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Here at WhatShed we like to make sure you folks are as informed as possible before you make that final decision and hit the buy it now button on a shed, summerhouse, playhouse or whatever it is you are in the market for. Well today we are taking a look at a particular brand of garden structures, and that is BillyOh. By the end of this BillyOh review, we certainly will have put them through their paces and given you our honest opinion on them.

BillyOh: A quick overview

BillyOh is a brand that have been around for the better part of ten years now. Affordable and high quality products was and still is the aim of this line, and let us tell you this is a line that has many, many different styles of garden structures. We are talking sheds, playhouses, general garden storage, summerhouses and even a line of very impressive log cabins as well. The BillyOh brand is actually owned by a company called Kyboteh who are also behind the garden retailer Garden Buildings Direct, so while you can purchase BillyOh products elsewhere such as Argos and Amazon, Garden Buildings Direct by far have the largest and most impressive selection.

How We Rate It
Variety Of Products 9.5/10
95% Complete
General Quality 6/10
60% Complete
Customisation Options 9/10
90% Complete
Pricing 9/10
90% Complete
Availability 7.5/10
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Let's Take a Closer Look...

BillyOh: Support Contact Information

Phone: 01636 822899Maps


BillyOh: Physical address

Parry Business Park

Grassthorpe Road

Sutton On Trent


NG23 6QX

BillyOhWhat Kind Of Products Are In The BillyOh Range?

Here is where we are taking a close look at the different types of products that are part of this range. Sheds, log cabins, summerhouses, playhouses, workshops, greenhouses, bike stores and a few other types of structures are available in the BillyOh range. As well as this they also have plenty of accessories. Such as benches, arches and other such things that can really help tie a garden together and as they are part of the BillyOh brand, you know they are going to be just as high quality as their actual garden structures. One thing that we love about the BillyOh products when you purchase them from Garden Buildings Direct, is how they will have a particular structure like their BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Apex Shed or the BillyOh 5000 Philosophers Tongue and Groove Summerhouse, and have that design in a number of different sizes. This brand is very well known for its versatility and that is something we really like about it. So if there is a style of a shed or workshop that you really like, then the chances are very high that it will be available in a size that will fit in your garden.

We really like the different styles of products in this range and feel that this is one of the real strengths of BillyOh as a brand. They have plenty of wooden structures with some being overlap or shiplap. They also have a very decent amount of metal items as part of this brand and we were surprised to see that they even had a few plastic items such as their very smart looking, BillyOh Retford 10′ Fronted Premium Woodgrain Apex Plastic Shed.

BillyOhHow Is The Quality?

The aim of the BillyOh brand was to make high quality structures at reasonable prices and that is something we feel that they do very well. The BillyOh brand has plenty of more basic sheds, summerhouses and other such structures that are made with, let’s just say simpler materials which make them affordable, but we feel they still use the best materials they can. Even their lower end items are of an impressive quality and that is something we really like about this brand. While, BillyOh do have a vast amount of low cost products they also really do have some quite spectacular higher end products such as their BillyOh 6000 Windowless Workshop and their BillyOh Dorset Log Cabin. These, just to name two, are made sparing no expense as they are constructed with the very finest materials and are of a quality that is just extremely high.

BillyOh: How Are The Products Priced?

We did touch on prices earlier, but pricing is something that the people behind the BillyOh range keep a close eye on and we feel that the pricing of their products in general is very spot on. Of course there may be a little variation in the prices here and there depending on where you purchase something from, but for the most part we feel that BillyOh is one of the better priced brands out there. Let’s take their sheds for example. BillyOh’s most basic and low priced shed comes in at £149.99, and to be fair it is made as well as it could be at this price point. Summerhouses from under £300 and playhouses from under £135 are just a couple more examples of how the BillyOh range is perfect for people who are on a tighter budget or who just do not want to spend a fortune on something that is going to sit in their garden. We really like the fact that while BillyOh is something of a brand name these days, they are not just whacking on an extra £20-£50 because of the name alone. This to us shows they are a decent company not looking to get an extra couple of quid out of you for the sake of it.

We have touched on the lower end items, but BillyOh also have some very expensive and high end items. We mentioned how they have low priced summerhouses, but there are also summerhouses that come in at over four thousand pounds. So as you can see, this is a brand that really does have products at both ends of the pricing spectrum and we really like that.

BillyOh: How Customisable Are BillyOh Products?

