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The 20 Best Cheap Metal Sheds In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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Cheap metal sheds can be the perfect purchase for a small to medium sized gardens, which is why increasing numbers of people are finding the benefits that they bring compared to traditional timber sheds. Foremost among these is that they’re very durable, and won’t rot, split, or crack or be prone to insect attack. They’re also virtually maintenance free, which will come as a relief to people who are used to adding wood preserver to their wooden shed every year. Metal sheds come in many styles and sizes, and at a wide range of differing prices, but just because a metal shed is inexpensive doesn’t mean that it has to offer less quality, which is why we’ve created this WhatShed guide to the top 20 cheap metal sheds available to buy online in the UK today. 

At WhatShed we’ve reviewed sheds of all kinds, made out of metal, plastic, and wood as well as accessories such as garden storage boxes. That means we know what makes a garden shed truly special, and where to purchase them from for a real bargain. When compiling this list of the very vest cheap metal sheds we looked at models sold by the UKs top 10 shed retailers, who between them sell more than 95% of the cheap metal sheds sold online in this country today. In this way, you can be sure that all of our selections offer great features and great value. more...

Selecting the 20 best cheap metal sheds, the first question we had to address of course was what price constitutes this definition of cheap? Looking at the metal garden shed market as a whole, we decided upon sheds costing less than two hundred and fifty pounds. Even here, there is a big difference in price, so value for money was one of our main considerations, along with design, durability, and the added value that comes from extended warranty periods. By taking all these factors and more into consideration, we’ve created a list of what we feel are the 20 best cheap metal sheds that you can currently find and purchase online in the UK.

It’s congratulations then to Shed Baron’s Grandale shed in mountain blue, which takes the number one position in our WhatShed guide to the very best cheap metal sheds available to buy online in the UK right now. It caught our eye in more ways than one, and is an excellent metal shed at a very affordable price. Whether you’re looking for cheap metal sheds, top of the range wooden summer houses, or anything in between, WhatShed will continue to bring you the detailed reviews that can help you find the garden building that’s perfect for you.

6' x 5' Rowlinson Greenvale Metal Apex Shed (1.94m x 1.51m)

We’ve reviewed lots of cheap metal sheds, and we find that the most common colours they come in are variations on silver and green. This then, in a subtle blue colour, is a real break from the norm, and we found it very attractive. It may not blend into the background as some other sheds on this list too, but it’s very well painted and can become a real garden feature. It not only looks good, it performs great as well, and there’s lots of storage room inside.

The base area of 1.71 X 1.44m places this in the middle of our cheap metal shed top 20, but the apex roof gives it extra height as it reaches up to 1.94m. The galvanised steel cladding was also slightly thicker than many that we see, with a thickness of 0.33m creating extra strength and stability which will be especially useful if it’s to be situated in a windy area. There are double sliding doors which make it easy to move larger objects in and out, and we liked the contrasting white colour that had been used for both the doors and the integrated vents. Along with its good looks, the thing we liked most about this Grandale shed was that it comes with a very long 20 year warranty against perforations. This gives added peace of mind, and is one of the reasons that this claims a deserved top spot in our list of the 20 best cheap metal sheds.

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6'4 x 5' Arrow Woodvale Garden Metal Storage Shed (1.94m x 1.51m)

Once again we have a metal shed whose striking looks caught our attention at first sight, and along with the excellent value for money it offers this helped to elevate it into second place in our league table of the best cheap metal sheds available today. In this case the metal cladding is brown and arranged in a shiplap style, so that from a distance it looks more like a timber shed than one made out of galvanised steel. For that reason, this is a great choice for people who want the many advantages that a metal shed can bring, yet who doesn’t like the idea of anything metallic looking being in their garden.

One of the other advantages that this shed has, especially at its highly affordable price, is that it’s also wider than many that we’ve reviewed, with its width of 1.94m being amply supported by a depth of 1.51m. There’s also lots of vertical room thanks to the apex roof, and this of course also helps to carry water away rather than allowing it to sit on the surface. The 15 year warranty against rust is also longer than many of the warranty periods we find on cheap metal sheds, so this deserves to be on the short list of anyone looking for a great value metal shed that has a wood effect finish.

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YardMaster 8 x 4 Pent Metal Garden Storage Shed

The equipment kept within metal storage sheds varies from garden to garden, of course, but many of them can be wide or irregularly shaped. That’s why this particular shed makes it into the top three of our cheap metal sheds league table, as it offers the widest frontage of any of the sheds featured here. This width of 2.42m is supported by a depth of 1.71m, so there’s lots of storage inside for such an affordable outlay. Even wider objects can be stored with ease, thanks to the wide opening double doors which slide open to a width of 0.80m.

