5 x 3 Waltons Overlap Wooden Garden Mower Store

Prices Around: £189.99
Size: 5 x 3
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If you’re looking for a place to store your lawnmower or other large gardening equipment, this overlap garden mower store could be a great choice. It is specifically designed for those on a budget and comes at an amazingly low price. There are a couple of features which help it to stand out from other similar buildings and overall it offers fantastic value for money.

The ultra-wide double doors are a leading feature. They ensure no matter how big and wide your mower is, you’ll easily be able to get it in and out of this shed. It’s a compact building, but still manages to offer a great amount of storage space. It also makes privacy a top priority, ensuring there are no windows for potential thieves to peer through.

A pad bolt fitted to the doors adds to the building’s security, though you may want to upgrade to a hasp and staple lock instead. This will strengthen the security, making it difficult for more determined thieves to remove it.

The floor is the only thing that slightly bothers us about this building. We highly recommended spending a little extra money to upgrade the floor, making it more suitable for heavier mowers.

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What we rate

  • Pad bolt
  • Ultra-wide double doors
  • Overlap cladding
  • Great value for money
  • Mineral roofing felt

What we slate

  • Solid sheet floor may not be strong enough to hold heavier lawnmowers. To give you peace of mind, the manufacturer offers an extra strength floor support pack which you can add on as an extra.
How We Rate It
Quality 8/10
80% Complete
Longevity Of Materials 7.5/10
75% Complete
Storage Space 8/10
80% Complete
Ease Of Installation 9/10
90% Complete
Value For Money 7.5/10
75% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Building Type

5x3 Waltons Overlap Wooden Garden Mower Store Closed DoorThis is a value overlap clad garden mower store, designed specifically as a secure storage area for your lawnmower. It is also capable of storing other gardening tools and equipment and offers a generous amount of floor space. As lawnmowers can be expensive, this building offers a private and secure storage solution, reducing the risk of the mower getting stolen. Due to its overlap design and compact size, the store isn’t suitable for use as a workshop. However, it could easily be used as a standard storage area if you have limited storage needs.



  • 5x3 Waltons Overlap Wooden Garden Mower Store Overall DimensionsRoof height – 1.42m
  • Eaves height – 1.28m
  • Door height – 1.26m
  • Door width – 1.32m
  • Depth – 0.94m
  • Width – 1.423m

There are a couple of notable measurements here that you need to be aware of. Firstly, as it is designed to primarily store garden mowers, the height of the building isn’t as spacious as similar sized storage sheds. This is also in part, due to it having a pent, rather than an apex, roof. It still supplies a good level of height, but it won’t be suitable for storing really tall equipment.

The depth is also a lot more compact than many other buildings. The advantage of this is that it expands where the store can be installed. Even if you only have a small garden, this building should still fit comfortably.

There is one measurement that we’re impressed with and that’s the width of the doors. When looking into different garden buildings, you’ll find a lot of their doors measure on average around 0.76m. As the doors on this building measure 1.32m, it provides a lot more space to get your mower in and out of the store. It’s an excellent feature that makes a lot of difference to how convenient and easy the building is to use.

Roof and Floor

5x3 Waltons Overlap Wooden Garden Mower Store Single Door OpenThe pent roof on this building gives it a refreshingly different appearance to most sheds on the market. It is made from 8mm solid sheet board which is fairly strong, but you may feel a couple of roof joists are needed to add better stability. The flat, sloping roof provides both water resistance and a space saving benefit. As it is much lower down than an apex roof, it can easily be installed underneath trees or in front of other buildings and fences. The heavy duty sand felt covering is something Waltons tend to provide on most of their outdoor buildings. It offers good seasonal protection and has a long wearing design. However, if you find it’s a little too thin for your liking, you do have the option to upgrade to a more superior felt which you can find out about in the Customisation and Extras part of this review.

