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Tiger Sheds are a retailer we have looked at before and while we feel we gave them a really fair review. We thought we would go back and see what has changed. Well we are happy to say that it Tiger Sheds have actually really stepped up their game and have made some fantastic changes. We are going to have a real close look at their website to see what kind of products they are selling. We are also going to check out their customer reviews and in general just have a real good look at Tiger Sheds so we can share with you how they have changed as a retailer.

We have spent a lot of time looking over their website, reading customer reviews and blogs in order to make sure that this Tiger Sheds Review is as fair as can be. We have not currently done a mystery shop with Tiger Sheds and all the opinions below represent an aggregation of those of other people we found online during the research for this retailer guide.  We have done our best to collate all the information into one page with links to other sites in an attempt to help save our readers time. In the interests of transparency we also want to say that we have no commercial relationship with Tiger Sheds yet we do (via affiliate links) with others in this sector. We have attempted to do our best to make sure that this factor is not influencing the factual and objective way we are presenting the information below.

What we rate

  • They have a huge selection of products
  • The majority of their products have a vast amount of photos
  • The site could not be any easier to use
  • Product descriptions are very in depth
  • Prices are very reasonable

What we slate

  • Huge choice may be daunting for some
  • Still the odd complaint here and there about customer service
  • Delivery may not be as fast as you would like
  • They seem to only show overly positive reviews on their site
How We Rate It
Amount Of Products Available 9/10
90% Complete
Extras On Offer 8/10
80% Complete
Customer Service Support 5.5/10
55% Complete
Delivery Times 7.5/10
75% Complete
Prices 9/10
90% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Tiger Sheds: A quick overview

Tiger Sheds are one of the newer companies that us here at WhatShed have been looking at. They have been around before under the names, Tiger Box and Woodlands. But as far as Tiger Sheds go, 2008 is when they were formed. They have really grown in such a short space of time as they have a large manufacturing unit that is based in Leeds, which will ship items out all over the country.

Tiger Sheds: Support Contact Information

Phone: 0845 838 5676 or 0113 2054189Maps

email: sales@tigerbox.co.uk

Tiger Sheds: Physical address

Calverley Lane



West Yorkshire

LS13 1NP

Tiger ShedsThe Products

Of course the first thing we do when we review a retailer is roll up our sleeves, grab a coke and have a real good look at the different kinds of garden building they have to offer. Now as Tiger Sheds have sheds in their name it is only natural to assume that they have a large selection of sheds. Well we can tell you that they have a phenomenal selection of garden sheds. They have them in all shapes and sizes so no matter what kind of shape your garden is, we are sure they will have a shed that fits. One other thing we have to mention is that they as well as having a large selection of wooden sheds also have a decent plastic and metal sheds selection as well. One shed that they have is their Tiger Flex Shed which was pretty awesome in that it lets you get really in depth and customise it to your exact specifications. If you know exactly what kind of shed you want then have a good look at their Tiger Flex Shed. It is not just sheds they have, but things like summerhouses, playhouses, pet houses and log cabins as well.

So we have established that Tiger Sheds have an incredible selection of products, but what good is that if it is hard to find what it is you are looking for? Well thankfully they make things quite straightforward. Along the top of the homepage are tabs for main categories such as sheds, summerhouses and playhouses. When you click on one of these you can then get more in depth by clicking a subsection. For example, the main sheds tab will lead to things like workshops, bike stores and of course metal and plastic sheds. It is actually very easy to do and considering the vast amount of products they have on their site, we are very impressed with how easy it was to find different things. One thing that is pretty interesting is that Tiger Sheds have many products that we have not seen anywhere else. So if you want something a bit more exclusive and different than all your neighbours have or different than you would get in say, B&Q or Wickes then Tiger Sheds could be perfect for you.

Tiger ShedsThe Prices

Tiger Sheds have some fantastic low priced sheds and other garden buildings on their site. As far as we know, Tiger Sheds do most of if not all of the manufacturing of their products themselves. This is great as it lets them do things their way, but also means they can charge a little bit less than some of their competitors. Anything that puts more money in the pocket of a consumer is good in our book. We had a really good look around all the different sections of the site and no matter if it was sheds, summerhouses or even playhouses we were looking at, there always seemed to be at least a couple of low priced, budget items. Of course they have some very spectacular and high end items as well, but even these we felt were right in line with what other retailers are charging.

