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Summer Houses

With one of the largest selections of summer houses online, WhatShed works with almost every major brand & retailer of summer houses in the UK. Each product gets an impartial 0-100 Expert Score which indicates how good the summer house is according to industry experts, helping you find the best summer house at the lowest price, from the right retailer. Shop all summer houses below or choose by popular category.



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As we work with almost all major summer house brands and retailers across the UK, this is what gives WhatShed the edge. By working with so many different companies and covering such a huge quantity of summer houses, we can be your one-stop-shop for all your summer house needs. Even if you want a very niche and specific sort of summer house, like a flat roof summer house in a certain colour or a double glazed summer house of a certain size, WhatShed can help you.

Our Summer House Reviews

WhatShed’s objective is to help you find the perfect outdoor summer house to match your needs and budget. Whether you want an insulated summer house, a pent roof summer house, an apex summer house, or something totally different, we’re here to help. We cover the biggest selection of garden summer houses for sale in the UK today, and we write detailed reviews on all the best-selling models. So, if you want a traditional outside summer house but don’t know where to start, WhatShed is here for you.

There are a lot of different summer houses for sale, from traditional summer house models to more modern and unusual summer house varieties. WhatShed makes sure to cover the whole market, including some of the more niche summer houses, such as a pent summer house or summer house with veranda. We offer appraisals and scores of many different summer houses, letting you quickly and easily find the top-rated summer house of your dreams.

More About Summer Houses

WhatShed also offer tips and tricks too for those who want to shop for summer houses and find the best summer house models. In short, we give you all the information you need to narrow down your search and identify the right summer house to sit in your garden. Whether you want a modern summer house with decking or a more rustic summer house, we’ve got you covered.

WhatShed also does much more than simply writing reviews and scoring summer houses. We also offer help to those who want to make their own summer house or improve their outdoor spaces in other ways. With our blog posts, tip articles, and detailed guides, you can get all the information you need about summer houses and making the most of your garden. We don’t just help you find the best summer houses, we also help you enjoy them as much as possible too.