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The 20 Best 8x10 Sheds In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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The 8×10 shed is becoming an increasingly popular choice across the United Kingdom, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a shed that won’t look too large and obtrusive in an average sized garden, and yet it can store a large selection of tools and equipment, and can even be used for items such as ride on lawnmowers, bicycles and motorbikes. For many people, an 8×10 shed can be a dual purpose garden building, as it’s also large enough to be used as a workshop for a hobby or home operated business, whilst typically costing less than the large sheds that are available. Whatever you want to use it for, our WhatShed guide to the top 20 8×10 sheds will help you find one that’s perfect for you and your garden. 

At WhatShed we review buildings in all sizes, and made of all kinds of material, and so we know what to look for in an exceptional shed. When searching for the very best 8×10 shed available to be bought online in the UK today, we’ve looked at sheds that are sold by the 10 leading retailers in this field. They’re the names that consumers trust, and between them they sell around 95% of all garden buildings purchased online. You can be sure, therefore, that our 20 chosen 8×10 shed have been selected from a broad pool of all that’s commonly available. more...

There are so many 8×10 sheds available online today, made out of timber, plastic, and metal so selecting the 20 best was a complex task. To do so, we considered a wide variety of factors, from design and aesthetic appeal to durability and additional features. We also considered the price to the customer and overall value for money, and we have sheds to suit all budgets in our league table.

At the head of this highly competitive category it’s congratulations to Yardmaster’s shiplap style metal shed. Its combination of an attractive lime green colour scheme, great value for money and excellent durability gain it a deserved place at the head of twenty 8×10 sheds that each have a lot to offer their buyers. Whether you’re looking for large metal sheds, small timber sheds, or anything in between, WhatShed will bring you the reviews that can help you make a perfect purchase.

10' x 8' Yardmaster Shiplap Metal Shed 108TBSL (3.03m x 2.37m)

In this league table of the top 20 8×10 sheds available to find today you’ll find buildings made of timber and plastic, but it’s this tough metal shed from Yardmaster that takes the top position. As a metal shed it holds many advantages over its wooden counterparts, primarily that it’s free from the threat of rot and insect and rodent attack, and also that it’s relatively lightweight and easy to assemble. Some people, we know, don’t like the metallic appearance of such sheds, but with its light green colouring that’s actually an area where this shed scores highly. It’s the most attractive metal 8×10 shed that we’ve seen, and it should blend in nicely with a typical garden background. The shed itself has an apex roof, and in conjunction with the hot dipped galvanised cladding this is very good at keeping rainwater out. A 12 year cladding guarantee shows how tough and resilient the cladding is as well, although we have seen even longer warranties on some metal 8×10 sheds. There are no windows, which can be useful security feature, but the internally fitted double sliding doors allow plenty of light in when opened. It’s the combination of good looks, toughness, and great value for money that deservedly takes this shed to the very top position. See WhatShed full review

10' x 8' Shed Republic Ultimate Heavy Duty Workshop / Log Store - Single Door (3.02m x 2.44m)

One of the great strengths of 8×10 sheds is that they can be used as a spacious garden storage facility, a place to relax in the garden, or even a compact workshop. This heavy duty timber shed goes even further by adding a log store as well, and it’s this versatility that earns it the runner up spot in our league table despite a price tag that may put it beyond the budget of some people. The log store itself is the first thing that caught our eye, and whilst this is protected by the overhanging roof there’s an open front that allows the ventilation that logs need if they’re to be stored for fuel. At this front area the roof acts as a canopy, and is supported by two very strong 75 x 75mm posts. This strength is a theme that’s replicated in the shed as a whole. The main body of the shed is manufactured from pressure treated tongue and groove cladding, and this initial treatment is so effective and long lasting that it comes with a 15 year guarantee against rot. That’s as long as any warranty that we’ve seen on the timber 8×10 sheds we’ve reviewed, and it also means that the owner saves time and money as they won’t have to add their own preservative treatments. It’s not the cheapest 8×10 shed, but it is durable with a classic styling and added flexibility. See WhatShed full review

10' x 8' Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 108GEYZ (3.03m x 2.37m)