When looking at prices, we also like to look and see what kind of sales a retailer has. Tiger Sheds if they have a sale going on will always have it on a tab on the homepage. We had a good look in here and they do have some fantastic offers, especially when you consider that these are one of the lower priced retailers anyway. If you add a sale into the mix then you really can grab quite the bargain here. We would actually recommend that the sale or as they put it, offers section is the first place you head when looking for a shed or some other kind of garden building.

Tiger ShedsUsing The Site

We did kind of touch on this before when we talked about searching for their products, but we must stress again that this is a site that really is very easy to use. When you first arrive at the homepage it is impossible not to be impressed. There are plenty of things for you to look at, products showcased and category tabs, but the homepage never feels cluttered or overwhelming. They really have done a good job in making their site as easy to use as possible. One other thing we have to mention is that the search engine Tiger Sheds use is great. It will not only just show you exactly what you typed in, but also similar products and products that relate to your search.

So finding category pages and clicking products that are showcased on the homepage is easy, but what about when you want to know more information about a specific shed or other garden building? Well, when you do click on a shed, they give you all the information you need such as the dimensions of it, what it is made of and most of their products have a good selection of pictures as well which is always nice to see as some retailers will only use one picture to try and sell you a shed! All of the products that we clicked on and had a good look at offered some kind of extras be it lighting, extra windows, security and other such things. In all when you click a product on Tiger Sheds, you can be sure that they are giving you all of the information that you need.

Tiger Sheds: Onsite Customer Reviews

Most of the items that we clicked on did have at least a few customer reviews. Some of the products, their sheds especially, have over 100 reviews! So you can have a real good dig through to see what customers think. One cool thing that we found and we are not sure this is something that is done by many other retailers and that is allowing customers to add images. This was something we thought was really neat. As well as adding reviews they have a separate section down at the bottom where you can see actual customer photos and get a better idea of what the shed, summerhouse or whatever will look like in your garden which is sometimes hard to do when a site only has stock photos of a garden building. When you leave a review on Tiger Sheds, you are given the option to also post your review on Trust Pilot. This is very interesting and again not something many other sites do, but it is something we think more sites should consider doing.

In our opinion still it seems nearly every single review on the site is 5 stars and glowing with positivity. We may be a bit of a cynical bunch here at WhatShed, but in our opinion it does seem like they predominantly share positive reviews on their products. This suspicion over vetting reviews was backed up by comments we found online from a customer talking about having a critical review she left removed, and we talk more about this later in the review. We must stress that we are not stating as a fact that Tiger Shed are only letting good reviews get published. All we are saying is that in our opinion it seems like a very high number of positive reviews get approved and this number in our opinion seems to be a lot higher than those for Tiger Sheds on independent sites like Trust Pilot (see below number crunch).

On the 26th of March 2016 we decided to look more closely into the above. By Googling “Tiger Sheds Review” one of the first pages that came up was an official page that had the summary of all the reviews that are live in Tiger Sheds actual site for “Tiger Shiplap Apex Shed” You can see them all by clicking this link. Overall we saw 953 customer reviews dating from 22/03/2016 all the way back to 05/01/2008, covering over 48 pages! We took the time to calculate all the different reviews and their corresponding star rating. The reviews with a 1 to 3 star rating on Tiger Sheds were 7 in total or as a percentage they made up 0.7% of all the reviews. The reviews with a 4 to 5 star rating on Tiger Sheds were 946 in total or as a percentage they made up 99% of all the reviews.

We then looked at the Trust Pilot data from the same day. We found 611 reviews. The reviews with a 1 to 3 star rating from Trust Pilot were 148 in total or as a percentage they made up 24% of all the reviews. The reviews with a 4 to 5 star rating from Trust Pilot were 463 in total or as a percentage they made up 76% of all the reviews.  We are not accusing anyone of doing anything and any internal policy’s Tiger Shed have about how they run on site reviews is their business. All we want to do is state the facts and let you as a reader make up your own opinions.

Tiger Sheds: As Featured By

One thing that Tiger Sheds are very, very good at is PR spin. On their site they love to say that they have been featured by many big news outlets such as BBC, Daily Mail, The Sun and even CNN and The Huffington Post from across the pond. Truth be told they have been mentioned on these sites, but for most of the time it is because of something like their Zombie Proof Cabin, which was featured at The Mail Online. Now do not get us wrong, this is a fun and interesting article, but we feel that on their actual site, the way they say they have been featured on these well known sites makes it seem like it is because of their regular products, so in our opinion this could be seen by some as a little on the misleading side. Some customers may see that they have been featured on some very well thought of websites, and just take it at face value that they are talking about getting glowing reviews from these sites for the Tiger Sheds core products, which is really not the case.


