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Corner Summer House

The 20 Best Corner Summer Houses In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

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A corner summer house makes a versatile and highly useful to any garden, and because of this they may even add value to the property as a whole. In effect, a summer house can be an investment for the future as well as a stylish garden building for the present, but it’s important to get the right summer house that meets your needs. Whether you want to use it as a place to relax on a warm day and look out upon your garden, a garden building to entertain guests in, or even as a home office, there’s a varied choice of summer houses available. Don’t worry, you’ll find all the expert advice and opinion you need right here in our WhatShed guide to the top 20 corner summer houses on sale in the UK today. 

Here at WhatShed we’ve reviewed all kinds of garden buildings from timber storage sheds to girls’ playhouses, and we’ve seen a huge variety of summer houses too, in all styles and designs. That’s why we’ve been able to call upon our knowledge experience to create this top 20 league table that will help you find just what you need. During our research we’ve looked at over 90% of the corner summer houses for sale in the UK today from the top 10 retailers in the sector. These are the retailers who sell more than 95% of all the garden buildings bought in the UK, including summer houses of course. That means you can be sure that our WhatShed best corner summer house winners really are among the best you can currently buy online.

Do you still have questions on what summer house will best suit your needs? Check out our helpful buying guide to give you some ideas! View our Summer Houses guide

9' X 9' Waltons Premier Corner Summer House

Our number one spot goes to one of the larger tongue and groove clad pentagonal corner summer houses that we’ve reviewed. Despite its size, it still provides relatively good value for money which is one of the reasons that we rate it so highly. One of the first things that struck us was how much glazing there is. This is a feature of most summer houses of course, but we rarely see examples where nearly the whole of the three front sides are covered by glazing as in this case. This means that it offers an unrivalled amount of natural light inside, which is very welcome news if you want to use it as a home office to do your paper or computer work in.

It was good to see that 12mm tongue and groove cladding had been used on the walls, roof and floor, and that the floor itself was supported by integrated floor joists. This provides an excellent level of protection against rain and moisture, so this should be a durable and long lasting building and we were pleased to see that this was confirmed by the inclusion of a long 10 year extended warranty. With protection of a different kind also provided by a key operated lock, we have no hesitation in including this among our top 10 corner summer houses available today.

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8' x 8' Shire Barclay Corner Wooden Summerhouse

This large and elegant corner summer house is deserving of its runner-up spot in our top 20 league table, and even though it costs over nine hundred pounds we still feel it represents outstanding value for money. One reason for this, and which is to be found in only one other summer house on this list, is that the timbers have been pressure treated, and this means that wood preserver is forced into the heart of the wood to give a very long lasting protection. It’s this that means the manufacturer is able to provide a 15 year warranty against rot which gives great peace of mind.

Further protection is provided by the integrated floor joists, which of course have also been pressure treated to keep away the threat of ground moisture. The base area of 3.30m X 2.50m is sure to be appreciated by those who want a large space, possibly to use as an office. There’s lots of light inside, thanks to fully glazed doors and two long windows. The only downsides at all that we found is that the apex roof is made of OSB and not tongue and groove like the walls and that it comes without a key operated lock, but even so this is one of the best corner summer houses that can be bought online.

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BillyOh 5000 8' X 8' Corner Summer House

One of the great things about corner summer houses is that they are both practical and versatile. Even in gardens that don’t seem to offer a lot of spare space they can fit snugly into the corner; once there, they provide a whole new room for your property, and one increasingly common use for this new room is a home working office. This very good looking summer house from the renowned BillyOh range is ideal for this purpose, and the main reason why is that it has two sets of wide double doors. Put together this offers a more generous entranceway than any other corner summer house that we’ve reviewed, which means that you won’t have to struggle to get objects and furniture of any size in and out.

The interior itself is also roomy, and very well lit thanks to the half glazed nature of the doors and three opening windows, which can let fresh air in on a warm summer day. It was also noticeable that the heavy duty framing was much thicker than those we usually see, and when allied to the thick tongue and groove cladding used throughout it creates a very strong and sturdy structure. With a 10 year guarantee given by the manufacturer as well, this has a lot to offer for a very reasonable price.

