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Looking for an independent Waltons Garden Buildings review? If so look no further. Offering a vast range of budget priced and high quality sheds and other garden structures, Waltons are a retailer who are very popular. One of the things that makes Waltons so popular is how they have pretty much any kind of garden structure you could want. Sheds, summerhouses, playhouses, greenhouses and much more. They have them in all kinds of shapes, sizes and at prices that work for all budgets. Today we are going to have a real close look at this retailer in our Waltons review. We are going to make sure you know exactly what kind of retailer this is and if they are worth your hard earned money.

What we rate

  • Site has been designed so that it is very easy to use
  • Plenty of lower cost products for people on a tighter budget
  • Some gorgeous and large higher end products are available
  • The majority of their garden buildings come with a ten year guarantee
  • Many of the Waltons customer reviews are very positive

What we slate

  • With so much choice it can be hard to know what is the right product for you
  • You may need some good DIY skills to install some of the larger products
  • Perhaps too many extras for some of their products
How We Rate It
Amount Of Products Available 9.5/10
95% Complete
Extras On Offer 9/10
90% Complete
Customer Service Support 8.5/10
85% Complete
Delivery Times 9.5/10
95% Complete
Prices 9.5/10
95% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Waltons: A quick overview

Incredibly, Waltons have been in business since the 1870’s which does not just make them one of the longest operating UK retailers, but one of the oldest garden building retailers in the whole world! We would love to jump in Doc Brown’s DeLorean and have a look at what they were like back then. Waltons have always tried to keep up with the times and as a result they have had a web presence for many, many years. One thing in particular that they are well known for is their own range of sheds and other garden buildings.

Waltons: Support Contact Information

Phone: 0800 0142 333Maps

email: service@waltons.co.uk

Waltons: Physical address

Huntingdon House

278-290 Huntingdon Street

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire


Waltons: The Products

The amount of products that Waltons sell is really quite amazing and we feel their vast amount of products is one of the highlights of this Waltons review. If you can erect it in your garden, then chances are they will have it. They have one of the largest ranges of sheds we have ever seen and they do not just have wooden sheds, but they also have metal and plastic sheds. You can spend ages looking through all their sheds and we are certain that no matter what kind of space you have in your garden, what your budget is or what your needs are, Waltons will have a shed for you. It is not just sheds either. Things like summerhouses, playhouses, greenhouses and an awesome range of large garden rooms are available here. We really love the way they have gone above and beyond to have such a wide variety of products. One thing that we really like about Waltons is how they have some sheds and other structures that are their own, Waltons branded products.

Many people, though, will want to know about the wooden sheds that Waltons have and we were so impressed with their wooden sheds section that we actually put them top in our wooden sheds category. Add to that they also featured in our 8 X 6 shed top 20, as well as many other of our best of lists such as our corner summer house list which they also came out on top on. We feel that they really do have one of the best selection of products and that they have a fantastic mix of really high quality, top of the line products as well as more modestly priced products as well.

Waltons manufacture all their products right here in the UK, which is nice to see, and the majority of their products come with a very generous ten year anti rot guarantee which does require you to annual treat your shed or whatever structure it is, but it is still a fantastic guarantee. Waltons products tend to have a lot of personality with many of them allowing you to flex your creative muscles a little bit and customise them. One of the best things though that Waltons have is their fantastic Space Shed which is made to resemble the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars! Honestly this shed makes us very excited to see what other kind of fun and interesting things Waltons have in store.


Waltons: The Prices

As we touched upon earlier in our Waltons review they really are a retailer who have something for everyone. This is not just because of the different shapes and sizes, but because of their prices as well. We have looked at pretty much every major garden building retailer and Waltons is certainly up there with the best of them when it comes to prices. They have a great range of cheaper products that are just ideal for those on a more strict budgets. For example, you can get their 6 X 4 Waltons Overlap Wooden Shed for £169.99, which is a great budget shed. It is not just sheds, they even have budget priced summerhouses such as their 7 x 5 Waltons Bournemouth Wooden Summer House which is one of a range of summerhouses that are available for under £500. Kids playhouses and other structures all have a few budget products in their range. In keeping with getting great deals, Waltons also do a good job in showing what structures are on offer and what the current sale is, so be sure to look at that if you are wanting to get the best deal possible. One other product we have to give special mention to is their 8 x 6 Waltons Ultra Value Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed, which we felt was one of the best budget priced sheds released in the last few years.