What Are The People Saying About Tiger Sheds?

This is the section of the guide where we condense all the information we found online into one place. We have done our best to only make factual statements from the 3rd party sources and then we just share our opinion on those facts. The source list of sites we have used for this section are the websites that show up on the first page of google when we are searching for “Tiger Sheds Review”, we feel that doing things this way gives you are a fair reflection of what people are saying.

One thing we have to say about reading customer reviews and this goes for pretty much anything not just Tiger Sheds: people are always more willing to take the time to write an angry one star review when something has gone wrong than take the time to write a positive review when everything has gone to plan. Also do not just look at five and one star reviews have a look at the middle of the road three star reviews as well.

We have given you our thoughts on Tiger Sheds, shared with you what their customer reviews say on their own site, but now we are going to have a look at actual review sites where customers are free to post any kind of review they want. Now Tiger Sheds started as a fantastic company and in the early days had many, many five and four star reviews. As the company expanded they had to sail a few rocky waters, but they have gotten it back on track this year and their approval rating on sites such as Trust Pilot has reflected this. So we give Tiger Sheds a big ol’ high five for that.


Trust Pilot: There are an incredible amount of positive reviews for Tiger Sheds on Trust Pilot. In total there are over 900 reviews for Tiger Sheds on here and over 75 percent of them are for 5 and 4 stars! Tiger Sheds have been hard at work to turn things around and become an even better retailer and the more recent reviews on Trust Pilot certainly reflect this. A recent review by a gentleman called Terry Lepley had this to say, “The shed was delivered bang on time on the specified date, which was well communicated.” Many of the more up to date review are quick to praise the overall experience that they have had. We did notice a couple of complaints about things like quality, but when you are selling this many products there is bound to be the odd one or two that have some kind of issue. We are not saying this is ok at all, but it is certainly the law of averages.

As far as the negative reviews go, 11 percent of the reviews are for one star which considering the amount of reviews is right around what you would expect. Customer service seems to be the main issue for people who have complaints, such as Kim Cundill who had this to say “Tiger sheds customer service cannot understand why I am not pleased that my shed is damaged. We asked for compensation or at least for them to make things right but we were just given the run around.” Most of the negative things we read on Trust Pilot were from people who had customer service issues, but this is something we know first hand that Tiger Sheds are working hard to improve. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Review Centre: On Review Centre there are a little over 200 reviews for Tiger Sheds and first of all let’s take a look at the good. There are plenty of positive reviews on here and most of the more recent ones are for five and four stars which does show that Tiger Sheds have been improving the last few months. As of writing this review one of the most recent customers, a user called Gaige1954, said this, “ordered my shed on-line. easy to order and pay. communication from company was good letting me know build date etc / delivery day +time slot. Arrived early in the time slot and was all unloaded and leant up ready to build.” Most of the reviews on here are from people who had a positive experience and that is something we like to see.

Of course here at WhatShed we like to be fair so we are also going to have a look at some of the negative reviews. “paid for my shed on May 7th they took the money out of my account twice if you ring the company the clown who answers the phone asks for everything to be sent by email ! took 9 days to get my money back” was what reviewer, GrimReaper51 had to say. Which is interesting as customer service was one of the main complaints people have had about Tiger Shed the last year or so. But like we said before this is something they are working on fixing so hopefully there will be far less reviews like this. Not just for the sake of Tiger Sheds, but for you fine folk looking for a shed as well. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.

Other Sites: The most recent is from a blog post by Ian Williams on his website Jericho Consulting. This is a link to his first post on his experience. We have included this mainly as Ian is a customer experience consultant and we feel his views carry extra weight due to his field of expertise. Again we have seen a big improvement in Tiger Sheds reviews and with the improvements they have made with the company customer service hopefully situations like this will be a thing of the past for future customers. Visit website and see reviews by clicking here.


