Gardening and garden buildings are interesting, well more specifically, sheds and the things you put in them and your garden! As we have built up the site, we have come across LOTS of interesting facts about gardening and general outdoor garden buildings. Below you can read a few of the rather interesting things we have found out. After you have read them, you will be armed for life with useless facts you can entertain your friends with when you’re next down the pub.
Asian Hornet

Asian Hornet UK Sightings Map

The Asian Hornet (Vespa velutina nigrithorax) that with just one sting can be enough to kill someone allergic to their venom. The Asian Hornets that can ‘kill with..

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giant hogweed icon

Giant Hogweed Infographic

Have you ever heard of Giant Hogweed? If you haven’t, you’ll be surprised to hear it’s officially the most dangerous plant in Britain! Giant Hogweed is part of..

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giant hogweed stem

Giant Hogweed Information

When it comes to invasive, dangerous plants in the United Kingdom, giant hogweed is one of the worst offenders. Fast-spreading and harmful to human health, this member of..

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Giant Hogweed Locations Map (UK)

Giant Hogweed is known as “the most dangerous plant in Britain”, just lightly touching the plant’s sap can pose a considerable threat to human health. If you want to..

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spot fake reviews

How To Spot A Fake Review

Here at WhatShed, we take great pride in making sure that we are always as upfront and honest with you as possible when we review a shed, summerhouse,..

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