While our Waltons review may have focussed on their budget priced products so far, they also are a retailer who know how to wow you with some high end, high priced items as well. While they have some very extravagant sheds, playhouses and greenhouses, we feel that it is their summerhouses that show off Waltons more impressive side. Summerhouses like the amazing 16’ x 13’ Grosfillex Deco 20B PVC Summerhouse, which may cost over £4000, but it is as large as an extension would be and just as well made. Honestly while some people may come to the Waltons site to look at the lower priced products, just having a look at their more high end stuff is something we highly recommend you do.


Waltons: Using The Site

This Waltons review so far has been mainly positive and we are happy to say that they have made sure their site is as user friendly as possible. Right from the homepage, you can clearly find what it is you are looking for. They have tabs at the top of the screen where you can click sheds, summerhouses, greenhouses or whatever it is you are looking for. Or you can just hover the mouse over the tab and then select something more specific like plastic or metal sheds for example. They really have done a wonderful job ensuring that even those not too skilled at surfing the old web will be able to navigate the site. There is also a search engine which can come in handy and save you some serious time if you know what product it is you are looking for.

When you click on a tab, let’s say sheds for example, on the left of the screen you can then get a bit more specific with what you are looking for. They have all these check boxes where you can pick sizes, building type, cladding type and even a particular brand as well as other things. Or if you are not sure what you want then you can just have a look at all the sheds they have to offer. Once you find something you like the look of and click on it, you will be taken to that product’s page. Here you can read the product specifications, a detailed description and even see what special features it has. Each of these has their own little tab so the page is not filled with text. You just read one section then click the tab to read the next. It makes learning about a product much less overwhelming. Each product description also gives you a list of accessories that may interest you.

Waltons: Onsite Reviews

There are actually a lot of Waltons reviews on their site. Every single product has the option for a customer to leave a review if they want. Now not all products have a review, but considering the amount of products that are sold here honestly that is not surprising. Before you even click on a product you can tell if there are any customer reviews as there will be a star ranking and a number indicating how many reviews for this product there are. We really like this and think it is something other retailers should think about adding. Now the actual reviews themselves all seem to be 4 or 5 star reviews. Most products have a 5 star rating and even products with lots of reviews such as the 8 x 6 Waltons Ultra Value Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed has which has five pages of reviews has nothing but 4 and 5 star reviews. So while there are plenty of Waltons customer reviews on the site they seem to be only positive ones.

What Are The People Saying About Waltons?

As Waltons are one of the larger garden buildings retailers in the UK, there are actually a whole lot of Waltons customer reviews out there. Well to save you the time of looking for them, below we have three sites who will let you see exactly what customers who have purchased a product from Waltons think. You will get to see good and bad reviews which will hopefully help you form your own opinion about Waltons.

Please remember that as this is a retailer who has thousands and thousands of customers per year, there is always going to be a bit of a mixed opinion as it is impossible to please everyone and as always people are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one. So please try to keep that in mind as you read the Waltons reviews. Also do not just focus on the 5 star or 1 star reviews. Make an effort to look at the ones in between as well so you can get a more fairly balanced look at Waltons.

Trust Pilot: Here at WhatShed we have been looking at garden building retailers and putting them through their paces for quite some time, but when it comes to customer reviews the amount of Waltons customer reviews on TrustPilot shows you that they clearly are one of the most used garden building retailers in the whole UK. As of writing there are 8769 Waltons customer reviews here. Now the majority of these are actually positive with just over 50 percent of them awarding Waltons 5 stars. Add into this the 18 percent of 4 star reviews and you have a retailer who is very close to having three quarters of their reviews being great and good. These 5 and 4 star reviews actually add up to 6066 positive reviews which we feel is just incredible.

Now there are some negative reviews listed on here. As a matter of fact while only 9 percent of Waltons reviews on Trust Pilot are for 1 star this does actually add up to 814 reviews which is a lot, but really when you consider the amount of positive reviews, you could make the argument that this does actually add up. Now we are not excusing the bad reviews at all and the most common complaint that we saw is summed up by this reviewer called Christina Ketani, who had this to say about Waltons delivery: “Delivery date not owned so disappointed-3 days changed to 4 weeks.” Another issues that we saw was people having a hard time getting in touch with someone at Waltons. As they have so many customers each week, we can see why some people’s complaints may slip through the cracks. This is not us sticking up for them and we do hope that they work on this in the future, but we can see why some people do have trouble getting hold of them. There have been a few reviews where people have said their shed was damaged or not made very well and while we sympathise with them, we have to say that when you are making as many sheds as Waltons are mistakes are going to happen. Still they could keep a more careful eye on things to make sure this does not happen as much.