Our Concerns

We did have some concerns many months ago when we first looked at Tiger Sheds things like customer service and delivery times were the most frequent issues that customers had. But We have to say that they have really made some good strides in turning things around. One thing that we have to mention is that over the last few months, Tiger Sheds have been working hard to help make using them a much easier and friendly experience. For example they have a new, customer contact chaperone system where getting in touch with them and fixing any problems, solving any queries is much easier to do. We know for a fact that they have hired more customer service reps than they have ever had before. Also they have a new way of letting people know how long they can expect a shed, summerhouse or other garden building to take to get to them. In addition to this they have new installers as well. So most of the concerns that we had have actually been addressed.

Suggested Improvements: To be fair as we just said before, Tiger Sheds have done a remarkable job in fixing the things that not only  we had issues with, but their actual customers as well. This has been reflected on the online review sites, especially Trust Pilot where they have jumped from hovering around a 6.5 to nearly up to an 8! In all honesty we feel that they are on the right track and if they keep on doing what they have been doing the last few months then they can only get better and better.

Tiger ShedsHow We Rate It

Tiger Sheds is a retailer that who when we first looked at a few months ago was not one of the better ones we had seen. We had read many customer complaints and in general they needed a lot of work. But moving on from that and looking at them again after all the work they have done to turn things around. We must say that they have done an exceptional job in improving things and if they keep it up then they really could become one of the top shed retailers in the UK. So hopefully all this good work they have done is just the start and things will only get better and better.


  • They have a huge selection of products
  • The majority of their products have a vast amount of photos
  • The site could not be any easier to use
  • Product descriptions are very in depth
  • Prices are very reasonable


  • Huge choice may be daunting for some
  • Still the odd complaint here and there about customer service
  • Delivery may not be as fast as you would like
  • They seem to only show overly positive reviews on their site

This review as all merchant reviews on this site are stand alone guides and are not indented to be used as a direct side by side comparison with other merchant on this site. Each of the different merchant reviews we do have common elements as a theme. However each one in individual and they are not designed to be used as a true side by side critical comparison. This is mainly due to the fact that it is hard to say accurately compare a company like Tiger Sheds with a large online retailer that sells sheds like say B&Q.

Tiger ShedsHow You Rate It

We really think that Tiger Sheds have turned it around and are becoming a great retailer. But we would love to hear from you guys who have used them recently. Let us know how your experience was and we will be sure to keep it in mind when we update this page.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Overall Score

Tiger Sheds Review
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How you

Rate It

  • Richard Spencer said...

    Bought and paid for the shed on may 4th checked my bank account and they had taken out the payment twice. I rang to ask that the money be refunded the clown you speak to has a standard reply (you need to,put that in writing) he is no help whatsoever.

    It took 9 days to refund the money. When the shed arrived the sent felt for a 6×6 shed ordered an 8×6 again I rang again same reply put it in writing 4 days later [Name retracted] (whomis as much use as a chocolate teapot )send a me an email we need photo evidence to prove we have delivered the wrong Felt. Rang again to try to speak to him (he will not speak to customers).

    Ended up making a 24 mile trip to exchange the felt. The young man in the warehouse could not have been more helpful. Take note [Name retracted] and the clown who answers the phone. In my opinion you should avoid this company at all costs.


    • julie pickering said...

      I have had excellent service from this company. They delivered our shed 3 weeks before it was due and within the time slot given. Everything was included and shed was erected within 3 hours of delivery.


  • Steve Johnson said...

    Very poor quality and unbelievably poor customer service AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE
    Dreadful company with poorer customer service “A SHED LOAD OF TROUBLE”


  • julio said...

    The company is a jock. My brother waited ages for a shed and when he received it had holes in the wood panels, absolutely everywhere. The shed felt like paper. anywhere we touched while lifting up, it breaks.

    When he phoned to complaint, the incompetent customer service person told him “These are an unfortunate occurrence in timber and not always obvious until the building is assembled and there is a light shining through. While they don’t impact the actual structural integrity of the building, I can appreciate that they are not particularly pleasing to look at and would advise that if you are concerned, a small amount of wood filler or silicone sealant is applied to the area in question to limit any further movement”

    We also found out that the felt supplied does not cover the whole roof. So we had to improvise. When my brother questioned quality control, he was told, this is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that all in good order and this highlighted in terms & conditions, even though he did not see the terms and conditions because he made the order over the phone.

    All in all, is a very bad service. I do not recommend this company at all as they are fake and null customer service, once they take your money you have no control. Like lottery you won’t know if the quality is good until you receive the shed. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM


  • Mike said...

    Customer services is a joke, they asked for a review as soon as we had ordered it, and delivery is sooooo slow.
    go anywhere but here, they are slow, expensive and customer service would be a minus if I could.



