Best Log Cabin Retailers

As voted for by WhatShed

WhatShed analysed over 859 log cabins from 26 brands sold by 12 retailers. Using our impartial Expert Score we worked out which brands made the best log cabin and which retailers sold them for the best prices. We then looked at the online reputation of the retailers over the last 12 months and combined that with the industry reputation of the retailer. We then ranked the 7 best in order of what will give you the best quality and value for money log cabin. 

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Key Features
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TigerSheds Active
  • Strengths: Offers a large selection of log cabins, all highly rated for the quality of materials used. Provides a custom design service, unique among large manufacturers, allowing for bespoke solutions. Owns a sawmill, ensuring precise control over the quality of wood, especially for complex cuts like interlocking logs.
  • Visit for: High-quality, custom-designed log cabins with superior material standards.
Shed Store
  • Strengths: Provides a selection of very high-quality log cabins. Known for offering robust build quality and excellent materials.
  • Visit for: Premium log cabins with an emphasis on high-quality construction.
Buy Sheds Direct
  • Strengths: Often carries the same stock as Shed Store, as they are owned by the same company, but sometimes offers different pricing, particularly for more expensive items.
  • Visit for: Comparing log cabin options and prices with Shed Store to potentially find better deals.
  • Strengths: Features a very good selection of log cabins with good build specifications and materials. Noted for offering good value for money.
  • Visit for: Well-constructed log cabins that balance cost and quality effectively.
  • Strengths: Provides a range of log cabins, many of which can be purchased more cheaply direct from the manufacturer.
  • Visit for: Identifying potential savings by comparing prices with direct manufacturers.
  • Strengths: Offers some higher specification log cabins that are satisfactory.
  • Potential Drawback: The cheaper log cabins often use materials considered basic; customer sentiment regarding these materials is frequently mixed.
  • Visit for: Reasonably priced log cabins, being mindful of material quality in lower-priced options.
Garden Buildings Direct
  • Strengths: Shares ownership with BillyOh and offers a similar selection and customer feedback.
  • Potential Drawback: Similar to BillyOh, the cheaper log cabins may compromise on material quality.
  • Visit for: Exploring additional options similar to BillyOh, especially if looking for budget-friendly choices.