5 x 3 Waltons Left Sided Lodge Plus Corner Log Cabin

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Size: 5m x 3m
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The incredibly attractive left sided lodge plus corner log cabin offers a sophisticated and luxurious design. Baltic sourced pine is used to construct the 28mm thick walls and it benefits from double tongue and groove construction. This makes it incredibly weather resistant and also adds great natural insulation to the cabin. This is the left sided variation, but there is a right side model available too.

Plenty of light is guaranteed thanks to the two large single glazed opening windows and the glazed door design. What really sets this particular cabin apart however is its additional storage area. Accessed via a separate door, the storage area is fully private and like the main cabin area, its door is lockable.

The interior is just as luxurious as the exterior, offering an excellent 19mm thick tongue and groove roof and floor. It is the smaller details of the cabin that highlight its outstanding quality. Take the corner joints chalet connections for example. These offer a unique attractive design, whilst also adding superb rigidity to the building.

There are a range of upgrade options available to help you get the most from this cabin. You can upgrade the roof covering, the thickness of the cladding and the glazing. It may seem like a high price to pay but for the benefits you are receiving this is actually a very reasonably priced building.

What we rate

  • Attractive corner design
  • Separate storage area
  • Apex roof
  • Heavy duty mineral felt with upgrades available
  • 28mm thick cladding (customisable)
How We Rate It
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
Longevity of Materials 9/10
90% Complete
Interior Space 9/10
90% Complete
Ease of Installation 5/10
50% Complete
Value for Money 10/10
100% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Building Type

This is a large corner log cabin that is guaranteed to look great in the garden. Designed to be installed on the left side of the garden, there is also a right side model available. Unlike most of its competitors, this building also features a separate, private storage area. Here you can store your valuable tools and equipment safe in the knowledge that they will be protected via a lockable door. The main cabin interior is largely designed to be used as an additional living space. It would make a cosy extra living room or a simple place where you can go to relax.


  • 5 x 3 Waltons Left Sided Lodge Plus Corner Log Cabin Overall DimensionsRoof height – 9’1”
  • Eaves height – 7’4”
  • Door height – 6’4”
  • Door width – 5’3”
  • Depth – 9’10”
  • Width – 16’5”

Though this cabin is designed to save space, it still comes with very large measurements. The height of this building is incredible. At 9’1” tall and a door height of 6’4”, you aren’t going to have any issues getting in and out of the building; even if you’re carrying really tall furniture. The width of the doors is also impressive. It doesn’t matter what you want to store in the cabin, you’ll easily be able to transfer it in and out. It is worth noting that the door measurements are for the main double doors. The single storage area door is slightly thinner, but the height is still the same.

Roof and Floor

5 x 3 Waltons Left Sided Lodge Plus Corner Log Cabin Overall ViewLike most of Walton’s log cabins, the roof and floor of this one are created from 19mm tongue and groove. This gives them extraordinary strength and stability. In terms of the floor it also allows you to place practically anything onto it without having to worry about it buckling under the pressure. Roof joists have also been added for additional rigidity.

The design of the roof is unique due to its corner design. It benefits from an apex style, yet it appears to have more of a hexagon shape than a standard upside down V-shape associated with apex roofs. The only difference between this and a standard apex design is its visual appearance. It still offers incredible water resistance, especially thanks to the heavy duty felt that covers it. You do have a couple of upgrade options regarding the roof covering, but more can be found about these under the customisation options section.

Cladding and Frame

5 x 3 Waltons Left Sided Lodge Plus Corner Log Cabin Cladding Roof and WindowsYou actually have a number of options when it comes to the cladding. We’ll talk about the different options further in the customisation options section below. For now let’s take a look at the standard cladding provided. It measures 28mm thick and is created from Baltic sourced pine. It is unique in the fact that it has a double tongue and groove construction. This makes it stronger and more weather resistant than your average tongue and groove construction. It forms an extremely tight interlocking design, stopping drafts and rainwater from filtering through the walls.