  • Matthew Talbot said...

    Extremely disappointing experience. Called up three weeks ago to get a delivery date, so that I could organise a chippy and Electrician for the date advised (28th) Received an email today to say that they have been urgently trying to get hold of me, no voice mail or missed call on my contact number. Called to confirm that the 1st is not acceptable, as I have already been informed it would be delivered on the 28th and had arranged installation for this weekend.

    I was informed that it was due to the delivery vehicle not being in the area. I tried to arrange collection, only for the story to be changed to that it was still in production.

    Web site is great, communication on initial order is great. Delivery system shocking and customer service experience extremely poor. I should have looked at trust pilot first. I would have gone elsewhere and would have probably had my shed by now too!

    Extremely poor service, not able to speak to a senior team members, as they are not in.

    You should be ashamed Tigersheds


  • Mark Holland said...

    I have serious concerns over your positive review of TigerSheds, specifically because you attach a lot of weight to their Trustpilot score. I submitted a negative review to Trustpilot, and later responded to their request for proof of purchase. The review was ultimately reject because it a) reviewed a product, not their service and b) it was over 12 months old. Firstly, when people are looking at Trustpilot scores of a company like TigerSheds, surely first and foremost they are expecting that score to be based on reviews about the product and quality of the product, not merely the service provided. Secondly, for something like a shed, a review over 12 months in age is without doubt more valuable than one younger because it will attest to the durability (or not) of the shed.
    On closer inspection it seems that TigerShed are engaged in an active cleansing of their Trustpilot reviews (many, many flagged reviews), which, since Trustpilot is funded by the companies it lists it happily assists with. Additionally, as a consumer, you are given a mere 7 days to give proof of purchase before a review is removed entirely.
    It’s lead me to conclude that Trustpilot reviews are far from unbiased and really not to be trusted.
    I hope you will consider this in your evaluation of TigerSheds (and indeed other companies).
    Kind regards,


  • Julian Balatoni said...

    Bought a procas cabin, self assembly £3+. Erected over 4half days only problem double doors don’t fit/work. Customer “service” communicated for about 2 weeks then stopped. Even an e/mail to head of c/s goes unanswered. Stupid thing is, I only live 5miles from their manufacturing unit and I’m in the market for more units, so to sort out problem would not cost much.
    If you buy from this company and have a problem don’t expect any kind of aftercare.
    Customer service 0/10


  • linda said...

    Took about 6 weeks for the shed to be delivered. (too long)
    Contractors that came to fit were good, informative and polite.
    To the point that they pointed out problems that had been caused through delivery.
    Rang tiger shed and emailed many times for them regarding my concerns and sent photos to come and rectify mistakes. After passing the blame and not taking the word of the contractors maybe because the staff do not understand the construction of the shed and having been taught of how to pass the buck as of today still nothing has been done despite stating that a part would be delivered. Obviously not prepared to listen to public opinion.


  • Anthony Holloway said...

    Best value for sheds of all types? . Bought a log store and construction is grate


  • Tony Smith said...

    ‘order process was easy and staff spoken to were helpful. delivery slot and time was agreed and kept to.
    the delivery driver was particularly helpful. the log cabin was well packed and protected from the elements which given the weather was really good as it was 4 days until assembly.
    the instructions could be clearer as it took a while to understand the next step. the only criticism of quality was 2 parts were temporarily screwed together with about 6 screws. three of these had been screwed in such that the slots had become rounded making it impossible to remove with a screwdriver necessitating drill out out the heads. one window key is faulty! will ask for a replacement.

    other than this really happy.’


  • Cliff Starkey said...

    Needing a new shed I researched the internet and looked at local products before deciding to go with Tigersheds.
    From ordering through delivery and construction everything was as hoped for and some more. I was a bit concerned about the possible lack of quality of the shed as the price was so much less than anything else I had looked but my doubts were quickly dispelled as soon as I took delivery. A very well made and sturdy shed with a proper wooden floor and roof rather than thinner OSB and putting it together was easy with a bit of family help and after only a few hours work I was ready to fill it. I must add, stupidly, I had managed to lose the fitting instructions but Tigersheds website has the instructions on it so that saved some embarrassment having to ask for more to be sent.
    All I can say is if I ever need another shed or someone asks me for a recommendation I must say Tigersheds is the place to go.


  • Cheryl said...