We know that many of you fine folks love to tinker with your sheds, put your own stamp on your summerhouse and even like to make sure that the playhouse you ordered for your kids birthday has your own footprint on it. Well that is why we are looking at the customisation options and the flexibility of BillyOh products. If you purchase your shed, summerhouse or whatever it is you are looking for from Garden Buildings Direct, then you are going to be very impressed, dare we say even a little overwhelmed by the level of customisation options available to you. Many of their products will let you change the flooring, add shelving, pick the size of the structure, choose multiple colours and of course add a whole bunch of extras. There are some products in this line that come the way they are and that is that, but the amount that do offer some kind of customisation really is impressive. Actually the BillyOh brand is one of the very best when it comes to customisation.

While there are different customisation options to be had at Garden Buildings Direct, if you were to purchase your BillyOh shed from say Amazon for example, then you wouldn’t have have these customisation options, but you could of course always have a little fun by painting the structure or adding some fun extras to the outside of it. We feel that the design of many of the BillyOh products ranging from their playhouses to their summerhouses do allow for you to flex your creative muscles a little bit and put your own spin on them.

BillyOh: Our Final Thoughts

As you can tell from the tone of our BillyOh review, this is a brand that we really like. We feel that the vast range of products they have makes them one of the largest garden structure brands out there. We feel that there are some true gems in this brand from a design point of view, especially some of their more high end summerhouses, workshops and log cabins. But BillyOh is a brand that still looks out for those of us on a tighter budget, as they have plenty of lower cost, but still very impressive when it comes to their quality, types of structures as well. We feel that this is a brand that offers so many cool looking structures that you could easily spend an hour or two just browsing through and being impressed with what they have.

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  • Simon Hill said...

    I bought the Clubman log cabin.
    Quality is terrible, 24 missing parts when delivered, 3 calls and a week to get new parts ordered, wrong parts list and instructions. Just terrible from the moment I paid my money.


  • Sarah Porter said...

    I ordered a billy oh playhouse which arrived with a smashed panel and no picket fence. Second delivery made of new panel and picket fence. When assembling we realised that the top of the stable door was missing. Now waiting for a third delivery. The delivery driver literally dumped the goods on the pavement and customer services is in the Phillipines so not great.


    • Richard said...

      Billy Oh is also a site that is owned by Garden Buildings Direct.


  • Robert said...

    Please avoid using this company.

    I ordered a shed from them online. Their website said it would be with me in 20 days. I phoned up to double check if this was correct because I was desperate to get a shed in my garden because my wife was about to have a baby any moment and I needed to clear things out. They told me that the website is correct and it would be with me in 20 days.

    Well, that was wrong. 30 days went past. After many phone calls and un-returned emails they gave me a delivery date 33 days after I ordered it. Luckily my baby had not come so I was able to take a day off work to put it up.

    When I went to put it up I realised the entire tongue and groove section (about 80%) of the shed was cut wrong. So it was completely faulty and unworkable. I have pictures to prove it. I sent them the pictures and they confirmed it was cut wrong.

    After countless calls to a call centre in South East Asia, I was told a replacement would be with me by 2/3 working days.

    Wrong again. It was over 8 days later until they scheduled a delivery.

    Now my baby had arrived and my wife and I were finding it hard to live with all of the shed contents (lawnmower, strimmer, bikes, tools, paints, furniture etc) in the kitchen.

    I took a day off work to wait for the replacement. I called in the morning and they said it would be with me around 5pm. Then I called at 6pm and they said it was 45 mins away. Then I called at 8pm and they said it was close. Then I called at 9 and they said it was not going to be delivered.

    Well I lost it at this point.

    I am now waiting for a call to reschedule the delivery – they said that the van MIGHT have broken down. I DO NOT believe them one bit. Instead of delivering it the next day, they said it will take another week. They could not give me a reason why.

    Talking to the people in the call centre is like talking to a robot. They have no emotional intelligence or sympathy. They are just reading things from a script. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is dealing with them.

    So in summary, their product is terrible and so is their service.

    I’ve never written a review in my life, but I really don’t want people to make the same mistake that I have and put their faith in this company.


    I am happy to be contacted to verify all of the above with pictures, emails and even phone recording. Yes, it really has got to that.

    The worst thing is, I STILL don’t have my shed, so it may get worse.

    Anyway, I’m off to change a nappy.



    • Richard said...

      Hi Rob, thanks for your feedback. BillyOh is also the same company as Garden Buildings Direct, I am sure your feedback will help others make a better decision.