The top three in our league table of the very best 8×10 sheds available online today is rounded off by a garden building has a lot to offer the consumer, yet it’s also the cheapest of any shed in our top 20. It’s this exceptional value, combined with the practicality of a strong metal shed, that earns its lofty position. It’s also the second Yardmaster shed in the top three, but that just shows the dedication to high quality at an affordable price that they have. Once again it eschews a metallic look, but this time the cladding is a darker green with a contrasting white roof and doors. It’s a colour combination that we often see on metal sheds from a number of manufacturers, and it’s one that can look very attractive and modern. An anchor kit is provided to allow the shed to be attached to a level area of concrete, which is something we don’t always find with the metal sheds we review, and the cladding itself is made of galvanised steel and guaranteed against rust for 10 years. We wouldn’t be surprised, however, to see it lasting longer than this without any perforations appearing. With wide sliding doors that make it easy to move objects of any size in and out, this is one of the best value 8×10 sheds that we’ve seen and ideal for those looking for a large shed on a limited budget. See WhatShed full review

BillyOh Expert Tongue and Groove Apex Workshop

We’ve reviewed lots of BillyOh sheds in all styles and sizes, and we like the fact that they are always well constructed, attractive, and also customisable by the customer. That’s certainly the case here, and it also offers very good value for a tongue and groove shed with a long warranty, even though adding a floor will add up to £97 to the initial price depending upon which option the customer selects. Nevertheless, if you prefer traditionally styled 8×10 sheds that are available for less than six hundred pounds this could be the one for you. We were glad to see that high quality tongue and groove cladding had been used throughout, and that it also had strong framing supporting it. There’s a 10 year guarantee provided by the manufacturer as well, which gives a little added peace of mind even if it is reliant upon the customer keeping up with the treatment schedule. The double doors are very wide and accommodating, and they’ve been braced and reinforced. With a bank of four tough windows as well to let natural light in, this is one of the 8×10 sheds that we can easily imagine being used as a cost effective workshop for either business or hobby purposes. See WhatShed full review

10' x 8' Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Apex Shed - Includes Floor & Installation (3.13m x 2.42m)

The upper reaches of our guide to the best 8×10 shed are dominated by those made out of metal, in part because of the very good value for money they afford, but also because they are easy to maintain and therefore ideal for people with busy lives or who aren’t as active and agile as they once were. What we particularly liked about this metal shed is its cladding, which has a brown colour which features a wood grain effect. From a distance it could be mistaken for timber, so it’s a good choice who like the appearance of a classic wooden shed along with the benefits that a metal shed provides. Of course, it’s not only its pleasing appearance that gains this Woodvale shed a place in our top five 8×10 sheds, as it’s also a tough and secure building. The galvanised steel cladding has a guarantee of 15 years against rust, and in conjunction with the apex roof is very good at keeping rainwater out. There are no windows, so you may wish to install an artificial light source, but this helps to keep the contents hidden from prying eyes. We were glad to see that the handles on the double sliding doors are holed and ready to accept a padlock, so with this inexpensive additional purchase this can be a great shed choice for people who take security seriously. See WhatShed full review

Tiger Shiplap Lean-To Pent Shed

This is the first pent shed on our list, and we know that some people prefer the classic look that their pitched roof brings as opposed to the ostentation of an apex roof. This does, however, mean that the peak height of 2.00m and eaves height of 1.77m is a little lower than on many of the other sheds in our league table of the top 20 8×10 sheds, but there is still a large storage capacity available, and the roof itself does a good job of channelling rainwater away and keeping the inside warm and dry. With three well proportioned windows underneath the eaves, there’s lots of light in this interior as well. The reason that this shed makes it into our run down of the best 8×10 sheds is, once again, the very good value for money that it provides for what is a very attractive garden shed. Once painted, which is something that we always recommend with unpainted wood to keep the fading effect of UV at bay, it could become a much loved garden feature. The wall cladding itself is tongue and groove, although the floor roof are made of more cost effective OSB solid sheet material. We were very pleased to see that the timber had been pressure treated, and it’s this long lasting tanalisation that allows a 10 year warranty to be provided that gives added value for money. See WhatShed full review

10' x 8' Trimetals Premium Titan 108 Metal Shed (2.98m x 2.37m)

We now come to the most expensive shed in our league table, and as you might expect it has a lot to offer customers looking for a mid to large sized garden building. It’s only the price, which we accept will put it out of the reach of some potential customers, that prevents it being placed at the very summit of our guide to the best 8×10 sheds, so if this does fall within your budget then it deserves serious consideration. Appearance wise we found it very striking, with its contrast of green doors and roof and platinum coloured cladding arranged in a decorative overlap style. In effect this combines the very best of both metal and plastic sheds, as it is constructed from very tough galvanised steel which has then been given a coloured PVC coating. It means that it’s rot and rust resistant, won’t fade in the sun, and is also fire resistant to class 0 and 1, making it ideal for the storage of flammable goods or even motorcycles. There are built in vents to cool the interior down on hot days and prevent ventilation and there are even two windows underneath the gables which is a unique feature on the metal sheds we review. Also unique is the 25 year warranty period, the longest on any 8×10 sheds that we’ve reviewed. See WhatShed full review

