Useful Sites

In this section, we have collated all the websites in and around sheds and outdoor buildings that we think you might find genuinely useful.

#1 We have included a link to Doug Stewart’s site Plant Enthusiast Blog – this is a very smartly put together website that we think will give our readers a lot of ideas as to what to plan in and around their new garden building. Doug has kept things simple by limiting his recommendations to a personal list of his top 100 in each category.

As an expert with over 20 years working in horticultural education and the presenter of the BBC Humberside Radio show “The Great Outdoors”, if you follow Doug’s advice we are sure you can’t go wrong. Take a look by visiting


#2 If you would like to have a read of an interesting blog that has a nice personal twist to some of the articles, we found The Middle Size Garden to be a very good site.

#3 One of the big surprises while running is the people we get to meet. Recently we discovered someone who we feel is one of the best connected people in the gardening media world. Geoff Hodge is a very accomplished writer, author and radio and TV broadcaster. He runs the and also the If you want to find out more about gardening and the media, he is the “Go-to Guy”.


We are also really pleased that we are featured on the following directories. The Sun, The Independent and The Mirror. You should check it out!