    • Emily said...

      Like you Robert I’m going through it as well. Still no summerhouse. I think I will be calling it the winter lodge! If it ever arrives. I’m asking for a full refund if it doesn’t come by the 24th July 2017, I’ve never known such disgrace. There should be laws. Might take it to a small claims court !!!! Arrrrr 😡


    • Kate Heusser said...

      My experience was the same as yours, Robert. My son was going to build the summerhouse with me as labourer. Two hours after the delivery, at the end of APRIL, he brought a few of the shorter planks in and said, ‘I don’t like to worry you, but …’
      ALL the planks had the top notches cut too shallow, so no two would actually interlock. It was impossible to build even the first two layers. I called immediately and, of course, was put through to the lovely, but powerless (and, to be honest, pretty clueless) customer services in the Philippines. They sent an email asking for photos. I sent photos, and explained that unless the fault was corrected within 5 days, my son wouldn’t have time to build it before leaving for the US for three weeks. As their terms and conditions demanded the summerhouse be completely erected and painted within four weeks from delivery, the guarantee would be invalid. I told them my son had offered to recut the notches to the correct depth, and it would cost £240 so, if they’d refund that and continue the guarantee, I’d be happy with that. They offered £90, then £120. I said no, and they upped the offer to £150. I refused to be left out of pocket, because their goods were (a) not as described, (b) not of ‘merchantable quality and (c) not fit for purpose – i.e. not fit to be assembled into a building, so I was entitled to my money back. They told me I could only have £150. I explained I would take it to court and they’d then have to pay a court fee and interest as well. They said they’d collect the goods and give me a full refund – but they were going to consider whether to ‘waive’ their £200 collection fee! I told them they weren’t entitled to it, they went silent on me, so I claimed through the Gov.Co.UK Moneyclaims Online service. It was transferred to our local court. The judge (going from just the paperwork, without a hearing) ordered them to put in a proper defence or pay up by the 29th August, or I could take and enforce judgement. That week, they decided to try to negotiate again, to ‘consider’ paying the court fee and interest, and to tell me I had to send the goods back before they’d send my refund. I refused and gave them two weeks to pay up in full and a further two weeks to collect their useless pile of sticks from my garage. I got my money back – including court fee and interest – on Monday, and they collected the goods today. I’ve posted publicly on my facebook page, and I’ll say again here – DO NOT TOUCH Kybotech Ltd., Garden Buildings Direct, Billy-Oh or Skinner’s Sheds. They’re all the same company. They are incapable of dealing with their own errors or of providing anything approaching customer service.


  • Vanessa Staite said...

    They constantly make false promises, we have waited in on four separate occasions for them, they haven’t turned up once, however they do send us e mails giving us new dates and even though we say we are not available on those days they apparently turn up. They do not listen to the customer and just pay lip service without any backup.
    The annoying thing is we were happy with them originally, but when we had an issue with the arm/side of a rattan sofa, they proved to be completely unprofessional.
    On Thursday of last week we got an e mail saying they would be here on the Friday despite us making arrangements for them to come today, (Monday), we re arranged our day to enable us to be in and guess what THEY DIDNT TURN UP! The last straw was this morning when we rung to confirm they were actually going to arrive on the day we had agreed on and we have learnt they are not coming again!
    We have been given yet another date……
    I would never do business with these people again.


  • andy said...

    just got delivery of billyoh metal boxer shed 9×10 turns out im a box missing, unless its a 9×10 cm shed. so ive just called garden builing direct. i cant say it was a good exspierince as the chap said above, like talking to a robot and a bit dim to boot. anyway after making all the footings for the shed, the plan as gone out the window to complete on wkend now. i just wish id seen these comments first. proberbly to be continued………..


  • Phil Harrison said...

    I bought a Keeper Overlap shed from this lot on 20 Feb 17. It was delivered three days later on a very wet snowy day. The shed was saturated so I let it dry out for a few days before treating it with shed paint. It went together reasonably well but the door frame is very poor. I filled the few cracks that I found.

    Since then it has been a regular task to fill cracks and splits and holes in the hundreds of knots in the wood. The planks have shrunk by about 1 cm so the staples used have caused the wood to split, it can’t move. The T and G used on the doors has also shrunk so there are gaps between the boards.

    I asked for support and was offered some planks, I have counted 35 that need replacing so far. They then offered complete panels but that would mean dismantling the shed and painting the replacements which may be no better.

