Cold Frame with Polycarbonate Glazing

Prices Around: £17.98
Size: 105 x 0.53 x 1.05 x 1.08 cm/m
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This is an excellent cold frame which is remarkably affordable and will protect your seedlings well from the harsh elements and pests.  It has virtually unbreakable polycarbonate glazing and a lift up lid with two props.  Ideal for first timers or for those with limited space or keen gardeners who need some extra places to cultivate.  This is not available online.

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  • Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate glazing
  • Excellent cold frame

What we slate

  • Small size
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Ease of assembly
71% Complete
78% Complete
Quality of construction
76% Complete
Longevity of material
75% Complete
Storage size
60% Complete
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Prices around: £17.98
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  • Stacey said...

    I am a gardening enthusiast and I loving buying plants and cultivating them on my own. But few months back all my plants started dying and the reason is still unknown. So I stumbled upon the advertisement of this greenhouse and decided to buy it immediately. And, so far my experience with it is great.

    It has unbreakable polycarbonate glazing and an amazing cold frame. The quality of the material is not disappointing. The polycarbonate glazing is durable and lightweight. Assembling the greenhouse is very simple. It is easy and fast to install and only requires two people to do the job. Most importantly, this greenhouse provides protection to my plants from the pests.

    I am very happy with my greenhouse and I hope it will last longer.


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Ease of assembly
Quality of construction
Longevity of material
Storage size

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