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Modern Playhouses

We work with almost every major brand and retailer of modern playhouses in the UK. We test, review and appraise most of the market to help you to find the right product, at the right price, from the right retailer.



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How we look at modern playhouses

Playhouses and Wendy houses are perfect for families with children. You can set them up in the back garden and then simply sit back and watch your little ones have the time of their lives. And there are all kinds of playhouses to choose from, with different materials, designs, and sizes. Plastic playhouses are very popular with many families, for various reasons. Safety is a big factor. Modern Wendy houses are nice and safe, with a low risk of any accidents or injuries. You can also choose from all kinds of fun colours and styles when you look for a kids modern playhouse. And if you want to find the best possible modern playhouse for your back garden, WhatShed is here to help.

Our modern playhouses reviews

If you’re looking for reviews, ratings, and expert advice related to any kind of garden structure, including modern playhouses and Wendy houses, WhatShed is the place for you. We rate and review all of the best modern playhouses from the UK’s top retailers and brands. And our reviews are some of the most detailed, precise, and relevant around. This is because we don’t just look at photos and product descriptions to write our reviews. Instead, we actually visit stores and showrooms nationwide to see each modern outdoor playhouse in person. This way, our reviewers are able to put every modern garden playhouse to the test, looking at all the factors that matter the most to you like durability, build quality, safety, value for money, and so on.

How we review modern playhouses

There are lots of different modern playhouses out there, and we know that you might be searching for something specific. Maybe you want a fancy modern playhouse with slides to really give your kids a big reason to spend more time outdoors. Or perhaps you want a budget-friendly, cheap modern playhouse that won’t cost too much but still provides your kids with a fun and safe space to play. Either way, you can rely on WhatShed to help out. We rate and appraise countless modern Wendy houses. This way, all you need to do is find a product that interests you and then check up on the WhatShed rating. You can quickly and easily find out if that product is worth a closer look or not.

With WhatShed, you can find your family’s dream modern playhouse in no time at all.