Wooden Playhouses

WhatShed is not just about garden storage – there are plenty of versatile and exciting playhouses to peruse for your children or grandchildren. Guaranteed hours of garden fun and in versatile materials such as wood or plastic, we select what we believe to be the best and most cost effective products on the market to keep the kiddies amused while you sit back, relax and admire the view. So, to see the UK’s largest selection of children’s wooden playhouse and outdoor playhouses, you have come to the right site. When you are looking for a kitty shiplap wooden playhouse for sale, you have found the right place.

Our wooden playhouses have been created for outdoor use, meaning they’re extremely durable. Our single storey handmade wooden playhouses make great children’s cottages and our two storey wooden playhouses offer something a little different where your son or daughter can make their hideaway in your garden. We offer handmade playhouses to match any budget, so put a smile on your children’s faces with one of our play houses. What Shed offers a wide choice of playhouse made of wood in a variety of styles and sizes, from small plastic playhouses to large wooden playhouses. Let your child’s imagination run free and let them create their own unique garden den, children’s club house, doll’s house or castle with our tower playhouses! Children’s playhouses develop a great environment for your kids to play outdoors safely whilst providing hours of fun!

Do you still have questions on what playhouse will best suit your needs? Check out our helpful buying guide to give you some ideas! View our Playhouse guide