6 x 4 Waltons Pressure Treated Wooden Greenhouse

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Size: 6 x 4
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It isn’t often we come across such an outstanding quality greenhouse as this Waltons pressure treated model. Featuring incredible durability, what’s most impressive about this wooden greenhouse is the fact it requires absolutely zero maintenance. This is extremely rare and is all thanks to the high quality pressure treatment applied to the timber prior to shipping.

Another unique feature of this greenhouse is the lockable door. Security isn’t something that is usually added to this type of building. So compared to other wooden greenhouses, this one definitely has an advantage if you’re looking to store anything valuable.

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Whilst it benefits from a strong, wooden frame and panelled bottom half, the majority of the greenhouse is styrene glazed, including the roof. Styrene is a plastic alternative to glass and is considered much safer. It is shatterproof and also benefits from being more difficult to break in the first place. The apex roof also has two, rather than one, opening vent. These can be upgraded to auto vents if you’d prefer (an extra option provided by the manufacturer).

Overall this greenhouse has an outstanding quality with so many different and interesting features. If you’re looking for a building that boasts natural high quality with no maintenance requirements then this model is definitely just what you need.

What we rate

  • Pressure treated
  • 15 year anti rot guarantee
  • Styrene shatterproof glazing
  • 2 opening roof vents
  • Lockable door

What we slate

  • Will ideally need to be built in a sheltered part of the garden away from strong winds. Exposure to harsh winds could damage the structure over time.
How We Rate It
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
Longevity of Materials 10/10
100% Complete
Ease of Installation 6/10
60% Complete
Growing Space 7/10
70% Complete
Value for Money 10/10
100% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Building Type and Measurements

  • 6 x 4 Waltons Pressure Treated Wooden Greenhouse Styene GlazingRoof height – 8’5”
  • Eaves height – 5’10”
  • Door height – 5’8”
  • Door width – 2’8”
  • Depth – 4’2”
  • Width – 6’5”

This is an extra-tall, superior quality greenhouse. At 6’x4’ you are provided with a spacious interior to grow a selection of different plants and flowers. Due to its extreme height, you can also grow climbing plants with ease. The majority of measurements of this building are larger than what you’ll find on similar size sheds. For example, the width of the door is particularly larger than that of most greenhouses. At 2’8” wide, you can easily get a wide wheelbarrow through the door. We’re really impressed by the measurements of this greenhouse and find its height will definitely appeal to the taller than average person.

Roof and Floor

6 x 4 Waltons Pressure Treated Wooden Greenhouse Apex RoofThe height of this greenhouse is credited to the tall apex roof. Sloping down at either side of the building, it ensures you don’t just benefit from an extra-tall interior, but that the building is constantly protected against stagnant rainwater. Rain slides down the glazed roof, down and off the building, helping to protect it against rot and corrosion. The fact it is also glazed means the maximum amount of sunlight gets through to the plants, encouraging healthy growth. One of this greenhouses standout features is the two opening roof vents. These are fantastic for ensuring your plants don’t get too hot in summer. There’s an upgrade option available as an extra too which you can find out more about further down the review.

There is no floor so you absolutely have to build this on top of concrete or paving slabs. A couple of advantages are provided with this floorless design. Firstly it adds to the convenience of the greenhouse, ensuring you can pot, water and transfer plants and flowers without worrying about the mess creating. If the building did come with a wooden floor, you would need to manually carry the plants outside before you watered them in order to prevent damage and rot. The other benefit is that you can easily store heavy items such as huge bags of compost, a heavy lawnmower and wheelbarrow without worrying if the floor will hold their weight.

Construction, Frame and Treatment Requirements

6 x 4 Waltons Pressure Treated Wooden Greenhouse RoofThe construction of this greenhouse is really impressive. Its part wooden structure helps to add an aesthetic appeal, whilst also giving it a better quality design. It isn’t just your average wooden construction either. The timber has been pressure treated which not only means you never have to maintain the building, but it also lengthens its guarantee from 10 to 15 years. It is a lot more rot resistant than standard wooden greenhouses and therefore you won’t have to worry about strong winds or heavy downpours causing damage to its structure.

Pressure treatment is done at the factory and it gives the wood a very strong internal and external barrier. It goes through an extensive process using hydraulic pressure to force a preservative deep inside the wood. Two types of pressure are used during the process; one for the internal barrier and one for the barrier on the surface. Obviously the main benefit of this treatment is the fact that no further treatments are needed. So it won’t cost you anything to maintain the greenhouse and it also saves a lot of time and hard work over the years.