    She kept saying I only had 14 days to report the faults and ignored what I was saying. I have sent 63 photos of the faults ( a major undertaking which took several attempts and hours of my time). I have now contacted my credit card company to see if I can get a refund. My wife tells me I am entitled to one due to the inconvenience that rebuilding the shed would cause.


  • Graham Willis said...

    Do not touch this useless bunch of Cowboys with a barge pole !!! Ordered the Billy o Riley…..came with parts missing and broken. Was promised the missing pieces two weeks ago…and now..after countless phone calls and emails…have been told they’ve run out of materials….which is basically WOOD!!!! Maybe back in stock in a couple of weeks!!!! A bloody shambles……


  • David glinister said...

    Numerous problems call centre almost impossible to deal with cannot understand the broken American phillipino a accent .the quality is absolutely disgusting .missing damaged broken parts . E mails sent to call centre with 16 photos told that they hadn’t received them even though I had responses from the centre acknowledging them do not entertain Billyoh or garden buildings direct unless you are prepared for a great deal of aggravation. Still trying to resolve my problems two weeks on she’d only 60% erected. Dave Glinister West Sussex.


  • Jay said...

    Awful company, missing parts, call centre on Pacific Time, promising 3-5 days every day but no replacement parts arrive. Avoid avoid avoid – you have been warned!!!


  • Mr & Mrs C said...

    AVOID THIS COMPANY. On 13th July 2017 we ordered and paid for a 12×8 workshop from Garden Buildings Direct. They took our money, received an email confirming our purchase. One week later they decided that they couldn’t deliver to the Skelmersdale postcode we requested, a legitimate UK mainland address within zone one on their featured delivery map, and they simply cancelled our order. So they now have a lot of our money and the workshop that we paid for. We have nothing. They’ve had our money for over a week and we may get our money returned in 5 more working days, aka another week. Contact with ‘Garden Buildings Direct’ in the UK has proved absolutely impossible as all calls to their so-called UK number are simply rerouted to a Phillipine call centre with heavy Americanised Phillipine accents plus lack of knowledge of the British Isles making communication difficult. They are like robots. 3 online requests for call back, so we may discuss the problems encountered, have been totally ignored. One incoming telephone call from them, responded to by us in a very grateful manner, was terminated without apology.

    Quote from their website “Kybotech and Garden Buildings Direct consider themselves and their customers’ our kin. This isn’t just a business, it’s something we take a great deal of pride in, and we greatly look forward to adding you to this family. “. Well, we’re certainly not feeling the love. AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.


  • Mark Leslie said...

    Do not buy from this company!

    Nearly 2 months after paying after 3 damaged deleveries, 30+ emails and over 15 phone calls later I’m left with a still damaged product an email from their customer service rep blaming me for being on holiday and a snotty email from the managing director of the company so I can see where they get there customer service lead from.

    Inferior products with no concept of customer service whatsoever, avoid at all costs!


  • Melissa love said...

    I placed my order over phone on a annex log cabin playhouse 10×8 well it was a disaster from the start you are left waiting on the phone for at least half a hour with music blasting in your ear I placed the order and asked if there was enough paint to paint the playhouse I was told more than enough…! The play house cost me well over £1000.00 I had 3 emails telling me my order was not ready each time I had to call and waited and waited they put the phone down on me twice you can not understand what they are saying you may as well talk to the brick wall when the house came there was 40 plus pieces missing I called them again 😡 They wanted me to wait when the house was half up for them to get parts out to me 4-5 days the floor of the playhouse was wood chip and it was raining I asked about the paint again and they said they sent me a 2.5 litre was there was no 5 litres in stock dumb idiots I had enough by this time I said it’s staying where it is it’s not my property if it gets damaged it’s there responsibility I want a refund well when the man came to pick the house up the van had no floor in it I felt sorry for the man it was not his fault I waited and waited for a refund and again I called they had no recording it had been picked up it’s a good job I took photos of the van I have got my money back and I would never use that company again all comments above are true to there word as we all can not be wrong feel free to call me 07967203641


  • A. Void said...

    How can Whatshed possibly give these BillyOh people a good review? The corner summer house we bought was so badly cut and warped it took days to construct. Then the roof didn’t fit. Please, anyone reading this avoid this company and all the other names they advertise as. DO NOT hand any money over to these cowboys!


    • Richard said...

      Hi Chrisney, at the time of writing this BillyOh was a brand and not a merchant. We are in the process of revisiting this merchant in light of a flood of negative consumer experiences.


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