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6×5 Plastic Shed

The 5 Best 6x5 Plastic Sheds In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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The 6×5 plastic shed is an ideal storage solution for the small to mid sized garden, as it provides a decent amount of space to store mowers, tools, and gardening equipment without taking up too much space from the garden itself. 6×5 sheds can be found in all substrates, but increasingly people are turning to the advantages that plastic sheds can bring. Not only are they very durable and reliable, they’re also virtually maintenance free and only require cleaning or hosing down from time to time. If you’re trying to decide which model best meets your needs, then you’ll find all the help and information you need in our WhatShed guide to the 5 best 6×5 plastic sheds for sale online in the UK today. 

Here at WhatShed we provide independent reviews of all kinds and sizes of garden building, so you won’t just find plastic shed reviews, but also insights into timber storage sheds, metal garages and much more. When beginning our search to find the best 6×5 plastic shed we looked at sheds that were sold by the UK’s top 10 online shed retailers. These reputable and established retailers sell approximately 95% of all the 6×5 plastic sheds bought in the UK today, so you can be assured that only the very best will make our top 5 list. more...

When looking for the very best 6×5 plastic shed currently available to buy online, there were a wide range of factors we took into consideration. One of these was the cost to the customer, and the value for money this provided, although you’ll find sheds to suit all budgets within this top 5 league table. We also looked at the design and aesthetic appeal of the sheds, as well as their warranty periods and any additional value adding features they had. In this way we were able to create this definitive list of the best 6×5 plastic sheds currently for sale online in the UK.

It’s well deserved congratulations then to the Palram amber 6×5 plastic shed with skylight. It shares all the advantages that a well built and good looking plastic shed brings, whilst also adding the extra functionality of a skylight, and is available at a great value price. Whether you’re thinking about buying a 6×5 plastic shed, a large wooden shed, or any other kind of garden building, WhatShed are proud to bring you the reviews that can help you make the right choice every time.

6' x 5' Palram Amber Skylight Plastic Shed (1.85m x 1.54m)

Palram are renowned as a manufacturer of high quality plastic sheds and greenhouses, and we’ve reviewed sheds by them in many styles and sizes. This compact shed is one of their very best however, and we particularly liked the amber colour scheme that can make it blend into a predominantly timber garden background. For that reason it’s an ideal choice for the person who wants the benefits that a plastic shed brings, but doesn’t want anything that looks too obviously plastic in their garden, and it also helped this garden building claim top position as our number one 6×5 plastic shed currently for sale in the UK.

At first sight we were impressed with the looks of this 6×5 plastic shed, with its amber colour scheme looking like wood from a distance, and yet contrasted with metal detailing. This gives a clue to how tough the shed is, as the polycarbonate panels are supported by a strong aluminium frame. It’s 10 year warranty may not be as long as some that we see in the plastic sheds we review, but we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it last much longer without any problems occurring. With a great value price tag allied to its stylish good looks, and with the highly useful addition of a skylight as well, this was an easy choice to top our list of the best 6×5 plastic sheds.

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6' x 5' Palram Grey Skylight Plastic Shed (1.85m x 1.54m)

We make no apology for placing a shed with the same design as the top model as our number two 6×5 plastic shed, as the colour and general visual appeal can make a big difference to many consumers. This particular version opts for a light grey colour scheme, rather than the amber brown one, but as the shade is subtle rather than dark or brash we still found it visually pleasing. It was good to find as well that the polycarbonate cladding was UV resistant, as well as being resistant to rot and rust of course, as this means that the colour won’t fade and it should keep its good looks for far longer than the 10 year warranty period implies.

The two features we liked most lay near and on the apex roof which reaches a very generous peak height of 2.15m. Just underneath it, there is a built in ventilation panel. This not only helps to keep the interior cool on a hot day, it also reduces the risk of condensation which can otherwise form in plastic sheds of all sizes. The feature which helps this take second place in our list of the best 6×5 plastic sheds, however, is the skylight built into the roof. It means that the shed’s interior is bather in natural light, and yet it also enhances security and privacy as there are no traditional windows that a passer by can look into. It’s a value adding feature on an already very reasonably priced 6×5 plastic shed.

6' x 5' Palram Grey Skylight Plastic Shed (1.85m x 1.54m)

This sand and chocolate coloured 6×5 plastic shed copies the style associated with traditional garden buildings, yet brings the advantages that only plastic cladding can. Its colour scheme may be unique among the plastic sheds we’ve reviewed, but that doesn’t mean it looks obtrusive, and of course the owner won’t have to worry about painting it or adding preservative treatments to ensure that it keeps its good looks. This is a plastic shed with a lot to recommend it, and it’s only its higher than average price point that keeps it out of the top two positions.

The first thing that we noticed was just how tall the building was, with the rain repelling apex roof reaching a peak height of 2.24m. There are wide double doors as well, opening out to 1.42m, so its easy to move even bulky objects in and out and therefore make the most of its 195 foot cubic capacity. One unique feature we really liked was the row of sixteen tiny windows along the top of the doors and below the integral ventilation panel. They allow light in, but are small enough and positioned high enough to stop prying eyes seeing what’s stored inside. If you’re looking for a secure and tough 6×5 plastic shed then this model, complete with reinforced flooring and roof, could be the ideal choice.

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PVC Blue (Utility Shed 5 m)

Grossfillex are a manufacturer of high end plastic sheds, but whilst they provide exceptional quality they often have a price to match. That’s certainly the case here, but if you have a budget that will stretch to nearly a thousand pounds then this could be the best 6×5 plastic shed that your money can buy. It’s a very good looking shed, with the pale blue PVC cladding with white detailing being guaranteed against fading for 10 years, and we can imagine this becoming a much loved garden feature as well as a building that’s capable of holding a lawn mower, tools, and much more.

One of the things that we liked most about this 6×5 plastic shed is that it takes security very seriously. It has one rectangular window that’s placed high up the front panel, so whilst natural light is allowed in you won’t have to worry about opportune thieves being able to see what’s being kept inside. The door, which is one of the widest single hinged doors we’ve seen at 0.72m, is fitted with a key operated lock as standard, which is something that we always like to see on plastic garden sheds as just the sight of it can act as a deterrent.

Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, Beige, 6 x 5 ft

Even though it is manufactured with brown resin cladding, this has in our opinion the most plastic looking appearance of all the sheds in this list, and that is one of the factors that prevents it rising further up the rankings. Nevertheless is has a lot to recommend it, including its ease of assembly, maintenance free nature, and a very affordable price tag when compared to some of its competitors of a similar size.

As with all the 6×5 plastic sheds on our list, this has an apex roof which is very good at channelling rain water away. On this occasion, however, it reaches up to a height of 2.26m which is taller than any other 6×5 plastic shed in our top five. This is especially useful for those who want to store taller items such as hoes, rakes and strimmers, and we would recommend the purchase of a stand alone shelving unit to make the most of this generous vertical space. We also liked the one fixed window, as being made of styrene it’s tough and shatter resistant. It’s a little disappointing to find that only a basic one year warranty is provided, but with such a durable substrate as plastic it should still prove to be reliable and long lasting.

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