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8' x 8' Shire Barclay Corner Wooden Summerhouse

Many of the eight foot by eight foot summer houses that we review have similar looks, but that doesn’t mean that they perform in the same way. It’s the little additional touches that make this Chelsea corner summer house worthy of such a lofty position in our list of the very best available today, and it’s why it has the word ‘deluxe’ added to its title. One example of this are the two tall windows that allows a lot of light inside, the 2.5mm styrene glazing used in them is very tough and virtually shatter proof which in itself can act as an additional safety feature.

It was good to see that 12mm tongue and groove cladding had been used for the walls, roof and floor, as we know that cheaper and thinner 10mm OSB is used for the roof and floor on the standard model in this range. This makes a big difference when you walk upon the floor, and especially if you want to have a heavy piece of furniture such as a sofa sitting upon it. So effective is this cladding at keeping rainwater out, which is after all one of the major contributing factors to the appearance of rot, that the manufacturer has been able to supply a 10 year guarantee against damage caused by rot. This added value is another reason that this building features so prominently in list of today’s best corner summer houses.

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Forest 7x7 Sudbury Corner Summerhouse

As we are still towards the top of our top 20 league table, you’d expect to see a corner playhouse that offers a reassuringly long warranty period against rot, and that’s certainly what we found here with the manufacturer providing a 10 year guarantee. This is a great value addition for what is already a very reasonably priced summer house, but even more importantly it shows the confidence that they have in the initial dip treatment that has been applied, even though the customer will have to top this up with their own preservative treatments from year to year, and also the tongue and groove cladding.

The 12mm tongue and groove cladding is very reliable, but it’s worth noting that a more cost effective, and thinner, OSB material has been used for the roof. We’re not particularly surprised at that at this price, but you may want to add extra roofing felt to give added protection from the rain. The doors are half glazed and there are also two side windows, but one unique feature that we liked about them is that they have a rounded arch design at the top. It’s a little touch, but it’s pleasing to the eye, and combined with its affordable price tag and heavy duty frame ensures that this deserves to be counted among the best corner summer houses.

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10x10 Windsor Helios Contemporary Wooden Summerhouse

This corner summer house looks completely different to any other building that makes this top 20 list, and yet we found it very attractive to look at from the moment we saw it. Rather than the pentagonal design we so often see, often formed by a rectangle with a cutaway corner, this is a pure square and yet without any significant overhang it still feats neatly and unobtrusively into a corner. It features a pent roof which gives a height of 2.11m and it has a width and a depth of 3.06m.

One feature which is truly unique is the inclusion of two double bi-fold doors and we think this is a very stylish and yet also very useful touch. Getting in and out is easy, even if you’re transporting furniture. The doors are fully glazed, and towards the end of the sides there are two further full length windows featuring tough styrene glazing. With so much light, this would be a great office environment or it could also be used as a home gym. Tongue and groove cladding has been used throughout and although it’s only had a basic dip treatment it still comes with a 10 year warranty. Only its price of well over a thousand pounds stops this from reaching our corner summer house top 10.

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7' x 7' Shire Barclay Corner Wooden Summerhouse

Whilst we always like to see value adding features such as extended warranties and an intricate design on the garden buildings we review, we appreciate that for many buyers the initial price will be the overriding concern. That’s why we feel that with a price tag of well under five hundred pounds for a seven foot corner summer house this deserves to be counted among the 20 best examples of these buildings available to buy online today. There’s even an initial base coat treatment applied at the factory to give an initial protection, although extra treatments will have to be carried out by the customer, ideally at annual intervals.

The five cornered roof has an appearance that’s a cross between an apex and a pent, which we found quite pleasing as it carries rainwater away very efficiently without being too obtrusive or giving a false impression of the area that’s available inside. As it is, it provides a more than accommodating ridge height of 2.20m and an eaves height of 2.01m which is more than we find on many of the pent roofed summer houses that we review. This is certainly one for your shortlist if you’re looking for a decent sized corner summer house that won’t cost too much.

