4 x 3 Waltons Insulated Garden Room

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This fully insulated garden room is the perfect place to relax. The walls, floor and roof of the building are insulated to ensure it is warm and comfortable, even in cold weather. This is backed up by super-thick 72mm double skinned walls.

It also benefits from a customisable, modular design. So you can arrange the doors, walls and windows any way you like. This gives you a completely personalised building that totally fits your needs. The windows come with thick 14mm Argon filled double glazed windows. The doors are also double glazed which means an incredible amount of light is filtered into the building.

Matchboard cladding is used for the floor and it looks just like laminate flooring. This provides significant strength and will easily withstand the weight of large furniture and equipment. It is advised you place a carpet or rug down to protect the floor against scratches and daily scuffs.

Large, wide double doors complete with a secure mortice lock provide outstanding access in and out of the room. It is also worth noting that you can add additional doors, windows and panels to the building.

Despite the ultra-thick walls, the building does need annual treatments in order to benefit from a 10 year anti-rot warranty.

What we rate

  • Opening double glazed windows
  • Fully insulated
  • Free home installation
  • 10 year anti rot guarantee
  • Customisable design

What we slate

  • Very high purchase cost. Though excellent value for money is received, it will not be within everyone’s price range.
How We Rate It
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
Longevity Of materials 10/10
100% Complete
Interior Space 6/10
60% Complete
Ease of installation 10/10
100% Complete
Value for money 10/10
100% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Building Type

This is a medium size, insulated wooden building that provides an excellent space to relax or work. It is one of the highest quality outdoor buildings on the market and has a superb, thick construction making it comfortable to use all year round. Due to the sheer amount of glazing included with the building, we would highly advise against using it for storage.


  • 4 x 3 Waltons Insulated Garden Room Open Windows and DoorsFront height – 2.32m
  • Back height – 2.16m
  • Door height – 1.88m
  • Door width – 1.52m
  • Depth – 3.19m
  • Width – 4.19m

This is a large garden room built with incredible strength and longevity in mind. It provides a comfortable, warm space to relax in all year round. Use it as an additional living room, turn it into a games room, an executive home office or even transform it into your own personal relaxation room. With its thick, insulated design the levels of noise experienced inside the building are minimal. This makes it particularly useful as a space to practice yoga, to meditate or simply sit back, read and relax.

The measurements are generous and the wide doors ensure you can quickly and easily transfer even the largest of furniture and equipment. It has an extremely tall design which also makes it incredibly comfortable to walk around.

Roof and Floor

4 x 3 Waltons Insulated Garden Room FrontBoth the roof and floor have been created from unique Matchboard tongue and groove. This is one of the least common types of cladding available, yet it provides an exceptional level of strength and stability. The roof is flat, though it does have a gentle slope as you will see from the picture. This ensures rainwater rolls down towards the rear of the building and doesn’t have the opportunity to build up which could cause problems with rot in the long term. You’ll also notice there is a roof overhang at the front of the building. This not only protects the front walls from the rain, but it also comes fitted with integrated spotlights. These will illuminate the front of the cabin and the garden in front of it. A heavy duty mineral felt is used to cover the roof, further boosting its protection against the elements.

Both the floor and roofs cladding measures 12mm thick. This means the room can easily hold heavyweight storage. Just like the walls, they come fully insulated. Eco Airtec has been used to insulate the floor, whilst Eco Quilt is used on the roof. The Airtec insulation features a double foil design. Not only does it help to keep buildings warmer in winter, but it cools them down in summer too. The Eco Quilt insulation is just as impressive and boasts several different layers, topped with a reflective layer to protect it from moisture.

Cladding and Frame

4 x 3 Waltons Insulated Garden Room Internal ViewWhat’s super impressive about this insulated cabin is that it features 72mm thick double skinned walls. There are no upgrade options available as this is one of the thickest types of cladding available. Backed up with Eco Quilt insulation, these walls ensure the building is incredibly warm and comfortable all year round. The insulation also stops heat from absorbing through the walls in the summer months, keeping it a lot cooler than most competitor cabins.

It uses Shiplap+ cladding which offers a fantastic quality and a superbly rigid design. Not only is it practical, but it is also really stylish too. The super-thick walls make it incredibly resistant to the elements including both heavy downpours and strong winds.

To keep the cabin standing strong and sturdy, a 44mm x 58mm frame is used. This is much thicker than the standard framing featured in most outdoor buildings and it makes it extremely safe as well as rigid.

Treatment Requirements and Warranty

It’s surprising that given the cost of the cabin it doesn’t come pre-painted or pre-treated. However, as it is such a compact building compared to a lot of other cabins on the market, it won’t cost a stupid amount to treat yourself. It is also worth keeping in mind that the cabins free installation service doesn’t include application of a treatment either. Therefore you will need to apply a high quality preservative shortly after construction and then each year afterwards.

Provided you use a good quality spirit treatment you will benefit from the cabins 10 year anti rot guarantee. Spirit based treatments provide a much stronger and deeper protection against the elements than a water based treatment and will therefore lengthen the life of the cabin.

