With one of the biggest selections of bin stores anywhere online, WhatShed works with almost every major brand & retailer of garden bin storage in the UK. We test, review & appraise most bin sheds that are on sale in the UK. We help you compare the market to find the right bin shed, at the right price, from the right retailer. Shop all bin stores or choose a category below.

Bin stores can be an amazing addition to any garden or outdoor space, and WhatShed helps you find the best bin sheds for your home. Whether you’re looking for a wooden bin store and double wheelie bin store or a recycling bin storage to put together yourself, we can help. We work with all major retailers of bin sheds in the UK, writing detailed reviews and in-depth appraisals of the best-selling and most popular models around.

Our Bin Shed Reviews

WhatShed works with hundreds of brands and retailers of waste bin storage sheds across the country to be the No. 1 source for all bin storage sheds. Our huge network and an extensive list of industry contacts allow us to cover countless bin stores, providing reviews, scores, guides, and details on all sorts of garden bin storage, from a bin storage cabinet that has a sleek slim profile right up to a more contemporary bin store for that more modern look.

At WhatShed, we know that the refuse bin storage market is broad and diverse. There are all sorts of bin stores out there. You might have a specific sort of bin store in mind, like a bin storage shed or a contemporary bin store. To make sure we cover the full range of bin stores for sale in the UK, we offer product appraisals and ratings for many of the more niche products out there, helping you narrow down your search and pick the best waste bin storage.

More About Bin Stores

Our aim is to help as many people as possible find a garden bin storage that you can use for years to come. So, in addition to our reviews and scores, we also offer in-depth log cabin buyer guides and informative “Best Of” league tables of all the top bin stores on the market. With these guides and leagues, you can find out all the information you could possibly need.