The metal cladding is not only immune to rot, and resistant to rust as the provision of a 10 year warranty shows, it’s also fire resistant. For that reason, combined with the very accommodating width, we can imagine this being used as an all weather store for a motorcycle or scooter. We also liked the green colour scheme, which has a different hue to most of the other green shed’s we’ve reviewed, so this is a great choice for those who are seeking cheap metal sheds that are a little wider than the norm, and that still offers strength, stability, and a good level of protection against the elements.

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6' x 4' Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed 64PZ (1.98m x 1.19m)

As you’d expect, all of the buildings featured in our top 20 cheap metal sheds offer very good value for money, but even in this price range there are still a variety of prices. Whilst carrying out our reviews we were pleased to find that there are high quality metal sheds available to suit all pockets, as demonstrated by the 64PZ model from Yardmaster. It’s the second cheapest of all the sheds in our league table, and yet it doesn’t compromise on quality or durability and it’s this laudable combination which carries it into the top five of our list.

This is the first zinc coloured shed on our list, and with a pent roof as well this has the traditional style that many people picture when they think of cheap metal sheds. Nevertheless, we found the look pleasingly contemporary, and with a 10 year guarantee against rust it should keep its clean and pristine looks for years to come. It’s not the deepest shed, at 1.19m, but it’s width of 1.98m means that you can easily place wider objects inside, especially as it has sliding double doors. We were pleased to find that the door mechanism is fitted internally as well, as this makes the doors both more attractive when in operation and more secure.

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8' x 6' Yardmaster Silver Metal Shed 68ZGEY (2.02m x 2.37m)

This is another of the cheap metal sheds made by Yardmaster, and we were pleased to find once again that even with their budget priced garden sheds they still provide the trademark quality that they’ve become associated with. Once again we have a silver frontage, and we know that some people prefer metal sheds that do keep their original metallic look rather than trying to hide behind an artificial colour scheme.

The galvanised steel body has then been coated with a weather resistant resin, which gives it excellent protection against rain and snow. This even extends to the anchor kit, which we were pleased to find supplied as standard, as it contains rust resistant screws. We don’t always find anchor kits included for free with budget metal sheds, so this is always a welcome way to provide added value to the customer. Thanks to the rust resistant screws you can be confident that even the little components won’t let the appearance as a whole down, and so we wouldn’t be surprised to see this last much longer against the threat of rust perforations than the 10 year manufacturer’s warranty suggests. If you like cheap metal sheds that are a striking silver colour, then with a generous base area of 1.86 X 2.26m this could be the ideal model for you.

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YardMaster 6 x 6 Emerald Deluxe Apex Metal Garden Shed

One of the great things about the very best cheap metal sheds is that they can provide a very useful storage area for keen gardeners who have a restricted budget. That doesn’t mean that the storage space itself has to be restricted however, as this good looking metal shed demonstrates. Its base dimensions of 1.94 X 2.12m are among the most generous that we’ve seen for a metal shed costing just a little over two hundred pounds, and there’s plenty of space available under the peak apex roof height of 1.91m as well.

Green is becoming an increasingly popular colour for metal sheds, and we can understand why as it helps it fit in better within a typical garden environment. This particular shed, however, has a lighter more subtle shade than we often see, and we feel that it’s all the more attractive for it. There’s white detailing around the gables and around the double hinged doors, and the gables also provide built in ventilation. This is essential if you plan on spending time inside the shed on a hot day, or if you’re going to be storing items that could be heat sensitive. All in all, then, this is one of the best value cheap metal sheds in our league table.

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BillyOh Partner Apex Metal Shed

The BillyOh range of cheap metal sheds may share the corrugated effect galvanised steel cladding which is so effective at creating stability and keeping rainwater out, yet thanks to their unique colour scheme they have a look all of their own. The paintwork is another variation on green, but in this instance it’s much deeper and this creates a striking contrast with the two white vents on the gable and the white finial. It’s simple yet effective, and adds a stylish touch that makes these sheds look more expensive than they actually are.

The base dimensions are 2.01 X 1.23m, and the apex roof rises to 1.89m, but the double doors are slightly wider than average at 0.85m. One thing we particularly liked about this garden building, and which helps to lift into the top ten in our list of the best cheap metal sheds available online today, is an exit and entrance ramp that can be extended from the doors. It’s strong and sturdy which makes it perfect to use in conjunction with a wheelbarrow, so this is an ideal shed for people who are carrying out renovations in or around their garden and are looking for a good value yet tough and reliable storage facility to keep heavy or bulky items in. With a 15 year warranty it also provides long lasting peace of mind where rust is concerned.