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8' x 8' Shire Barclay Corner Wooden Summerhouse

We’ve reviewed lots of summer houses and garden buildings from Waltons and this corner summer house exemplifies all that is best about the brand, offering good value, a simple yet effective design, and reliable durability. This latter quality is aided by the slight pitch of the apex roof which carries rainwater away and which is protected by a tough mineral felt coating, and by the 12mm tongue and groove cladding used throughout. It was also good to see that a basic dip treatment had been used, which although not nearly as long lasting as the pressure treatment that we prefer, is still more than we find has been used on some of the summer houses we review.

One effect of this building’s inherent good weather defences is that it comes complete with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against rot, although it is worth noting that this is dependent upon the customer carrying out regular retreatments. The front of this summer house is dominated by the large and fully glazed double doors but we were pleased to see that they, and the two supplementary windows, contain styrene glazing. With a key operated lock also included, this is a reassuringly secure building. This isn’t the best looking entrant in our list of the best corner summer houses, but it earns its place for its value and security.

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Tiger Corner Summerhouse

Even the name of this summer house is reassuring to the customer and it deserves its strongman nomenclature thanks to its 44 X 28mm framing which far thicker and therefore far tougher than most that we see on the corner summer houses that we reviewed. The shiplap tongue and groove cladding, however, is very much the standard thickness at 12mm, although as it locks tightly together it’s still very effective at keeping rainwater out from the sides, just as the pent roof is from above. With our increasingly unpredictable summer weather this can come in very useful if you plan on spending long hours in here at work or carrying out a hobby.

One of the other things that we liked about this building, and which helped to elevate it into this top 20 list of the best corner summer houses available today is its elegant good looks. Modelled upon the Georgian style that we all know and love the two large windows and half glazed doors feature attractive wooden divides, and the hinges and handles both have a decorative antique brass effect. If you want a corner summer house that’s both strong and attractive, and one that’s available for a price of less than eight hundred pounds, then this is worthy of your consideration.

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BillyOh Picton Corner Summerhouse

The thing that stood out about this pent roofed corner summer house was the set of double doors that dominate the frontage. They are full width and the opening of 1.17m wide and 1.70m high is among the biggest and most accommodating that we’ve seen in the summer houses that we review. This is especially important if you plan to use the building as an office or leisure area, as it makes it much easier to install furniture or large electrical items such as televisions. The doors themselves are also half glazed, and with the addition of two slightly smaller opening windows to the side, the interior feels bright and welcoming on a sunny day.

This belongs to the premium range of BillyOh summer houses, and the importance of that is that tongue and groove cladding is used throughout instead of cheaper solid sheet material being used for the roof and flooring. Both the cladding and frame are slightly thicker than we often find when reviewing summer houses, and this will bring real benefits if you live in an exposed area that’s often subjected to high winds. With a base area of 2.20 X 2.20m we feel this represents good value for money which is why it features so high on our list of the best corner summer houses currently available.

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Tiger Corner Summerhouse

Devon is an area noted for its traditions, its beauty, and of course its bright sunny climate, and these are qualities that we feel are also encapsulated in this corner summer house. Neatly fitting into even restricted corners it still offers a highly versatile base area of 2.10 X 2.10m. Keeping to a nice uniformity the roof given by the nicely angled roof is also 2.10m, so there’s plenty of room available whether you want to use this summerhouse for business or leisure purposes, and we were pleased to find that the tongue and groove cladding had a thickness of 15mm, which is more than a lot of cladding that we see.

Whether you want to work, rest, or play inside you’ll welcome the natural light that floods in through the fully glazed doors and the two opening windows, which are also ideal for ventilation purposes on summer days. The double doors feature a key operated mortice lock, which will be very reassuring if you have valuable items inside, and we really liked the antique appearance of the lock and handle and the hinges. This could have achieved a higher rating in our list of the top 20 corner summer houses if it had been a little cheaper and had come with a long lasting preservative treatment, but at least a manufacturer applied treatment can be added for an additional fifty pounds.

