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Garden Sheds

With one of the largest selections of garden sheds online, WhatShed works with almost every major brand & retailer of garden sheds in the UK. Each product gets an impartial 0-100 Expert Score which indicates how good the shed is according to industry experts, helping you find the best garden shed at the lowest price, from the right retailer. Shop all sheds below or choose by popular category.



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WhatShed’s aim is to help you find the best outdoor shed in the category you’re looking for, whether that be a shed with windows, a BBQ shed, or some other kind of garden shed. We cover a huge quantity of the most popular sheds for sale across the UK and write in-depth reviews on all the top models of sheds available right now. So, if you want a waterproof shed or a grey garden shed, for example, you can check out our reviews for all you need to know.

Our Garden Shed Reviews

The shed market is vast and varied, with so many options out there, from the garden shed with windows, pressure treated sheds to a half shed (also known as a side shed). To cover the full market and provide the best assistance to our users, WhatShed also offers product appraisals and scores of some of the more niche products in the shed market, making it quick and easy to find something specific like a highly-rated lawnmower shed, allotment shed, or pallet shed. So it doesn’t matter if you want a black shed, a blue shed, a shed with veranda or some other sort of contemporary shed, our guides, reviews, and posts can help you find it with speed and convenience.

We work with every major brand and retailer of garden sheds in the UK today. This gives us a big advantage to help our users find the right outdoor shed. And thanks to our broad network, we’re able to cover the whole market selection for sheds, including very niche products, like insulated sheds and narrow sheds. So even if you have highly specific needs and requirements like a green roof shed, a pink shed of a certain size, or a garage shed, we’ve got you covered.

More About Sheds

WhatShed also goes beyond product reviews and ratings. We offer assistance to those who might like to make their own shed or buy a flat-pack shed to assemble at home. With blog posts on an insulated garden shed all the way to how to build shed guides, we give you the helping hand you need to not only find and buy your dream shed but also learn more about what it takes to put a shed together and use it the best possible way.