Our Editorial Promise

WhatShed have always brought you completely independent guides and league tables, based upon unbiased and expert opinion. We guarantee that this will always remain the same, and that’s why WhatShed guides and league tables can be your greatest ally when you’re looking for your ideal garden building.


Product League Tables

Unlike some comparison websites, you can be sure that all of our WhatShed league tables are completely independent and compiled free of any influence from any retailer or manufacturer. We take our time over our league tables, looking at all eligible garden buildings from the top online retailers. We then compare like for like, looking for garden buildings which offer that extra sparkle and added value. That’s why you’ll find that some of our league tables feature a top twenty format, whereas others are a top ten or even top five league table; put simply, if a garden building doesn’t have something special to offer the customer, then it won’t find its way into one of our league tables.

We use these same golden principles to decide our editor’s choice, and other badges awarded for garden buildings that best represent important factors such as visual appeal and and value for money. When you see one of these badges, you can be sure that the decision has been based upon our reviewer’s honest and expert opinion, free of any outside influence.


Merchant League Tables

The merchant league tables are a ranking of what our experts believe to be the best online retailers for that given sector. When compiling the list the individual commercial relationships with the retailers are not a factor in ranking the table. Each table covers around 90% of the online retailers in the sector.


Individual Product Appraisals

The individual product appraisals are not actual hands on product reviews. Realistically it would be impossible to physically review each product, partly due to the vast nature of the market but mainly due to the fact that as the products are made from natural materials the quality of the products can differ from shed to shed. As such what we have attempted to do is provide an experts appraisal of the individual product.

Although they are not physically handling the product, they are able to help guide the reader by using their industry expertise to help highlight and focus in on points that might not be obvious to someone who is not an expert. Some of the points the experts will consider and highlight could relate to things like.

  • Type of wood used and how it was treated.
  • Highlighting why the headline price seems so cheap (are the floor and roofing felt included, etc.).
  • Are the windows plastic or glass as standard?
  • Etc.

The individual product guides are also an important independent place where customers can leave truthful feedback without fear of any comments getting removed.

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