Waltons Dutch Barn Tongue And Groove 8x10 Shed

A great shed isn’t just functional, it enhances your garden. That’s one of the advantages of this Dutch barn shed, which is not only a spacious storage facility it can also become a talked about garden feature in its own right. It has a look all of its own thanks to it’s high four staged apex roof, and we found it to be one of the most original and most attractive 8×10 sheds that we’ve reviewed. It’s also very well constructed and very durable, and the combination of all these factors is enough to carry it into the top half of our league table. The roof not only gives it a unique appearance it also achieves a ridge height of 2.62m so there’s a surfeit of vertical storage space and lots of room to move around in if the barn is used as a workshop. Tongue and groove cladding is used for all surfaces, not just the walls, and is covered by a 10 year guarantee. There’s also extra strong planed framing, and a rim lock included as standard. With so much on offer, it’s only the price of over nine hundred pounds that prevents it being ranked among the very best 8×10 sheds in our league table. See WhatShed full review

10' x 8' Forest Overlap Apex Pressure Treated Wooden Double Door Shed (3.10m x 2.46m)

Workshops are becoming an increasingly popular part of the British garden, because not only are they a great place to pursue a hobby or craft, they can also be used for a small scale business run from home. As this traditionally designed building shows, having a high quality long lasting workshop doesn’t have to cost a lot, and it’s for this reason that it makes the top 10 of the best 8×10 sheds that can be bought online in the UK today. This apex roofed timber shed is the highest placed model to feature overlap cladding, and whilst at 8mm this is thinner than the tongue and groove cladding that we prefer to see, it still feels solid and stable once assembled, and we appreciate that it’s this choice of substrate which allows it to be offered at such an inexpensive price. It also creates a very rustic look, which can look very attractive. We were pleasantly surprised to find this shed has pressure treated timbers, a very rare addition to a budget priced shed of any size. This also means that it comes supplied with a 15 year guarantee against rot, which which four fixed styrene windows and pressure treated floor joists included as standard as well, makes this one of the best value wooden 8×10 sheds on the market. See WhatShed full review

10' x 8' Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Combination Single Door Shed (3.02m x 2.44m)

A high quality 8×10 shed can fit a lot inside, so that means it can often be used for more than one purpose at any one time. This attractive and versatile garden building from Shed-Plus is a perfect example: the front section can be used as a garden shed or workshop, or even a home office with the installation of some furniture and a power supply, and yet it also has a separate rear section that’s hidden away from passers by and is therefore ideal for use as a security shed that holds items of value. It’s this very useful combination that takes it into our top 20 8×10 sheds, even though it’s price may be a little high for some people. The shed itself takes the traditional apex roofed design, with 12mm tongue and groove cladding that we were pleased to see had been pressure treated. Once again, this means that a 15 year warranty is provided, which is always a mark of a shed of real quality. The front of the shed has wide opening double doors with extra strong windows, and there are also two windows that allow light to the main interior section. At the rear is a single personnel door, and this leads into the secure shed area which has no windows looking into it. This means that it’s very secure, particularly with key operated locks used. It’s a great combination, and one that puts it among the best 8×10 sheds available today for those who can afford its asking price. See WhatShed full review

Waltons 10 x 6 Overlap Double Door Apex Wooden Shed

There’s one thing even better than buying a high quality long lasting shed, and that’s buying one that also contributes money to a great cause. That’s just what can happen to people who buy from this range of 8×10 sheds, as 5% of the proceeds are given to The Woodland Trust, a charity that’s dedicated to looking after and improving woodland around the United Kingdom. As well as raising money for charity however, this shed is very well built and it’s this which lifts it into our WhatShed league table. Stylistically it has a traditional apex shed design, with the rain repelling roof reaching a peak height of 2.43m and giving an eaves height of 2.01m. This is much taller than we usually see on timber 8×10 sheds, and means that the interior feels very roomy and comfortable, as well as being very light thanks to four windows. The cladding used is interlocking matchboard from sustainable sources, and covered by a 10 year guarantee. Another thing we particularly liked was the floor, which at 16mm is as thick as any that we’ve seen and another reason to recommend this excellent, if not inexpensive, shed. See WhatShed full review