Facebook: We have seen many garden building retailers who have reviews on their Facebook page, but the Waltons reviews that are here are just the ones that are from Trust Pilot. But that does not mean coming to the Waltons Facebook page is not a waste of your time. So while there are not what you would class as proper Waltons customer reviews on here, you do have plenty of posts from Waltons themselves. Now most of these are about new products or special offers, but you can actually see some customer comments and view what people’s feelings are on the products they have bought.

Now Facebook is a place where people can sometimes be a little bit emotional so we would say take some of the rants on here with a pinch of salt. Still there is some good back and forth on here with Waltons and their customers and we see this as a good way to get an idea of the way they treat their customers.

Review Centre: The Waltons reviews on Review Centre are not as positive as those on Trust Pilot. There are some positive reviews listed on here with 11 of the 66 being for 5 stars and another 6 of them scoring Waltons at 4 stars. The praise is good and in general people seem happy with the quality and the kind of service that they have gotten from Waltons, but there are actually quite a few negative reviews on here with customers sharing the same concerns and issues that people on Trust Pilot had.

The main issues once again were delivery and actually getting in touch with Waltons, with some people reporting problems and then having to wait far too long to get a response. We fully understand how frustrating this is for a customer, but again when a retailer is the size that Waltons is, there are unfortunately always going to be the unlucky few that slip through the cracks. We are not making excuses, but we would suggest that if you do have trouble getting in touch try Facebook, phone, and email – basically, as many ways as you can.

Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Do We Have Any Concerns?

With thousands and thousands of positive Waltons reviews, you would think that we would skip this section all together and just say that there are no concerns and everything is great. While there are in fact far more positive Waltons customer reviews than there are negative ones, we still have to make a point to question the amount of negative reviews. The chances are if you order a shed, summerhouse or whatever from Waltons that you are going to have a hassle free experience, but with roughly one in ten or even twelve people having issues, you really do not want to be that one person who does have a damaged shed show up, has to wait longer than they thought for their delivery and then not be able to get hold of someone in a timely manner. Again let us say that the chances of this happening to you are slim, but with thousands of customers each month, a couple are always going to end up disappointed.

Always Room For Improvement 

Look, we think Waltons are a great retailer and from what the Waltons reviews are saying so do most of their customers, but here at WhatShed we always like to suggest a few ways that a retailer can be even better. Now granted, Waltons actually do a lot of things right so really you would think that we would not have many suggested improvements for them, but actually we have two and they are pretty big ones actually. First of all they need to hire more customer service people. One of the biggest complaints we have seen is a small amount of customers having a really tough time getting a response from Waltons. Dealing with lots of customers each day is always going to be tough, but you should make sure that you have enough well trained staff to deal with problems that customers have. Also communicating better about delivery time is something that ties into working on their customer service.

The other improvement we have is something that we actually debated for some time whether or not to include this, but we are going to. This is after all a fair and impartial Waltons review and as much as we think they are great we have to say what we feel they could do better. Quality is what we are talking about. Now Waltons have some incredibly high quality products, but they also do a lot of business with their lower cost more modest quality sheds and other garden buildings. Now of course when you pay just over £150 for a 6 X 4 shed, you expect that it is not going to be made with the finest oak wood, but we have read a few reviews where people have had little things wrong with their sheds. It is like little things that slip through the quality control process. Of course, Waltons ship out a ton of products each month and keeping an eagle eye on them all is going to be tough, but maybe just giving each of the lower cost products and extra five to ten minutes look over could prevent some of these products that have the odd small issue being sent out.


Waltons: How We Rate It

Here at WhatShed we have always been impressed with Waltons. They have a website that really could not be any easier to use and their range of products is just incredible. Even with the vast amount of products that they sell, looking around their site is nice, easy and not confusing at all. We feel that the fact they have products in all kinds of sizes and at all types of prices, Waltons really are a retailer who have something for everything. Without a doubt this is a retailer you should have a look at if you are in the market for a new shed, summerhouse or any other kind of garden structure.


  • Site has been designed so that it is very easy to use
  • Plenty of lower cost products for people on a tighter budget
  • Some gorgeous and large higher end products are available
  • The majority of their garden buildings come  with a ten year guarantee
  • Many of the Waltons customer reviews are very positive


  • With so much choice it can be hard to know what is the right product for you
  • You may need some good DIY skills to install some of the larger products
  • Perhaps too many extras for some of their products

Waltons: How You Rate It

As you can tell from our Waltons review, this is a retailer that we really, really like and they have impressed us for a number of years now. Still, here at WhatShed we love to hear from you guys and if you have purchased a garden building from Waltons, then we would like to hear about your experience in the comments section below.


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