner Summer House

The 8 x 8 Chelsea Corner Summer House will provide a wonderful feature for the corner of your garden. Start enjoying having more living space outside and the..