6 x 8 Waltons Pressure Treated Wooden Greenhouse

Prices Around: £519.99
Size: 8 x 6
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The sensational Waltons pressure treated wooden greenhouse is both attractive and exceptionally durable. What makes it so unique is the fact that it offers zero maintenance. It also comes backed by a 15 year warranty against both rot and fungus.

There are numerous features which make this greenhouse truly stand out from the competition. As well as offering a maintenance free strong and durable structure, this is one of the few greenhouses that is completely secure. The ultra-wide single door is lockable, providing a safe and secure place to store your gardening essentials.

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The glazing is UV treated so your plants won’t get damaged from strong rays. The wood will also be protected against discolouration and cracks. As it is constructed with styrene, the glazing is also shatterproof which makes it safer to install than glass.

As well as being lockable, the door is pre-hung at the factory and it features attractive antique design hinges. It is these small details which really add to its extraordinary value. There are two opening roof vents included to help with temperature control and even the included pine base rail has been pressure treated for durability. This is by far one of the highest quality greenhouses we have reviewed.

What we rate

  • Pressure treated wooden construction
  • 15 year anti rot guarantee
  • Zero maintenance
  • Styrene glazing
  • 2 opening roof vents

What we slate

  • This is more expensive than similar size greenhouses, but the overall value for money provided makes the extra cost worthwhile.
How We Rate It
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
Longevity of Materials 10/10
100% Complete
Growing Space 8/10
80% Complete
Ease of Installation 7/10
70% Complete
Value for Money 10/10
100% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Building Type and Measurements

  • 6 x 8 Waltons Pressure Treated Wooden Greenhouse UnpaintedRoof height – 8’5”
  • Eaves height – 5’10”
  • Door height – 5’10”
  • Door width – 2’8”
  • Depth – 8’2”
  • Width – 6’5”

This outstanding wooden greenhouse is part of the Waltons range and it offers a secure, spacious area to grow all kinds of plants. You could even use it to store some of your larger gardening equipment such as a lawnmower or wheelbarrow. The roof height is impressive at 8’5”. This allows for a much larger door to be installed, making it suitable for the taller individual. The width of the door is also spacious allowing you to get in and out of the building with ease.

Roof and Floor

6 x 8 Waltons Pressure Treated Wooden Greenhouse RoofThe roof is outstandingly tall thanks to its sharp apex design. It has the same glazed design as the walls and is supported by strong wooden framing. So you can control the temperature inside the greenhouse, the manufacturer has added two opening roof vents. This is a stand-out feature for this model as most greenhouses include just one vent. The sharp diagonal sloping shape of the roof also means rainwater is drained very quickly off the greenhouse. As it is largely made from styrene glazing, you don’t have to worry about rot like you do with most wooden buildings. However, long-term rainwater build-up could still cause issues for the roof so it is still a very good benefit that improves the longevity of the building.

You’ll notice there is no floor with this building. However, most greenhouses don’t come with a floor because it simply isn’t practical. As you’ll be watering the plants inside the building, there’s a very high chance that water is going to get onto the floor, as well as soil. So over time this would damage a floor if there was one. However, what this means is that you will need to build it on top of a concrete area. If your garden doesn’t have one then it could be expensive to install. Paving slabs would work just as well and could be a cheaper option.

Construction, Frame and Treatment Requirements

6 x 8 Waltons Pressure Treated Wooden Greenhouse WindowThis greenhouse is built with a strong pressure treated wooden construction. This is actually really unique as the pressure treatment provided means you don’t even have to apply your own treatments. It’s one of the very few no-maintenance wooden greenhouses available. The bottom part of the building is wooden panelled, with the rest of the design being glazed with a strong wooden frame.

Pressure treatments coat the timber in a high quality, long lasting preservative. However, they also penetrate into the wood so that an internal barrier is formed. What this also means is the warranty provided is extended from the usual 10 years to a fantastic 15 year anti-rot guarantee.

Doors and Glazing

A single, strong, lockable door is added to the greenhouse and it benefits from a wider than average construction. It is built with a strong, thick wooden frame and a lower panelled design. The majority of the door is glazed just like the rest of the greenhouse. Due to its extra-wide design, you’ll find it easy getting large, bulky items through the door such as a wheelbarrow and large bags of compost.

The glazing is completely shatterproof and is made from 2.5mm styrene. This type of glazing is best suited to family homes with small children and pets. If broken, the styrene isn’t likely to cause injury.


You’ll find that most greenhouses don’t come with any form of security. However, this Waltons model comes with a secure, built-in lock allowing you to store tools and equipment in the building, as well as your prized plants and flowers. Unlike a simple pad bolt, this type of lock is going to prove difficult for a thief to break into. So if security is important to you, this is an excellent model to invest in.

Customisation Options and Extras

Due to the excellent quality of this greenhouse, very few extras are actually required. However, Waltons do offer a few great add-ons you might want to invest in. The Greenhouse Auto Vent is by far the most impressive. This replaces the standard opening vents and can be set to automatically open once specific temperatures are reached within the greenhouse. This is a fantastic benefit as it means even if you’re out and about, if the temperature gets too hot, the vent will open automatically without you needing to be there. This allows for much more precise and effective temperature regulation. What’s most impressive about this vent is its extremely low cost. So we’d definitely recommend upgrading if you’re growing plants and flowers that require specific temperatures.

A LifeStyle 1.9kw gas heater is also offered and this is beneficial in the colder weather. The UK is known for its unpredictable, often harsh winter weather so if you’re growing tropical plants this heater will ensure they thrive when it’s cold outside. It’s also really inexpensive to run too.

The installation service is also something you’ll want to think about investing in. It’s expensive, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that the greenhouse will be constructed to the manufacturer’s standards. It also saves you a lot of stress and time so if you can afford it you will definitely find it a valuable service.

Other extras available are a range of Draper accessories. This is one of the best manufacturers of outdoor tools and equipment. There’s a fork and trowel set, weed control matting, garden recoil hose kit and a kneeler and seat to choose from – all of which can be very useful for the keen gardener.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 10/10
100% Complete
The quality of this greenhouse is impeccable. Both the wooden frame and glazing are created from strong, high quality materials and it benefits from an extremely attractive look.
Longevity of Materials 10/10
100% Complete
Unusually for a building with a wooden construction, this one comes fully pressure treated which means it is guaranteed for 15 years against rot. As you don’t need to maintain it this also adds to the superb longevity of the building.
Growing Space 8/10
80% Complete
This is a pretty large greenhouse so you do get a lot of growing space; especially height wise.
Ease of Installation 7/10
70% Complete
This isn’t going to be the easiest greenhouse to put together but it does come with full instructions. We’d recommend making use of the installation service if you can afford to.
Value for Money 10/10
100% Complete
You really are getting brilliant value for money here. It’s going to last a lot longer than most and its range of great features really add to the overall value.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: You’ll struggle to find a better greenhouse than this strong, durable, zero maintenance model from Waltons. It comes with an outstanding range of features making its slightly higher cost a worthwhile investment. We particularly like the door with its striking antique design hinges and extra-wide design. You’ll be able to manoeuvre easily in and out of the greenhouse, even with tall, bulky plants and equipment. The fact you can also lock the door is another huge benefit. Shatterproof styrene glazing, opening roof vents, a 15 year guarantee and zero maintenance all make this an incredible choice for the keen gardener.

Prices around: £519.99
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Longevity of Materials
Growing Space
Ease of Installation
Value for Money

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