8' x 4' Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed 84PZ (2.38m x 1.19m)

Most of the cheap metal sheds that we’ve reviewed are designed to be affixed directly onto a level area of concrete, or alternatively a flat piece of paving or patio. This is a quick and practical solution, and yet we can understand why many people prefer the warmth and traditional good looks that come from a wooden floor. That’s why we were delighted to see that this particular Yardmaster shed comes with a floor support kit as standard, and with a great value price attached as well, it’s this which carries it into the upper half of our league table.

The support kit means that a wooden floor can easily be fitted into position as long as it shares the base dimensions of 2.24 X 1.04m. Because the support kit elevates a timber floor above the surface its protected from the threat of ground moisture which could otherwise lead to rot gaining hold. Rust is also deterred thanks to the pent roof which channels water away, and the strong galvanised steel cladding, in a natural silver colour, which comes with a 10 year warranty. We do feel that this warranty period could have been a little longer, but even so this is ideal for people looking for cheap metal sheds that still offer added value.

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BillyOh Boxer Apex Metal Shed

This is another of the BillyOh metal sheds that shares the forest green galvanised metal cladding with white gables and detailing and we can understand why its colour scheme is so popular. The green paintwork is immaculately applied, and it will fit nicely into a leafy garden background. Put simply, this is one of the most attractive of the cheap metal sheds that we’ve reviewed, and the white vents not only help the shed stand out for all the right reasons, they also achieve the invaluable tasks of creating a steady flow of air to the interior and fighting condensation.

With the strong cladding and an apex roof helping to prevent water getting in from outside there’s a 15 year warranty against rust provided as standard, and of course being made of metal there are no annual treatments to carry out by the customer, saving them both time and money. Once again, we were pleased to see that BillyOh have provided a very useful entry ramp that can be hidden away when not in use, and which in conjunction with the double doors gives easy access to the internal area of 1.90 X 1.10m. It’s far from the largest of the cheap metal sheds in our list, however, and it’s this that prevents it achieving a higher position.

6' x 4' Lotus Heritage Green Low Pent Metal Shed (1.8m x 1.24m)

Our top ten of the best cheap metal sheds is rounded out by an example that has a pent roof and the lowest height of them all, with a peak height of 1.42m and an eaves height of 1.22m. In many ways however, this can be an advantage and along with exceptional build quality and durability this is one of the reasons that we rate it so highly. Security is increasingly important for shed owners, and the low profile of this particular model means that it can be hidden away behind a wall or a fence, in effect hiding it from passers by. In common with all of the metal sheds in our league table, it’s also window free, which again is another security feature that we welcome as it means that any valuable tools or equipment that are stored away will not be able to be seen.

The overall height is also reflected in the door height of course, which at 1.14m means that you’ll have to stoop down when going in or out. Even so, its width of 1.71m and depth of 1.13m means that you can still fit a reasonable selection of tools inside. Once inside, they’ll get very long lasting protection from the weather, as shown by the 20 year warranty supplied by Shed Baron. It’s as long as any that we see provided with cheap metal sheds, and shows just how much confidence the manufacturer has in the quality of components used.

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BillyOh Boxer Apex Metal Shed

This is the third BillyOh product in our list of the top 20 cheap metal sheds, which shows how well deserved is the reputation for value and quality that BillyOh have. Whilst this particular model is similar in some ways to its two stable mates above it, the shorter warranty period, and its slightly shallower and narrower design are the reasons that it just fails to make the WhatShed top ten. Even so, we feel that this is a great value metal shed with a lot to offer, especially those who like metal sheds that have subtle green paintwork.

It has a width of 1.99m and a depth of 1.13m, yet its sliding double doors are some of the widest that we’ve seen in similarly sized garden buildings, opening up to a width of 0.96m and with a height of 1.62m. A zinc floor is included as standard, and whilst at 0.25mm the galvanised steel cladding is thinner than some we found on the cheap metal sheds we’ve reviewed, a 10 year warranty is still provided against the occurrence of perforations that have been caused by rust. If you plan on keeping valuable items inside then we would recommend the addition of a strong padlock, and whilst this will have to be purchased separately it was good to see that the handles had been holed and were therefore ready to accept one.