The wooden frame is also extremely robust, measuring 45mm x 45mm. This is great when you consider the standard frame used on most wooden buildings is 28mm x 28mm.

Doors and Glazing

Most of this greenhouse has a styrene glazed design. This includes the door, roof and walls. There is a small wooden panelled design along the bottom of the building, but mostly it does have a glazed design for obvious reasons. Talking about the door for the moment, it has some pretty impressive measurements. Compared to its competitors, the door is much taller and much wider too. So the level of access you are given into the building is extraordinary. It lifts any restrictions that might otherwise be placed on similar size greenhouses; allowing you to manoeuvre practically anything in and out of the building. It also comes with a stylish door handle and an integrated lock. This again is a very unique feature as you will rarely come across a greenhouse that you can actually lock.

Styrene is used for the glazing because it is shatterproof and therefore completely safe in comparison to glass. It also helps to keep the greenhouse well insulated.


This is one of the most secure greenhouses available on the market. Whilst we still advise against storing anything expensive in here, it is some comfort to know that if you do, it will be protected by an impressive RIM lock. Just keep in mind that the fully glazed design means you can see absolutely everything that is kept in the greenhouse. So if you are storing anything valuable, we’d advise you to cover it up with a blanket or something.

Customisation Options and Extras

Waltons give you one option to customise the greenhouse and that’s via an auto vent. As mentioned, the building does come with an opening vent already, but the auto vent is much more sophisticated. It can be set so that it opens at different temperatures. You can also control how wide it opens. This provides much more precise temperature control, which is great if you’re growing temperamental plants and flowers. It also gives you peace of mind that even if you’re away from home, the temperature will always be regulated to ensure perfect growing conditions all year round. Not only is this auto vent extremely affordable, but it can be installed in seconds, it is powder coated for corrosion and rust resistance and it can open up to 14 inches wide.

Another way you could customise the greenhouse which isn’t offered by the manufacturer is to change the colour of the wood. You can do this with a wooden paint, or use a coloured treatment. The latter is less expensive but will provide a more subtle colour change.

The extra options available are all pretty useful. Take the installation service for example. This isn’t an overly difficult greenhouse to assemble, but it is time consuming. It is also more difficult to install than a fully glazed, metal greenhouse. So the installation service, whilst expensive, could be worth investing in. Another advantage of a professional installation other than the time and stress saving benefits, is that you know it is going to be assembled properly.

The Lifestyle 1.9kw heater could also be a good investment for the winter months. If your plants require warm temperatures all year round, the heater is an economic way of ensuring they thrive throughout the British winter.

Finally you have a range of Draper accessories to choose from. This is one of the top manufacturers of outdoor tools and equipment and the accessories on offer here are all really useful to the keen gardener. The weed control matting can be used to prevent weeds sprouting through the concrete base. The 10 meter garden recoil hose kit also makes it easier to water your plants. Then there’s the kneeler and seat which will ensure you are comfortable whilst gardening. All of these Draper accessories are inexpensive and extremely useful.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
The quality of this greenhouse is extraordinary. It is by far one of the best quality models we’ve come across.
Longevity of Materials 10/10
100% Complete
Rarely will you find a wooden greenhouse that doesn’t require annual treatments. This building comes with outstanding durability without the need to protect it with a high quality treatment. So if you’re looking for a greenhouse that offers zero maintenance and a 15 year anti-rot guarantee, this is the one for you
Ease of Installation 6/10
60% Complete
The construction of this greenhouse isn’t going to be easy. It does have a slightly more complicated design than your typical metal greenhouse. Therefore we would advise that you take advantage of the installation service available as an extra.
Growing Space 7/10
70% Complete
Though classed as a small-medium size greenhouse, the height of the building gives you an incredible amount of growing space. It is especially well-suited for the growth of climbing plants and even small trees.
Value for Money 10/10
100% Complete
Though the initial cost of this greenhouse is higher than most of its size, you need to think about the long term cost savings you are making. The fact it requires no maintenance, comes with a 15 year guarantee, has excellent security and is built to a very high standard, means you are receiving incredible value.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: You will struggle to find a more impressive greenhouse than this great Waltons model. Designed with extreme durability and style in mind, it has everything you need to grow healthy and thriving plants and flowers. What we really like about this building is the fact it comes with a lot of standout features that you won’t find on competitor models. A lockable door, zero maintenance and impressive 15 year guarantee are just some of the benefits that come with this model. There are also two roof vents added, with the option to choose auto vents as extras. You are getting incredible value for money here and its lockable design means you can store all of your gardening tools and equipment in here without worrying about theft.

Prices around: £369.99
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Longevity of Materials
Ease of Installation
Growing Space
Value for Money

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