10' x 8' Yardmaster Castleton Anthracite Metal Shed (3.03m x 2.37m)

If you always imagine metal sheds in tones of silver or grey, think again. We’ve reviewed metal sheds in many shades and colours, from light green to dark blue, but this has a colour scheme of its very own, thanks to its dark anthracite paintwork. It may not blend invisibly into the background, but we found it both eye catching and visually pleasing, so if you want your garden and its contents to make a stylish statement this could be the one for you among our list of 8×10 sheds. The dark colour is set off nicely by contrasting white detail around the double doors and ventilation panels. These panels are vital not only for cooling the interior down in summer, but also for preventing the build up of condensation all year round. The doors themselves are wide enough to move large objects inside with ease, but at only 1.59m tall you may need to watch your head when going in or out. It’s also worth noting that an anchor kit or set of fixing screws will have to be bought separately to attach the shed to a concrete surface, whereas we usually find such kits included as standard with the metal 8×10 sheds we review. Nevertheless, it comes with a 10 year warranty, and does represent excellent value for money. See WhatShed full review

10' x 8' Shed Republic Ultimate Heavy Duty Workshop - Single Door (3.02m x 2.44m)

We’ve already seen the Shed republic workshop and log store take second position in our list of the 20 best 8×10 sheds, and whilst this model from the same manufacturer lacks the value adding log store and canopy it still has a lot of positive features and costs over two hundred pounds less. In fact, because the shed itself can take up the whole of 2.44 x 3.02m base area there’s even more room to store items in this particular garden building, or alternatively as the name suggests it can be used as a low cost workshop. One reason that this building would excel as a small workshop is that it has two large windows and they can both be opened to allow fresh air in. This can be particularly useful in a workshop where machinery and computing equipment can otherwise create an overly stuffy environment on a warm day. We were also pleased to see that pressure treated tongue and groove cladding had been used throughout, and the 15 year warranty that comes with it is a sign of how much confidence the manufacturer has in the durability of the timber used. This then is ideal for those looking for 8×10 sheds that can double as a workshop or an office in the garden. See WhatShed full review

BillyOh Expert Tongue and Groove Reverse Apex Workshop

Here we have yet another BillyOh product taking its place on one of our top lists. This one is actually more of a workshop than a shed, but truth be told it could actually be used for both. There is no denying that this is a very eye catching structure. It certainly does have a very outgoing personality and that makes it ideal for people who want to have a shed or workshop be something of a major feature of their garden as well as being a place to get some work done, tinker with some fun projects or just be a space for general storage. As is the case with other BillyOh sheds and workshops, this one does have a ton of options thrown your way. The most notable one is the floor, which is not actually included in the standard price so you have to make sure you factor that into your budget. As well as the floor the roof, windows and the quality of things like the floor and roof this is a workshop that has a ton of different areas that you can tinker with. While daunting for some it will be perfect for others as it means that you can get the workshop of your dreams.

See WhatShed full review

8' x 10' Suncast New Tremont Three Apex Roof Plastic Garden Storage Shed (2.43m x 3.11m)

This is the first plastic shed to make our list of the 20 best 8×10 sheds available to buy online in the UK today, and yet in many ways plastic is an ideal substrate for mid to large sized garden buildings such as this. It’s immune to rot and rust, and is very tough and reliable. The only maintenance required is a clean or hose down from time to time, and although the building’s strong resin cladding is protected by a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee we wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted much more longer than this without the customer experiencing any problems with it at all. Despite it’s white colour scheme, with grey doors and a chocolate brown roof, there’s no mistaking that this is a plastic building, and this along with its relatively high price are the things which stop it climbing higher up our list of the top 8×10 sheds. Nevertheless it does ape the traditional style of a timber apex shed, and this gives it added height and a roof that carries rainwater away. The double doors too are unusually tall, and we particularly liked the double row of tiny windows at the top of them, which is one of the features that makes it our favourite 8×10 plastic shed.




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See WhatShed full review

10' x 8' Traditional Pent Security Shed (3.05m x 2.44m)

Many of the security sheds we review feature no windows. This is, after all, a great way of ensuring that passers by are unable to see if anything valuable is kept inside the shed which in turn makes it less likely that the shed will be targeted by opportune thieves, but it also means that an artificial lighting source will need to be installed if the customer wants to spend any time inside the shed. This solves both of these problems by having a row of four tiny windows near the top of the taller side, impossible for passers by to see through and yet providing an adequate amount of natural light. This neat design feature takes this building into our list of the best 8×10 sheds. The pent roof can also be a positive security feature, as with a slightly lower ridge height than many of the 8×10 sheds we’ve reviewed it can be hidden away out of sight behind a fence or wall. We were also impressed by the 10 year guarantee on the shiplap cladding, and by the strong key operated lock that’s been provided. Only the relatively high price tag stops us placing this higher up our WhatShed league table.