6' x 4' Sapphire Apex Anthracite Metal Shed (2.02m x 1.22m)

Whilst the vast majority of the cheap metal sheds we’ve reviewed have adopted variations of silver or green, we always like to see sheds that have a unique yet attractive appearance of their very own. That’s why we were pleased to see that this very stylish shed from Store More had an anthracite colour scheme. It’s a dark grey colour that is very much in fashion, and we think it will fit in with just about any kind of garden. It’s also very practical and very good value for money, which is why it finds itself in our very competitive league table.

It’s another of the wider cheap metal sheds in this budget price range, with a width of 2.01m including the slight overhang from the rain repelling apex roof, although the depth is rather less generous at 1.22m. Thanks to its dark good looks, it’s easy to forget that the cladding actually consists of galvanised steel, but it comes with the 10 year warranty against rust which is very much the standard for this kind of shed. Whilst we have seen many sheds with even longer warranties, we’ve also reviewed money which have substantially lower warranty periods and yet which cost significantly more. One thing to note, however, is that no anchor kit is included so you’ll have to purchase a set of Hilti screws separately.

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6' x 4' Lotus Heritage Green Low Pent Metal Shed (1.8m x 1.24m)

We follow one Store More metal shed with another, and whilst these are very different garden buildings they both have qualities that differentiate them from their competitors and lift them into our list of the UK’s 20 best cheap metal sheds. In this case, one of the main benefits it brings is exceptional value for money. Store More have here made a six by four foot garden shed available for a price of less than a hundred and fifty pounds, even with a higher than average 12 year guarantee against rust damage included as standard.

The first defence in the battle against rust is the pent roof, which whilst not being as high as an apex roof, has a pitch that is enough to quickly channel rain and even snow away. For a pent shed it’s also been designed to be slightly taller than average, which can prove especially useful if stand alone shelving units are added. The galvanised steel walls are also good at keeping rain out, and the contents stored within dry. This has a lot more to offer than you might expect from cheap metal sheds that come with such a low price attached, and it’s green and cream colour scheme won’t look out of place in a traditional garden environment.

4' x 6' Lotus Heritage Green Lean-To Metal Shed (1.24m x 1.8m)

This is the only one of our top twenty metal sheds that has a lean to design, and this brings with it both advantages and disadvantages. As a lean to, it’s built to be positioned against a house or garden wall, and this brings the benefits that have in a large way ensured its position within this WhatShed league table. The supporting wall gives it much greater protection against the weather, even though the pitch of the white coloured pent roof, and the galvanised steel cladding, which we were pleased to see had been painted green inside and out, already do a good job of keeping moisture out and rust away. The effectiveness of the overall weather protection is shown by the inclusion of a 20 year warranty, which is very generous for a metal shed in this price range.

The lean to positioning can also provide extra security by hiding it from prying eyes, in a similar way to the low roofed pent shed which we featured earlier. The roof is significantly higher this time, at 1.98m, and yet its overall base dimensions of 1.73 X 1.13m are on the small side for one of the cheap metal sheds at the upper end of our selected price band. It is only this, and the lack of an anchor kit as standard, that prevents this shed reaching a higher position in our list.

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5' x 4' Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed 54PEZ (1.58m x 1.20m)

This may not have the extra storage space, additional features, or stylish design of many of the other models that make our list of the best cheap metal sheds that can be bought today, and yet it is very affordable and well built by a leading manufacturer, and it’s this that earns it a place in our league table. For little more than a hundred pounds, anyone can now have a metal shed that’s guaranteed to last for at least 10 years without rust perforations appearing, and which has enough space to store a wide selection of garden tools and accessories.

The width of this shed is 1.20m and the depth is 1.58m, and the peak height reached underneath the pent roof is 1.74m. Even so the single hinged door creates an opening that’s wide enough to manoeuvre wide objects inside, and it could be used as an all weather store for a lawn mower. In a stark silver colour, with a corrugated effect running around the zinc plated steel cladding, it’s not the most attractive metal shed that we’ve reviewed, but the price that it’s available for will look very attractive for those looking for cheap metal sheds that won’t strain their budget.

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6' x 5' Rowlinson Greenvale Metal Apex Shed (1.94m x 1.51m)

As we’ve seen throughout this WhatShed top 20 league table, green is a popular choice among metal garden buildings, both when it comes to cheap metal sheds and their more expensive counterparts, but we particularly like them when they also feature white doors as on this occasion. It may mean that it doesn’t blend as unobtrusively in with a typical garden environment, but we do feel that it creates a visually pleasing contrast that lifts it above the ordinary.

