Best Garden Room Retailers

As voted for by WhatShed

WhatShed analysed over 486 garden rooms from 26 brands sold by 12 retailers. Using our impartial Expert Score we worked out which brands made the best garden rooms and which retailers sold them for the best prices. We then looked at the online reputation of the retailers over the last 12 months and combined that with the industry reputation of the retailer. We then ranked the 7 best in order of what will give you the best quality and value for money garden room.

Experts Score
Key Features
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TigerSheds Active
  • Very large selection of garden rooms, almost all score extremely highly for quality of materials used. 

  • Ability to customise the design, a service not offered by other large manufacturers. 

  • Has a very good reputation for quality with all its log cabins and garden rooms.

  • All wood is fully milled in a company-owned sawmill, ensuring higher quality control. 
Shed Store
  • Owned by the same company that owns Buy Sheds Direct, they often have the same stock but prices can be different between the two sites. Although the more expensive the item the less we have found this to be the case. 

  • Very good reputation with past customers

  • They work with many different manufacturers and have a solid reputation with all we talked to.

Buy Sheds Direct
  • Some very high-quality garden rooms are offered, they are expensive but the quality justifies this (particularly with the insulated range).

  • The best garden rooms sold are manufactured by the owners of the site.

  • Very good selection of garden rooms with good build specifications and materials used.

  • A good midrange garden room manufacturer.

  • A good selection of garden rooms are offered but all are manufactured by other retailers.

  • Most garden rooms we analysed were available at a lower cost direct from the manufacturer.

  • A popular site and some of the higher specification garden rooms are OK.

  • The cheaper garden rooms sold by this manufacturer tend to not use materials that our analysis says are fairly basic.

Garden Buildings Direct
  • Owned by the same company as BillyOh, comments for them are the same for this merchant.