You’ll also see that exterior framing has been added for great stability. The corner joints chalet connections add excellent rigidity, whilst also giving the cabin a more charismatic design.

Treatment Requirements and Warranty

5 x 3 Waltons Left Sided Lodge Plus Corner Log Cabin Side ViewAlthough this cabin is built from extremely high quality timber, it does need to be treated if you want to ensure it lasts. It benefits from natural weather resistance and isn’t going to easily warp due to temperature changes. However, it is still at risk of being worn down and damaged by harsh winds and heavy downpours. That’s why Walton’s advise you to treat the timber with a high quality preservative after it has been assembled. It is then a good idea to treat it every year, or every other year if you are using a good spirit based treatment.

If you take the time and spend a little extra money maintaining the cabin, you will be rewarded with a 10 year anti rot guarantee.

Doors and Windows

We love the doors and windows on this log cabin. Both have a glazed panelled design which offers a more welcoming, traditional look. They are glazed with 4mm thick glass, though you can upgrade to double glazing for an extra fee. More about this can be found in the customisation options below. Another thing we like about the windows is that they open out from the bottom. They are pretty big too so the cabin benefits from a lot of natural light; reducing the need to use a lamp during the day.

The double doors are also very impressive. Not only do they feature the same attractive panelled glazing as the windows, but they also have an extra-wide design. Situated at an angle to accommodate for the corner design, they offer a fantastic amount of space to get all kinds of equipment and furniture into the building. They are also extremely tall so you’ll be able to just walk straight in without needing to duck. You’ll also see there is an additional single door added to the cabin and this leads to the storage area. Unlike the double doors, this isn’t glazed. All three doors are fitted with stylish handles and an integrated lock.

Security and Privacy

5 x 3 Waltons Left Sided Lodge Plus Corner Log Cabin Secure DoorThis cabin is both secure and private where it needs to be. The large windows on the main cabin area do create a very open design. However, for privacy you can easily install curtains and this would actually give it a cosier design at night time; allowing you to completely relax and enjoy a little ‘me’ time.

For security the doors have a built in lock that isn’t going to be easy to pick. The storage area is also 100% private, with no windows and a solid door to keep your tools and equipment protected from view.

Customisation Options

5 x 3 Waltons Left Sided Lodge Plus Corner Log Cabin Door Window and CladdingThe two main customisation options you have with this cabin include upgrading to double glazing and thicker cladding. Both of these options add insulation and security to the building, but the cladding upgrades are costly. For example, if you choose to upgrade to both double glazing and the thickest cladding option it will add on an extra £1,500 to the total cost. This is a lot to pay, but then you need to think about the long-term benefits you receive. So what are the different cladding options available?

You can select from 34mm and 44mm timber upgrades. The 34mm option offers more security and durability than the standard 28mm option. However, if you truly want to maximise this building’s potential then we’d recommend upgrading to the 44mm cladding. This comes with an impressive double wind tunnel built in. This basically means that even in strong winds, the cabin will remain draft free and therefore more comfortable to use all year round. It also minimises the need for insulation.

No matter which cladding option you choose, the one customisation option we do recommend is double glazing. The single glazing that comes as standard is just 4mm thick. The double glazing option however is 16mm thick. So you’re going to get a lot more benefits and the cost of the upgrade is also inexpensive compared to the other extras and customisations available. It provides more security, insulation and noise reduction benefits.

Your last option is the type of roof covering you’d prefer on the cabin. In the picture you’ll see it comes with a heavy duty felt. However, there are two other options available. These include Superior duty felt and shingles. Out of the two, the ArmourShield shingles are the ones we’d prefer. They offer a very attractive, textured honeycomb design. Technologically advanced, they provide the most amount of protection against the elements all year round. You’ll also find they are self-adhesive which makes them super quick and easy to install. They are expensive however, but if you can afford it you’ll definitely be adding to the building’s aesthetic design.