Also above the ordinary, at this very affordable price, are its dimensions of 1.94 X 1.51m, with the apex roof giving a peak height of 1.90m. This means that you can store a lot more inside than you might at first think, especially with the wide sliding double doors that can easily be padlocked to provide enhanced security if required. The galvanised steel cladding gains extra strength and rigidity from the zinc that’s bonded to the core steel, and it’s noticeable how stable it feels once assembled, even though it’s lightweight and easy to construct. The cladding also comes with a 10 year guarantee, which although the joint shortest among this list of the very best cheap metal sheds, is still more generous than many metal sheds come with.

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10' x 4' Yardmaster 104PZ Metal Pent Shed

Whilst pent sheds such as this typically offer less head room than apex roofed sheds, they can look neater and less obtrusive and can also be more cost effective to make and purchase. That’s why so many of the entries in our top 20 cheap metal sheds have pent roofs, and here we have another excellent example. Once again we have galvanised steel cladding that’s been given a green colour scheme, with a white roof and double doors. It’s a colour scheme that looks both classic and contemporary, but the paint carries out a further useful function by adding another protective layer to the steel itself.

Whilst the height of 1.87m is a little less than we’re used to seeing on the cheap metal sheds we review, there’s still enough room to store taller items such as rakes and hoes without too much trouble. The depth of 1.19m is also relatively small but it’s more than made up for by the wide frontage of 3.14m. This width of over ten feet is by far the largest of any metal shed we’ve reviewed under the price of £250, and means that this provides outstanding value for money. The only thing that stops us placing it higher up the list is that there is no extended warranty included, although we would still expect it to be tough and durable.

6' x 3' Lotus Heritage Green Pent Metal Shed (1.8m x 0.93m)

Metal is the perfect substrate for a utility shed, as it’s naturally tough and knock resistant, and once it’s been assembled it’s practically maintenance free. Being relatively small in stature as well, this Canberra utility shed is very simple for two people to construct, even if they haven’t installed a shed before, and this combination of practically and affordability takes this compact building into our list of the very best cheap metal sheds.

Even though it boasts a familiar green and cream colour scheme, this is a shed that looks very different. That’s because it has only a very slight pitch to the pent roof, and the single hinged door is braced on the outside. The overall effect is that it looks very tough, which in itself can be enough to deter opportune thieves from attempting to break in. As always in this league table there are no windows, and so the addition of a padlock, which needn’t be an expensive additional purchase, can create a very secure environment in which to keep your favourite tools. If you’re specifically looking for cheap metal sheds which have a compact footprint, in this case 1.71 X 0.82m, then this should certainly be worthy of your consideration, and it comes with a 10 year warranty against rust too.

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Adley 5' x 3' Green Titanium Pent Metal Shed

Absco sheds originate in Brisbane, and the attention to detail and high quality weather protection have long been a hit in Australia. Thankfully, they’re now becoming available in the UK, and they even manage an entry in our list of the best cheap metal sheds available to buy online today. With a completely zinc coloured design, with the single hinged door to the left of centre, underneath a pent roof this looks very different to any other shed in our league table.

For its price, the base dimensions of 1.53 X 0.78m are less than we’d usually expect, but this in itself can be useful for those who don’t have much room to spare in their garden. The reason it makes it into the top 20 cheap metal sheds, however, is that it comes with a very long 20 year warranty, the cladding is noticeably thicker than most other metal sheds we see at a similar price, and it also features the patented Snaptite assembly system which is something that we really liked and which is unique to Absco sheds. It means that the individual pieces of cladding simply snap into place along a frame, making it very quick and easy to construct, and minimising the amount of tools that you’ll need to complete the installation process.

If you want to see the best absco sheds currently on sale in the UK why not check out the WhatShed best absco shed league table.

Rowlinson Greenvale Metal Storette 6X3

Budget metal sheds, despite their highly affordable pricing, can be very versatile garden buildings, but the Storette by Rowlinson is designed with storage and retrieval firmly in mind. It’s so good at this, in fact, that it earns the final place in our run down of the 20 best cheap metal sheds. The base dimensions of six feet wide and three feet deep promise a decent amount of space available for less than two hundred pounds, but the height of just 0.92m means that you shouldn’t plan on being able to use too much vertical storage space.

Nevertheless, even though the height is restrictive, it’s possible to make the very most of the storage space that is available, as it not only has double sliding doors, which can be padlocked if wished to give added security, it also has a steel lid that lifts up. This makes it extremely easy to put tools and equipment in and take them out, so this could be an ideal choice for the gardener who doesn’t have too much to store but wants to be able to retrieve them quickly. As the metal cladding, which is again covered by a 10 year warranty against rust, is also fire resistant, we feel it could also make a very useful storage facility at a caravan park. Like the other cheap metal sheds in our league table, this combines practicality with value.

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