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7'5 x 7'5 Shire Hampton Garden Summerhouse

This building represents what many people think of when you mention the term ‘corner summer house’, and whilst it has a lot to recommend it, it’s lack of distinguishing features and basic one year warranty against rot prevent it from gaining the upper reaches of our league table. Nevertheless it does look classically stylish, and it’s very well manufactured with the tongue and groove cladding slotting tightly together and doing a good job of keeping rainwater out. We would, however, have liked to see cladding that was thicker than the 8mm provided here. The apex roof, which also helps in the fight against water penetration, is made of OSB which is a very cost effective material but may not be as durable as the tongue and groove roofs that we usually find.

One feature that we did appreciate was the profusion of glazing thanks to the fully glazed double doors and the inclusion of two further long windows. This not only looks good, although it undoubtedly does, it also means that there’s lots of natural light to work by. We also thought that the overall base size of 2.25 X 2.25m was generous for this price range, so if you want an attractive corner summer house that falls within a restricted budget, then this could be one to take into consideration.

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Tiger Corner Summerhouse

We always like to see a stylistic difference that makes a corner summer house stand out from its competitors, and we found that here through the use of leaded windows. It gives a truly timeless look to the glazing and to the garden building as a whole, so this is a summer house that you’ll be proud to have in your garden. This elegant effect is enhanced still further by the inclusion of antique brass detailing on the hinges and the handle to the double doors, and we also liked the door drip which gives a little added weather protection to the entranceway.

With measurements of 1.82 X 1.82 arranged around a pentagonal design, this is very much in the small to mid sized category of corner summer houses, and yet it still has more than enough room to use as a garden based office for one, or as a luxurious and traditional looking place to relax. The 12mm shiplap cladding is of a thickness we often find on the summer houses we review, and yet the heavy duty frame was thicker than most and gives reassuring stability. Its high price however, and its lack of a long lasting initial preservative treatment, prevents it from featuring higher up our list of the very best buildings in this category.

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6x6 Traditional Stowe Corner Wooden Summerhouse

When we think of classic garden buildings we think of something rugged, timeless and yet beautiful too, and we were pleased to find many of these same qualities in this mid sized corner summer house. It has a Georgian design with the two long windows and fully glazed double doors featuring decorative timber hatching across the toughened horticultural glass panels. The timber itself is tongue and groove, which is great at keeping water out and also means that it feels very strong and solid when assembled.

Whilst both the cladding and pitch of the pent roof do a good job of keeping water, and therefore rot, at bay we would have liked to see the all over protection that a long lasting preservative treatment used by the manufacturer would have provided. We would also have liked to see protection from ground moisture provided by floor bearers, although these can be added as an optional extra. One protection that was provided as standard is a key operated lock, and this is a feature that we’re always pleased to see on corner summer houses of any price. With a secure locking system, lots of tough glazing and a heavy duty frame, this compact yet attractive summer house deserves to be in our list even at this price.

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Alpine Aspen 3m x 3m Corner Log Cabin (28mm)

The lower five entries on our list of the best corner summer houses available to buy online in the UK today are dominated by log cabin style buildings that still fall into the summer house categorisation, and whilst this example is still considerably more expensive than some other options within our league table it still has a lot to offer to those whose budget encompasses its price tag. One advantage is that its noticeably larger than most, even though it still fits neatly into a corner of the garden. The base area of 3.00 X 3.00m creates a lot of space that can be filled with furniture or electrical items to really make this building a stylish home from home.

There are two large windows and we were pleased to see that they opened to allow ventilation in. We were also impressed by the single door which is decoratively glazed across nearly its full length, so there’s always lots of light inside. Tough horticultural glass is used throughout, which is a high quality component that we found typical of this corner summer house as a whole. We were also pleased to see a key operated lock included as standard and the ten year warranty against rot, even though this is dependent upon annual preservative treatments being carried out.

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Palmako Malvern 3m x 3m Corner Log Cabin Summerhouse (28mm)

This is the second log cabin style corner summer house to feature in the lower reaches of our top 20 league table, but whilst this offering is slightly smaller and still at the expensive end of the summerhouse market we feel that it does represent better value for money and therefore deserves to be placed slightly higher up the rankings. There’s lots of glass on evidence here, from the two-thirds glazed door to the two large square windows which a criss cross frame intersects into nine panels. We were pleased to find, however, that the door and windows had all been provided with draft seals, as this extends the period of the year during which you can use this summerhouse in comfort.

