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Although our name might not suggest it, WhatShed cares about a whole lot more than garden storage. We have the best independent reviews of all plastic playhouses in the UK. We cover Plastic Playhouses, playhouses, Little Tikes playhouses and children’s playhouses.

We realise the garden isn’t just a place for planting flowers and hanging a bird feeder – it’s a functional space meant to bring joy to families. Speaking of joys, few surpass watching a young child playing in the grass of your outdoor space during a warm summers’ day. more...

As such, WhatShed has taken the liberty of compiling an array of versatile and exciting playhouses for the special child or grandchild in your life. Through our research, WhatShed has shortlisted these low-maintenance plastic playhouses as the most versatile, cost-effective solutions on the market to keep the kiddies amused while you sit back, relax and reflect.

Our plastic playhouses have been created for outdoor use, meaning they’re extremely durable. Our single storey playhouses make great children’s cottages and our two storey playhouses offer something a little different where your son or daughter can make a hideaway in your garden. We offer plastic playhouses to match any budget, so put a smile on your children’s faces with one of our playhouses. What Shed offers a wide choice of playhouse styles and sizes, from small plastic playhouses to large wooden playhouses. Let your child’s imagination run free and let them create their own garden den, children’s club house, doll’s house or castle, with our tower playhouses! Children’s playhouses develop a great environment for your kids to play outdoors safely, whilst providing hours of fun!

Interested in something a little more polished than plastic? Consider WhatShed’s large selection of wooden playhouses as well. So, if you are looking for plastic playhouses for sale, then you have come to the right site.

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Keter Rancho Playhouse
Score: 6.5
Price: £99.98
Size: 1.17 x 1.2 x 1m
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Keter Rancho Plastic Playhouse

Looking for a keter playhouse? This is a pretty little plastic playhouse which the children will adore. You’ll get plenty of relaxation while the children or grandchildren play for..

The Smoby WTP Hut and Swing
Score: 7.5
Price: £452.99
Size: 220x160x163cm
Full Details

Smoby Winnie The Pooh Hut and Swing

Looking for a Winnie the Pooh playhouse? This is a very versatile little playhouse. Having a seat, swing, slide, under floor crawl area and very cool little raised..

The Keter magic villa playhouse
Score: 8
Price: £139.95
Size: 110cm x 169cm x 126cm
Full Details

Ketter Magic Villa Playhouse

Looking for a magic villa playhouse? A fairy tale playhouse that will brighten both your garden and your life! With lovely details, this house has a lot of..

The Keter Magic Villa Pink and Purple Playhouse
Score: 7.5
Price: £120.99
Size: 110cm x 169cm x 126cm
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Keter Magic Villa Pink and Purple Playhouse

Looking for a magic villa playhouse? A lovely fairy-tale house for the little girl who loves all things pink. A unique design, open aspect and attention to detail..

The Little Tikes Magic Doorbell Plastic Playhouse
Score: 7.5
Price: £209.49
Size: 94cm x 128cm x 121cm
Full Details

Little Tikes Magic Doorbell Plastic Playhouse

A lovely ‘stone’ appearance cottage with a stable door and charming shutter window. Your child will marvel at the unique feature of this playhouse – a real, working,..

The Little Tikes Garden Cottage Plastic Playhouse in Evergreen
Score: 8
Price: £189.49
Size: 180cm x 105cm x 120cm
Full Details

Little Tikes Garden Cottage Playhouse

A fantastic classic playhouse with the addition of a ‘greenhouse’ on the side for extra enjoyment. This playhouse offers many opportunities for imaginative play and has a lovely,..

The Little Town Evergreen Plastic Playhouse
Score: 7.5
Price: £349.49
Size: 155cm x 147cm x 140cm
Full Details

Little Tikes Little Town playhouse

This incredibly versatile playhouse could be any building your child wanted it to be, from a playhouse to a petrol station or a basket ball court! Yes we..

The Little Tikes Plastic Log Cabin Playhouse
Score: 8
Price: £399.49
Size: 122cm x 145cm x 150cm
Full Details

Little Tikes Plastic Log Cabin Playhouse

Looking for a Little Tikes log cabin playhouse? A fantastic, traditional-looking log cabin playhouse with charming shutters, stable door and even a phone! This is a playhouse that..

The Smoby Floralie Plastic Playhouse
Score: 7.5
Price: £278.95
Size: 120cm x 115cm x 135cm
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Smoby Floralie Plastic Playhouse

An incredibly versatile playhouse with unique design and layout, offering three different areas in which to play. With fantastic attention to detail and even a fabric curtain, this..

The Little Tikes Princess Garden Plastic Playhouse
Score: 8
Price: £189.49
Size: 190cm x 104cm x 130cm
Full Details

Little Tikes Princess Garden Plastic Playhouse

Looking for a Little Tikes princess garden playhouse? The Little Tike Princess Garden Playhouse brings the opportunity to live like a princess in their very own princess house…

The Little Tikes Natural Playhouse
Score: 8.5
Price: £179.49
Size: 122cm x 104cm x 18.5cm
Full Details

Little Tikes Natural Playhouse

If you’re looking for something quick, easy to assemble and extremely effective then this is the playhouse for your children.

3'10 x 2'4 Little Tikes Classic Castle
Score: 8.5
Price: £345.95
Size: 1.17 X 0.70m
Full Details

3’10 x 2’4 Little Tikes Classic Castle

This 3 x 2 playhouse has a wonderful castle design. Young children can pretend they are in a medieval wonderland, with all the imaginative play aspects that promises…