See WhatShed full review

Tiger Heavyweight Workshop Shed

One of the things we liked most about this heavy duty shed are the wide opening double doors. Fully braced to give them extra strength and resistance, they make it easy to move items of just about any width or size inside. This is especially important if the shed is to be used as a workshop, as it means that electrical equipment and items of furniture can be brought in with very little difficulty. The bank of four windows allow natural light to flood the interior, and being made of styrene they’re very tough and shatter resistant. This makes this a garden building to consider, whether you’re looking for 8×10 sheds or low cost workshops. If items of value, such as computing equipment, is going to be kept inside then security becomes even more essential, which is why we were glad to see that a key operated lock is included as standard. This isn’t something we always see on the 8×10 sheds we review, although it is always something we welcome. We also welcomed the 10 year guarantee provided against rot, although the use of a dip rather than pressure treatment and the relatively high price tag are reasons why this is towards the foot of our list rather than being in the top half where it could otherwise be.

BillyOh Expert Tongue and Groove Apex Workshop

BillyOh always make a good shed, but here on this list we have another one of their workshops. A workshop is a great thing, but this one offers so much space that it works just as well as a storage shed. So really no matter what you want to use it for, it offers so much space that it will be ideal. It has a very smart and classic shed design, so if you want something that has that typical shed look to it standing in your garden, then this will be ideal.

While BillyOh sheds and workshops are great, this one like many of the other BillyOh products, does have a lot of customisation options for you. One thing that you simply have to consider is the flooring. This does not come with a floor as standard, so you will have to add this into your overall budget for the shed. As well as the floor, there are many other upgrades and extras that can be added to this. While it may be daunting for some people, for those who like to tinker and want to have an actual say in the way the sheds looks, this is fantastic and will really allow people to have the shed they have always wanted.

Tiger Workman Apex

As we near the end of our league table of the best 8×10 sheds, we come to another product that’s very tough and durable but which fails to rank any higher because of its lack of an extended warranty. This still has a lot of excellent features, however, and we like the way that the owner can customise it to their liking at the time of purchase. Options include adding toughened safety glass to the two windows, rather than the horticultural glass that is provided, but even this standard offering is shatter resistant when compared to standard glass. Another option that should certainly be considered is adding a longer lasting finish than the basic dip treatment used by the manufacturer. This means that the customer can choose to have a plain tanalised finish, which will simply darken the wood as pressure treatment always does, or a range of exciting coloured preservative finishes. These will add nearly two hundred and fifty pounds to the purchase price however, and so we gave taken this into account when determining where this should be placed within our top 20 8×10 sheds. On a positive note, we liked the classic looks and the tall eaves of 1.95m underneath the high apex roof can come in very handy.

BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed

Whilst tongue and groove cladding will always give improved strength and stability, and will typically come with a longer warranty period attached as well, we still find some overlap timber sheds such as this one which by dint of its value for money and classic good looks deserves its place as the twentieth entry on our list of today’s best 8×10 sheds. Overlap cladding may be relatively thin but it’s still very good at carrying rainwater away and stopping it reaching the interior, and it also creates a rustic look that has a timeless appeal which so many people like when it comes to garden buildings. One advantage that overlap panelling has is that it’s very easy to paint and treat, whereas smooth planed tongue and groove timbers can also repel paint and wood stain as well as rain unless specialist products are used. This makes the shed quite easy and cheap to treat, which is a good thing as it will need to be treated every year in order to keep the 10 year warranty valid. This is very much a budget shed, but it still deserves to be considered by those who don’t want to spend too much on 8×10 sheds that can provide a useful storage space and transform their garden.

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    What a very useful review. Made me think again about metal Vs Wood, and about my choice.


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    Very useful, right up until I looked at the underlying scores and commentaries, and then confusion sets in. How does a shed that scores 8/10 get first position, 9 2nd, 8.4 3rd? Or one that scores 8.4 come 16th or 8.9 14th? Help!


    • Richard said...

      Thanks for the feedback Neville, we will reformat how we do the league tables and make it more clear how we rank things.


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