A floor is supplied, though it is made from 11mm solid sheet board. This means it isn’t really suitable for heavy duty storage. With some of their solid sheet floor buildings, Waltons provide a free support kit to improve their strength but as this is offered as part of their budget range, it comes simply with the solid sheet floor. This is something you will need to think about and it could be worth upgrading to the extra strength floor pack before you check out.

We’re actually a little surprised that this mower store doesn’t come with a stronger floor. It’s not unusual to see outdoor sheds with this solid sheet material, but it’s always recommended that you strengthen it if you’re planning on storing things such as heavy lawnmowers.

Cladding and Frame

5x3 Waltons Overlap Wooden Garden Mower Store CladdingIn our opinion, overlap cladding has more of a ‘rough’ design than other cladding types. It is typically made up of 8mm thick sawn timber and its main feature is that the panels are nailed over the top of one another, creating an overlapping design. It is cheaper than the other cladding types too, which is why you’ll find this store comes at such a low cost. Saying that, overlap does still offer a sturdy structure and this store is built to withstand the unpredictable British weather. You just need to pay more attention to its treatments and ensure they are topped up to provide year-round protection.

Even with treatments, it’s important to know that overlap buildings are prone to warping. This isn’t something you necessarily have to worry about unless you are erecting the store in an area that has a lot of strong, direct sunlight. We always recommend constructing overlap sheds in a shaded area whenever possible.

As this mower store is part of the value range, we aren’t surprised it has standard 28mm x 28mm framing. In fact, this is quite an impressive feature as you’ll find this framing thickness is usually added to stronger tongue and groove clad sheds too. So considering the overlap isn’t as heavy, the frame provides an extra-strong support to the building.

Treatment Requirements and Warranty

Even though it’s important to treat all wooden buildings, it’s especially important to treat overlap sheds annually. The overlapping feature does protect the building against light-medium rainfall, but it won’t provide a water-tight seal during heavy downpours. A high quality treatment will ensure that it is adequately protected no matter what the weather.

Waltons recommend treating the shed shortly after it has been erected, with a high quality spirit based treatment and we agree. The spirit treatments are much more sophisticated in the way they work. Rather than simply forming a seal over the surface of the timber, they soak deep into the wood to offer an internal barrier too. So the building is literally protected from the elements from the inside out.

What we do find a little strange is that Waltons provide a free water based treatment. This can be confusing as it’s easy to assume this treatment will cover you with the 10 year anti-rot warranty. However, the manufacturer does point out in the description of the shed that a spirit based treatment needs to be applied in accordance with the warranty’s terms and conditions. So you will still need to buy a spirit treatment, but you could use the free Golden Brown water based one to add a bit of colour to the shed.

Doors and Windows

5x3 Waltons Overlap Wooden Garden Mower Store Padlockable DoorOur favourite feature of this building is definitely the extra-wide double doors. It’s amazing how much access this actually gives you to the interior storage. It makes transferring large mowers in and out of the store extremely easy. It’s a great convenient, hassle-free feature that isn’t found on a lot of similar sized sheds. The doors also have a ledge design which enables you to install a hasp and staple. They aren’t braced, but we still find they offer a heavy, sturdy feel. So sagging shouldn’t be an issue.

It isn’t surprising to see there are no windows on this mower store. After all, privacy is one of the key features of the building. When storing expensive equipment such as lawnmowers, it’s important that they are going to be kept fully out of view. On larger buildings a windowless design can cause issues with lighting. However, as it is designed purely to hold lawnmowers, the chances are you will mainly be using the store during daytime hours and the extra-wide doors provide an extraordinary amount of natural light into the building when opened.

Security and Privacy

5x3 Waltons Overlap Wooden Garden Mower Store CeilingDespite being one of the more affordable outdoor storage sheds available in the Walton’s collection, this one benefits from a surprisingly secure design. Overlap may not be the thickest type of cladding available, but it does still provide a good level of security. The doors have also been fitted with a pad bolt. The only issue with this is that it isn’t the highest quality bolt and it would be pretty simple for a determined thief to remove it. This means even if you were to install a padlock, it would be pretty useless. So if security is high on your priority list, we’d recommend taking the pad bolt off and replacing it with a hasp.

