WhatShed Best Merchant Awards

Who should I buy from? Which is the best retailer to buy a plastic shed from, over say a metal shed? Below we have created a number of league tables to help you select the best retailer for each of the different categories you are likely to be interested in. We hope they help.


Top 10 Workshop Retailers

Nothing says that you are an experienced DIY enthusiast or a person who has some kind of artistic flair, like a large workshop standing with pride in your..

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Top 10 Shed Retailers

Here at WhatShed we have put together top ten lists on pretty much every kind of garden structure that you can get. We have looked at the best..

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Top 10 Metal Shed Retailers

There is just something so dependable and high quality about a good metal shed. Here at WhatShed we have put many metal sheds through their paces, but today..

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Top 10 Log Store Retailers

A log store makes for a fun, interesting and rather different kind of addition to a garden. Sure the main purpose of something like this is for those..

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Top 10 Gazebo Retailers

A gazebo can actually be the ultimate accessory for any garden. First of all they look really smart as they stand in your garden, but also they serve..

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Top 10 Cold Frame Retailers

Sure having a greenhouse is great, but sometimes you want that extra special place or maybe you feel that you have an extra special plant that needs its..

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Top 10 Arbour Retailers

So you have the shed, the summerhouse, the picnic table and now you want that last little peace to really finish off your garden in style. Well there..

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