    Delivered before slot time and wedged shed between caravan and house.
    Delivery instructions were to knock on door and be given instructions around to the backs.
    I’m disabled and now have a shed where it can’t be used, can’t be carried through the house and to top it off its DAMAGED.


  • michael steval said...

    Pent 7 x 5 Bike shed
    Shed is very well designed and manufactured. 5 star

    Delivery service not so good – they didnt ring my doorbell or called mobile no. but just left the shed sections on a NEW – concrete base that was not not ready for load bearing.

    Instructions are vague, too small and generalised . They should be specific to each shed was not clear for a reverse pent shed.

    Overall recommend.


  • Nicola Swann said...

    Due to the positive feedback I recently attempted a purchase from Tiger Sheds. Like other customers my shed was delivered well before the arrange time slot so we weren’t in, is this done on purpose? Nearly every piece of the shed had been damaged I presume by delivery, the wood is poor quality and splitting in a number of places, there was wood split by missed screws that were hanging out. We have spent over a week in correspondence with their customer care and have now contacted trading standards. They are trying to charge ME 25% for the return of the faulty sub standard shed. They wanted me to wait another 8 days for someone to view the shed despite receiving photographic evidence. It had already taken 16 days from order to get it delivered – another week in correspondence then another week waiting for someone to view it. Unacceptable. I have now officially demanded a refund in full and will have to wait and see what happens next. I think you need to update your page as clearly Tiger Sheds haven’t learnt anything!


  • Nigel Jones said...

    Excellent shed, very well made, went together beautifully. And delivered on time!


    • Richard said...

      Thanks for the feedback Nigel.


  • John Sutton said...

    Great service from initial browsing of website through to delivery. A very efficient company to deal with. Well impressed with the level of customer service. Product delivered on time and great value for money. Easy to erect and does the job perfectly. Would thoroughly recommend this company and its products


  • Aneel Sharma said...

    Tiger sheds was recommended to me and so I purchased a shed on line confident that I was dealing with a company that would provide a professional and good service.
    I needed the shed by a particular date and it arrived two days before. However, the shed arrived damaged. In short it had been loaded badly. The driver agreed that one panel was badly damaged.
    What then ensues is almost comical. I spoke to a company representative on the drivers mobile. The driver could not or would not send photos of the damage to his company. The company rep acknowledged that this was odd and he would deal with driver later. Consequently I sent the pics on my phone.
    I needed the shed and so could not return it given I had a crew on site to put up in the next two days. The company explained that I had two options.
    1. They would send another piece. However this would not arrive in the required time frame.
    2. If I refused to take the shed I would incur a 25% cancellation fee.
    It became evident that the Tiger sheds representative knew nothing about the Sale of Good Act, simply saying that if I do not take the item I would be charged 25% ! The fact that I was looking to return the item because it was damaged seemed irrelevant.
    All I wanted was a token amount given the item was damaged, it required repair and I did not have the time to wait for a replacement.
    Tiger sheds policy to adopt ‘blanket rules’ to every situation says it all. They don’t deal with individuals problems and offer solutions, they just deal with money.
    Disgusting. Next time I’d make the shed myself rather than line Tiger sheds pockets.


    • Richard said...

      Hi Aneel,

      If they are saying that if you decide you do not want to accept the order they will charge you a 25% cancellation fee. This seems to not be lawful according to advice given by Citizens Advice you can read here. I think if you are still in dispute you should contact Citizens Advice or Trading Standards to get clarification on this.


  • David Lean said...

    ‘I spent a LOT of time researching my 12′ by 8′ shed purchase, weighing up all the alternatives offered by Homebase, B&Q, Shedstore, Garden Buildings Direct and more. For the equivalent prices at these other sites, the Tiger Shed offered a better structure and proper shiplap flooring instead of OSB. The only downside was the water-based treatment, others offered dip or pressure which would have been good. As others have said, the shed is very orange on delivery – I’d got my willow green and daisy white paint combo in Cuprinol Shades. The green took 2 coats but the white needed 3 or 4 before the orange couldn’t be seen. Be warned if thinking about the Kasp lock – I had to drill holes in the structure to get this to fit. It took about 4 hours for 2 of us to put up but at 12′ by 8′ it’s a BIG man shed – the roof panels, floor and 2 walls are each made up of 2 panels. I’m sure the smaller versions wouldn’t take that long to erect. Overall I’m delighted with my purchase, highly recommended!’