On the plus side, the building does offer excellent privacy. Nothing you store is able to be seen from outside the building. This makes it a great choice for mower storage.

Customisation Options and Extras

There aren’t many extras available with this mower store, but there are three customisation options. Like other Walton’s buildings you are able to customise the floor, exterior walls and roof of the building.

A 10mm solid sheet board floor is included with the store as standard. As mentioned earlier, we are a little surprised by this considering this isn’t usually recommended for heavier storage. As lawnmowers can be pretty heavy, we’d have expect the floor to feature a much tougher design. However, you can upgrade to the extra strength support pack which will drastically improve the floor’s strength. It isn’t an expensive upgrade either so we’d definitely recommend doing it. It’s just a shame you need to, considering the building is specifically designed to hold mowers.

Another way you can customise the building is through the extremely wide choice of treatments available. Walton’s tend to offer water treatments and these are well known for their different colour benefits. Just some of the colours you can choose include Sage, Barleywood, Lavender, Spruce Green and Country Cream. However, if you’re hoping to save as much money as possible, you’ll be pleased to see that this building actually comes with a free Golden brown treatment. So if you’re happy with this colour, you won’t need to spend extra money. This is one customisation option that is required as the building does need to be treated once it has been assembled.

Your final customisation option is to opt for the superior duty roofing felt. As well as giving the roof a lot more protection, this felt also comes in either a charcoal or a green colour. So, like the treatments it offers both practical and aesthetic benefits. It has been constructed out of fibreglass which helps to provide a thick, ultra weather-resistant barrier and we particularly like the texture of this felt so we feel it’s a great upgrade to invest in.

Once you’ve decided upon the customisation options, you have two types of extras available too. However, we feel only one of these is worth mentioning. That is the 49mm weatherproof padlock. It’s an extra that tends to be offered with the majority of Walton’s buildings and we find it to be one of the highest quality padlocks on the market. It comes in a unique Thermoplastic weatherproof jacket and has a brilliant double locking mechanism. It is also supplied with a hasp and staple so you are guaranteed fantastic security.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 8/10
80% Complete
Considering how affordable this mower store is, it does offer a fairly good quality design. The only things that slightly let it down for us are the solid sheet material floor and the overlap cladding. There are higher quality similar buildings out there, but we still feel this one is the best in terms of value.
Longevity Of Materials 7.5/10
75% Complete
As sold, the building does offer good longevity, though we feel it could definitely use a few upgrades such as adding extra strength to the floor. It also requires annual treatments, ideally with a spirit based treatment, to give it maximum protection against the elements.
Storage Space 8/10
80% Complete
You are offered excellent storage space thanks to the extra-wide double doors. It’s incredibly easy to retrieve and transfer any size mower into the building. However, we do not recommend trying to install shelving to increase its storage space due to the weakness of the overlap cladding.
Ease Of Installation 9/10
90% Complete
It will take a few hours to assemble this mower store, but the process is very straight forward. You should find everything fits together perfectly and even by yourself you shouldn’t have any problems throughout installation.
Value For Money 7.5/10
75% Complete
We can’t deny this mower store offers great value for money, but you do need to take into account the potential upgrades and regular treatments. Whilst upgrading the floor with the extra strength support pack isn’t expensive, it’s still an extra expense you need to think about. Overall though, we’re pleased with the amount of value this building offers for such a low cost.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: Despite having some small niggles over the store’s quality, we do feel this is one of the best mower stores available. It comes at a superb low cost and offers brilliant value for money. The upgrades that we do recommend you make aren’t expensive so they shouldn’t pose too much of an issue. Capable of fitting into any size garden thanks to its compact design, this windowless building is a great place to store larger gardening equipment. We’re sure you’ll find the extra-wide double doors just as impressive as we do. So if you’re looking for a practical, good quality, spacious storage area for your mower, we do highly recommend this model.

Prices around: £189.99
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Ease Of Installation
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