12 x 8 Halls Silver Aluminium Universal Greenhouse with Vent

Prices Around: £799
Size: 3.7 X 2.4m
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This 12 x 8 greenhouse has a vent that allows you to actively control the temperature inside the unit. This means that you are able to take a key role in ensuring that the plants inside the unit are safe and in the right climate.

You also get the choice of glazing inside the unit. You can choose from two types of glass, tough and standard, and also polycarbonate glazing, which is the toughest and the safest of all. This is even more useful and durable than conventional glass.

What we rate

  • Roof vent included
  • Two glazing options standard and polycarbonate glazing
  • Steel reinforced roof
  • Sliding single door
  • 10 year warranty on frame and base
So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Ease of assembly
75% Complete
77% Complete
Quality of construction
100% Complete
Longevity of material
80% Complete
Storage size
81% Complete
Overall Score

Prices around: £799
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