  • Mark Page said...

    I recently ordered a log effect 8×10 shed. I found the customer service and delivery exactly how i expected and delivered on a date that suited me. The shed went together with ease and I’m extremely pleased with the product. Overall I would recommend this company and highly recommend the quality of the products.


  • Jo Scott said...

    Really upset, having reviewed the sheds and choosing the one we liked. It arrived damaged and very flimsy. I Sent photos and I am now waiting for collection and my refund. It has been over two weeks and they still cant give me a date for collection. They tell me when they are next in the area but I live in Wales. Awful company, rubbish customer service. I am just being fobbed off


  • Sue Williams said...

    Brilliant buy, really pleased 10/10. Driver very helpful company kept in touch via e mail re status of order. Would recommend and use again


  • paul fogg said...

    No issue with this bike shed in general, from easy to order online to delivery. Everything was as expected except the instructions supplied were rubbish – download the ones from their website and its much clearer. No problem in recommending them to anyone who wants a decent bike shed for a decent price


  • Gary said...

    ‘A very good shed very well made. The shed is full of plants already. Lawrence the carpenter put the potting shed together very quickly and made a good job of it. I would recommend the option of having the shed put together by a professional. The shed is very study. Perhaps a stable door could be an option. I will and have already recommended the company and the shed, an excellent product. Five star product.’


  • Hayley Hunt said...

    Tiger Sheds have the worst customer service I have ever come across.

    We ordered a cabin 4×5 (The Zeta) under 2,5m. I was told on the telephone that the cabin would be 2.47m. The sales people were good and the cabin came really quickly and the delivery process was great.

    The cabin is great quality and I have no complaints there. HOWEVER the cabin is only 2.35m and the door doesn’t open because it gets stuck on the facia. Secondly the storm braces it came with which are fixed to the inside of the cabin don’t fit as they are too tall.

    I am dealing with [Name Retracted] in the customer service team who doesn’t take calls only communicates over email. At first he seemed very helpful however after a while it became clear they weren’t going to take any responsibility that it was too short. They gave me absolutely ZERO explanation why it was too short and when I notice the storm braces which was proof that the cabin was too short they had no rebuttal at all because they ARE to blame. They sent me the missing log and the 12 roof boards incase they split but they are not willing to send one of their builders to amend the building. They think they have done me a favour by sending the logs saying they weren’t needed!

    The instructions for the cabin say that it should be 18 logs high so it wasn’t that they were missing but that the design was wrong. My sister in law has a tiger shed and hers is 19 logs high on the short side. More proof it was one missing. My thoughts are that they have cheapened it and cut costs by making it shorter.

    I called to speak to [Name Retracted] but the girl who answered wouldn’t put me through. She also wouldn’t tell me the owners name or anything. Just the WORST customer service and rude.

    I would never recommend them and I am considering taking them to small claims as I have all the proof I need.



  • Stuart said...

    After shopping around I decided to go with Tiger Sheds based on other buyers reviews. I was not disappointed. Everything was so easy from the initial ordering process online to assembly. My choice was an 8×6 Shiplap Apex shed. I also have to mention just how helpful the delivery driver was, nothing was a problem. I would highly recommend this company and can honestly say the product was much better that that offered by larger DIY stores and at a much more competitive price.


  • Ryszard Kowzan said...

    No problems with communication from start to finish. Good competitive price. Shed ordered on 15th May for delivery on or about 12th June and delivered on 25th May which I could accommodate. Shed has a few small thin areas in the cladding boards. Overall, I am satisfied with this product.


  • Mike Barker said...

    I placed an order for an 8×6 Tongue and Groove shed as I found it to be competitive price compared to other on-line companies. The initial delivery date was an estimate, but the delivery was made much earlier than this. I received a telephone call advising me of the delivery date and an approx time scale (am). The driver arrived on time and was most helpful even giving me a few tips on putting the shed up.

    My son and I found that all sections fitted together without problem and we finished the job within a couple of hours. I am very pleased with the overhaul appearance of the shed, but my only regret was not ordering the optional window fitting kit as this would have made things a little easier


  • Ivan said...

    Very upset. My son paid extra for “three days delivery”. Should have been brought on Monday but today is Wednesday and there is nothing. I lost two days at work. very upset.. Phone them few time a day and still got nothing.


  • Chris Bees said...

    Would recommend to anyone, good price, good product and quality service from place of order right the way through to the helpful chap that delivered it.