If you don’t fancy spending so much on the roof’s covering, the superior duty felt is the next best thing. It still provides a slightly textured style thanks to its fibreglass construction and is available in two colour variations. Compared to the heavy duty felt, it is going to last a lot longer as it isn’t easily broken down like mineral felt is when exposed to harsh weather.


5 x 3 Waltons Left Sided Lodge Plus Corner Log Cabin Empty InsideThree great extras are available for this cabin, though admittedly all of them are pretty pricey. Starting with the cheapest, the installation service could be a valuable investment; especially if you choose to upgrade to the thicker cladding. The thicker the cladding, the heavier the panels are going to be and therefore the more difficult they will be to assemble. The installation service ensures the cabin is built in accordance with manufacturer standards. It includes the installation of the cabin, felt and the clean up afterwards. It does not include the installation of any extras or customisation options other than the cladding and glazing. So if you buy the roof shingles for example, these will not be included in the service and you will need to install them yourself. Overall it can save a lot of time and effort, but it is a very expensive service so you do need to take that into consideration.

From the least to the most expensive, there are five different solar panel kits available. Two are freestanding and three are roof mounted and they come in a range of different strengths. This is important to take note of because the weaker kits may not provide enough energy to fit your needs. For example, if you’re going to be powering more than one appliance at the same time, you would likely need one of the stronger panels. Obviously the more powerful the kit, the more expensive it is going to be. However, the high cost is a one-off fee. Unlike electrical packs which are connected to the mains, these kits use renewable, free energy. So there are no long term running costs to worry about. This means that whilst they are expensive to purchase, you are provided with a long-term investment which actually offers fantastic value for money.

Finally you can buy EcoQuilt insulation kits. There are two available, with one kit offering more insulation than the other. They both feature six layers of thermal wadding and a reflective layer to fight off moisture. It will really depend upon which cladding option you choose as to how useful this insulation will be. If you’re sticking to the standard 28mm thick walls, this insulation can help make the cabin a lot more comfortable to use in cold weather. It also reduces the need for a portable heater which could help you to save a lot of money over time.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
The quality of this cabin is amazing. Even its standard features offer a fantastically stylish and durable design. It is definitely one of the most attractive corner cabins available.
Longevity of Materials 9/10
90% Complete
The longevity of this building will largely depend upon the type of cladding you choose. However, even if you stick with the standard 28mm cladding, it is going to last a very long time. The only reason we’ve given it 9 out of 10 is because of the annual treatments required to ensure it withstands the elements.
Interior Space 9/10
90% Complete
The cabin is split into two different sections. The actual living space section still offers plenty of space to accommodate a sofa and a TV. If you don’t require a storage facility, it might be worth looking into a different model.
Ease of Installation 5/10
50% Complete
The reason we’ve rated this cabin so low for installation is because it arrives in single logs, rather than panels. Therefore it is going to take a lot more effort to put it together. For this reason we would definitely recommend paying for the installation service. It is expensive but will save a lot of effort and time.
Value for Money 10/10
100% Complete
Even if you choose to stick with the standard features included, this cabin provides you with excellent value. It is guaranteed to last a very long time and offers a unique space saving design. The fact you are also getting a separate storage unit is another value adding feature.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: This outstanding cabin is sure to look great in any garden. It offers a fantastic 2-in-1 design, providing a separate, private storage area accessed via its own door. All doors included on the building are lockable. There are just two large opening single glazed windows added to the cabin. They open out from the bottom, allowing you to filter air through the interior; helping to reduce the risk of mould. You are also given numerous customisation options and extras that can help enhance the cabin. It truly is one of the most remarkable cabins we’ve reviewed and it is perfect for those who have limited space in their garden.

Prices around: £2849.99
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Longevity of Materials
Interior Space
Ease of Installation
Value for Money

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