Doors and Windows

4 x 3 Waltons Insulated Garden Room Double Doors OpenThe doors and windows on this building are incredible. Both are double glazed with 14mm thick Argon glass to boost its insulated design. As sold, the cabin comes with large double doors and four tall windows. However, you can choose to purchase additional windows and double doors to fully customise the cabin to fit your needs. Thanks to the modular design you can also choose exactly where you want the doors and windows to be located.

Two of the windows supplied come with a small opening window at the top, whilst the rest are fixed. The additional window options allow you to choose between full length glazed panels, small fixed or opening windows and a fully glazed panel with small top opening window. Very few cabins offer such diverse customisation options.

If you buy the additional double doors, they will replace two of the plain panels, whereas the additional windows will replace one plain panel.

Security and Privacy

4 x 3 Waltons Insulated Garden Room Closed DoorsConsidering the cost you’d expect this cabin to be pretty secure. The double doors come fitted with a mortice lock which is much more secure than a pad bolt and padlock. It is actually built-in to the door, rather than fitted on top so it isn’t possible for anybody to come along and just unscrew it. It is also locked via a key so unless a thief has advanced lock picking skills, it isn’t going to be easy to break into.

The windows also add some security as they benefit from double, rather than single glazing. This makes them a lot more difficult to smash. The large glazed panels are also fixed with just a small opening window at the top. So thieves won’t be able to climb through the windows even if they are left open. Of course, the windows do limit the amount of privacy you have. Even the double doors are glazed to ensure a lot of natural light filters into the building. However, if this is a problem for you, there’s always the option to add blinds or curtains. Not only will this give you the privacy you seek, but it will also add your own personal style to the cabin too.

Customisation Options

4 x 3 Waltons Insulated Garden Room Dining AreaThe great thing about this insulated garden room is that you can customise its entire layout. You choose exactly where the doors and windows are positioned. It has a complete modular design. So you can keep the doors and windows exactly where they are as seen in the picture, or you can move them to any side of the building. You can also add more windows and doors, but before you do it is advised that you contact Waltons to discuss and finalise your options.

Choose from additional double doors for ultimate ease of access, as well as additional variable sized windows. You can also select whether you want fixed or openable windows. Obviously these additional options do come at an extra cost but it could definitely be worthwhile if you want to maximise the lighting and access to the room.


4 x 3 Waltons Insulated Garden Room Upper ViewThere aren’t a lot of extras available because quite simply, you don’t need to add much to improve the building. The only thing you may need which isn’t included is electricity. No matter what you are planning on using the insulated room for, it is highly likely you will at least need a light source. So Waltons give you two options here. The first is an electrical pack and the second is a choice of high quality solar panel kits.

The electrical pack will need to be installed into the mains. It includes a strip light, RCD unit with mains input socket, double socket and light switch. It is much cheaper than the solar panels, but it does incur constant running costs. The solar panel kits on the other hand provide free, solar powered electricity and lighting and they do not need to be connected to the mains. However, they do come at a very high purchase cost. There are several kits available and some are more powerful than others. So you really need to think about how much power you’re going to need. For example, will you need to power more than one appliance or piece of equipment? If so you will need to make sure you choose one of the more powerful kits. There are also free standing and roof mounted kits available to choose from.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
This truly is an exceptional cabin created with the finest quality materials. It doesn’t just offer exceptional protection against the elements, but it also looks impeccable too.
Longevity Of materials 10/10
100% Complete
The ultra-thick clad walls and insulation ensures this cabin lasts for many years. You may be surprised that it requires annual treatments to maintain its weather resistant design, but this is a small price to pay for the longevity you benefit from.
Interior Space 6/10
60% Complete
This is one of the smaller cabins on the market and therefore doesn’t have an extraordinary amount of space. However, it will comfortably fit a sofa, a couple of work desks or even a large dining table with a generous amount of space left over. If you’re simply looking for a small additional room then this is a great choice.
Ease of installation 10/10
100% Complete
As the cabin comes with a free installation service, this isn’t something you need to worry about. A team will come and construct the building for you, leaving you free to focus on purely enjoying your new additional space.
Value for money 10/10
100% Complete
As it requires very few upgrades and comes fully insulated with a free installation service, you are getting great value for money. Obviously the initial cost of the cabin is not going to be within everyone’s price range. However, this is a cabin that will last for many years and its features are incredible.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: A lot of outdoor buildings come with some pretty unique and impressive features. However, this is by far one of the best we have reviewed. The cost may be incredibly high, but it requires very few extras and provides exemplary value for money. The fact it is already fully insulated means it will be nice, warm and cosy in winter. Its modular customisable design is also a huge benefit as you get to place all of the panels wherever you like. You can also add additional doors, windows and walls. Though it is largely created as an additional recreation space, this building would also make a fantastic home office. With double glazing as standard and extremely thick 72mm walls, you will struggle to find a more insulated and secure outdoor building.

Prices around: £7749.99
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Longevity Of materials
Interior Space
Ease of installation
Value for money

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