There’s still a lot of space inside compared to many of the traditional summerhouses we review, and the base area measures 2.96 X 2.96m. With a ridge height of 2.75m too there’s lots of room to move around in, so we can easily imagine this being converted into a stylish and yet practical home office. We welcome the inclusion of pressure treated floor joists, but yet again the rest of the building remains untreated. At such high prices we don’t feel it’s fair to put the onus on the customer to carry out their own treatment immediately after installation, but even so this is deserving of its place in our list of high quality corner summer houses.

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Shire Villandry 4.3m x 3m Corner Log Cabin Summerhouse (28mm)

Once again we have a log cabin style summer house, and again this is a well constructed and very attractive building which could have featured much higher up our corner log cabin league table if it hadn’t been priced at a level which will put it out of the reach of many potential customers. One of the features we like most about it is the shingle style apex roof, which not only creates lots of room inside, with a ridge height of 2.75m, it also looks very attractive and will catch the eye of your friends and neighbours. We were glad to see the inclusion of a key operated lock, especially with such a striking and desirable building.

One feature that really elevated this building into our list of the best corner summer houses available in the UK today was the inclusion of a separate storage area inside the summer house, accessible via its own door. With no windows looking onto this area, it’s an ideal secure place to store goods of value. This is also the largest summer house on this list with its pentagonal design coming within dimensions of 2.96 X 4.34m. If you want a summer house that’s very large, very flexible, and can still fit in your corner then this could be the one for you as long as your budget will stretch to the price of over two thousand pounds.

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7'8x7'8 Ultimate Corner Summerhouse - Felt Tile Roof

We’ve seen a lot of summerhouses made by Lugarde, and they’re all stunning additions to a garden. This is a prime example of their attractive styling, but like many others in their range it costs significantly more than many other summerhouses of a similar size, which we had to take into consideration when compiling our list of the very best corner summerhouses for sale today. It’s wall thickness of 28mm is typical of summerhouses that use loglap cladding rather than tongue and groove, but it means that it’s very strong and stable. Its base area of 1.80 X 1.80m isn’t one of the larger summerhouses we’ve seen, but this makes it ideal for compact garden areas which is what corner summerhouses are designed for after all.

One original feature that we especially liked about this particular summerhouse is that it has a half glazed single door but no other windows. Whilst this means that light does reach the interior, it’s much harder for passers by to see what’s inside, meaning that this is an ideal choice for people looking for a secure and private environment in which to carry out their office work during the summer months. Only its price tag relative to its dimensions and its lack of any treatment stopped this from climbing our list of the best corner summerhouses.

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Palmako Melanie 2.8m x 2.8m Corner Log Cabin Summerhouse (44mm)

One of the main considerations we had to face when selecting our list of the best corner summer houses, was what differentiates a summer house from a log cabin? Size is one of the main differentiators, and that’s why this garden building with interlocking cladding deserves to be counted as a summer house. It has the pentagonal design shared by most, although not all, garden buildings on this list, but one thing it has that most others don’t is chalet connectors along its edges. These give added strength and stability to the structure, and are particularly useful in providing added protection from windy conditions.

Other benefits that we were pleased to find include a cylinder lock giving added security, and floor joists to lift the building above the level where ground moisture occurs. The interlocking logs are, by definition thicker than tongue and groove cladding, and it comes with a five year structural guarantee which offers some added peace of mind to the consumer. The reasons why it doesn’t feature more prominently in our list of the top 20 corner summer houses however is that it is comparatively expensive and as it’s supplied untreated it has no extended warranty against the threat of rot. Nevertheless we feel this is a well sized and good looking garden building with a lot to recommend it.

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    I’m looking for a corner summerhouse but on seeing the selection I’ve noticed how narrow the doors are. I would have thought that some might have featured a wider opening, perhaps using a bifold arrangement, thus allowing folk to sit inside whilst enjoying an unrestricted and panoramic view.


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