  • derek horstead said...

    bought this shed as my last one from another supplier was not too clever. the materials used by Tiger are far superior and it looks sturdy. yet to put it up but I don’t expect any big problems(fingers crossed)


  • Kevin Knight said...

    Excellent experience from start to finish – Clear instructions on when my shed would be delivered, very punctual and pleasant delivery driver.
    Shed went up with no problems (two man job though). Very happy with end result.’
    Can’t comment about after sales service as I haven’t needed it.


  • Paul Styles said...

    8 x 6 Pent Shed-Shiplap-No Windows
    Excellent Product-Delivery right on time and easily got it close to where it needed to be put up.not a lot of heavy lifting to put up. Hammer and a spanner for Coach Bolts all I needed to put up with an assistant to hold the panels up in place. Instructions clear and more than adequate fixings.

    Preservative purchased as option would recommend as one good coat with the 5 litres went well into the Shiplap panels. Tested shortly after wards with a downpour -rain just rain off Very Good-Would recommend to purchase and the no window option makes it a good security shed.


  • Matthew Parry said...

    Good quality easy assemble sheds at a reasonable price. Cannot comment on customer services as I did not have to contact them.
    Would highly recommend this company.


  • Mark Venes said...

    Got a budget shed from tiger sheds quality of shed outstanding delivered on time all parts were there
    Would recommend to others


  • Mike Franks said...

    The shed was delivered well within expected timescale. The delivery driver was extremely helpful and meticulous .
    The shed was easy to assemble and looks good. It is going to give many years of service. The shed has an excellent base and looks secure.


  • Christopher Drake said...

    I ordered a 6×8, price was fantastic, info given and details of deliver spot on. Driver was very helpful and friendly.

    The shed was a breeze to put up even with the slight downpour we had.

    I would and will use tiger sheds again and will pass their name on for others if needed


  • Andrew Thornley said...

    ‘Really impressed with my shed – an 8×6 shiplap apex with upgrade to double doors.

    Delivery was much quicker than the predicted time.

    Instructions clear, easy to assemble.

    Shed feels very sturdy, should last many years!’


  • Robert Harris said...

    Very pleased with my 10×8 apex shiplap shed from Tiger. Good quality construction for a reasonable price. I opted for toughened glass windows and a glazing kit, so can’t comment on the standard perspex windows.
    Delivery was on time on the given delivery day. Assembly was surprisingly straightforward for what I consider to be a big shed. Two people required for some holding and lifting jobs, but mostly a one person job. The main structure (floors, walls, and roof) were up in an afternoon. Felting, nailing, screwing, glazing, treating, were completed on day two. Everything fitted together very nicely. No complaints.


  • Stephen Hadfield said...

    Brilliant. Second shed I have purchased , both great ,and the service form ordering to delivery, by a very pleasant and helpful driver , Thank you.


  • Michael Roberts said...

    Delivery slot was 0930 to 1130, arrived 0945, the shed was of good quality, better than all I had seen for this price. Fitted together well, three hours for two persons to assemble, I used screws instead of the provided nails. In all, a very good garden shed for the price paid, would recommend Tiger sheds to anyone buying a shed, very pleased with my purchase.


  • Mervyn Townley said...

    Excellent product at reasonable price. Well built with good quality wood. Second shed from here and would use again.


  • Phil said...

    ‘I bought a 7 x 3 bicycle shed with shelf. Absolutely the best shed and the best service I have ever received. The shed is of exceptional quality and superbly made of the best timbers. Timber floor, not cheap chipboard. Delivery was prompt and the driver was extremely helpful. Everything arrived in superb condition and dry.
    I wish I had bought my summer house from Tiger Sheds. I would not be nearly as disappointed with it.
    Best of all is that their buildings are not any dearer than the lesser quality ones on offer. I so wish I had seen their website earlier.’


  • Owen said...

    I was very happy with my 8×6 Pent Shed and the delivery time from Tiger Sheds including delivery time and a very helpfull driver. so much better than the big DIY shops. the quality for the price is very good.


  • Milan said...

    Nice and quality shed, easy to put together. Would definitely recommend to others!


  • Stephen Gilbert said...

    Great value shed, kept informed on progress, delivered earlier that expected (2weeks) helpfull driver and found easy to assemble. 8×6 pent shed


  • Wilf Sequeira said...

    Good quality at competitive prices and a great service!!


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