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The Top 20 Discount Sheds In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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Don’t have a lot of money to spend on your new shed? Fear not! There are a lot of great discount sheds out there to choose from. The only problem is, with so many great discount options out there, it can be hard work narrowing down the right shed for you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 20 discount sheds currently on the market. We spent hours reviewing the different options so you don’t have to.  more...

The discount sheds featured below are taken from the top online garden shed retailers. They account for 95% of the UK shed market. This means you can be 100% certain that the sheds found below are the best off the shelf. The sheds we’ve included on this list make the grade for a number of reasons. Some are offered at an unbelievably low purchase price, others offer more long-term value for money and others are offered at a uniquely low price compared to their competitors. So which discount sheds made it onto the list? Read on to find out…


10x6 Waltons Groundsman Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed

With its incredibly rigid looking design, it’s not surprising this large, Groundsman tongue and groove apex shed from Waltons has made it onto the number one spot. There are a lot of reasons we love this shed. It is one of the more expensive models on the list but what we’re looking at here is value for money. Whilst most of the discount sheds on this list come with an OSB roof and floor, this one comes with a full tongue and groove construction, including the interior. This means it is stronger and a lot more stable, making it suitable for heavier storage.

The rim lock is another major advantage. This makes it one of the most secure discount sheds on the list. Then there’s the two opening windows. Allowing you to let fresh air into the shed, it is less likely to suffer with mould and rot problems. Add to this the extra thick, planed and rounded framing and you have one of the most durable, long-lasting sheds out there. You really will struggle to find a better shed at a more affordable cost.

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BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed

The Billyoh 30 range features in at number two on the list for its height, affordability, attractive design and range of customisation options. Like the 20 range, this one has been recently improved upon so that it is now taller, stronger and better than before. The customisation options are what set this model apart. As well as being able to choose from a number of different widths, you also get to choose the base, floor and colour of the shed. Like the Billyoh 20, there are also numerous shelving options available.

Though many of the discount sheds featured on our list are created from overlap, few of them have been double framed like this model. This gives the shed extra strength ensuring it lasts for many years.

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BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed

Billyoh is one of the leading names in the industry and the 20 range provides outstanding value for money. Sizes vary from 3×6 to 12×8; with the latter still providing excellent value for money at just a £375 starting cost. So why is has this range made it onto the number three spot of our top 20 discount sheds list? For its exceptional range of customisation options. Not only can you choose the size of the shed, but you can also choose what type of floor you’d prefer, the base, the colour and even whether or not it includes shelving. Overlap sheds do not typically allow you to add shelving, so it’s an extremely unique feature that you can add a range of shelving options to this one.

The 20 range has actually been recently improved following customer feedback. It now features a lot more headroom, double doors and a more stylish appearance. It is bigger and better, whilst still retaining an exceptionally low price.

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8' x 6' Forest Overlap Apex Pressure Treated Wooden Shed - with Onduline Roof (2.4m x 1.91m)

One thing you will likely be concerned about when looking for discount sheds is how well they will stand up to the harsh British weather. This 8×6 Pressure Treated Apex Overlap Shed with Onduline Roof is by far one of the most weather resistant discount sheds on the market. Its main stand-out feature is the onduline roof. This isn’t something you find very often on garden sheds and it offers numerous great benefits. Not only will it never need to be replaced like standard roofing felt does, but it also cuts the installation time down by two thirds. Like many of the other sheds on our list, this one also benefits from being pressure treated so you never have to manually treat the building yourself.

So if low maintenance, affordability and durability are your top priorities, you will struggle to find a better model than this one.

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8' x 6' Forest Epping Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Wooden Shed

We’re sure you’ll love the charming, rustic design of the Hartwood 8×6 FSC Pressure Treated Overlap Apex Shed. Complete with two fixed styrene glazed windows, we’re recommending this as one of the best discount sheds on the market for both its looks and low maintenance design. With a 15 year guarantee and no need to annually treat the shed, it really does offer outstanding value. We’re also impressed by the bearers used to lift the shed’s floor off the ground. This small detail makes a massive difference in terms of durability. It prevents the floor from becoming damaged by damp and rot.




7' x 5' Forest Overlap Apex Pressure Treated Wooden Double Door Shed (2.19m x 1.46m)

This 7×5 Pressure Treated Double Door Overlap Garden Shed has a distinctive look with zero-maintenance benefits. However, the reason we’ve mainly included it on our discount sheds top 20 list is because it comes with extra-tall eaves. It is actually 6” taller than most other shed brands out there, making this one of the most comfortable sheds to manoeuvre around in and great for storing taller equipment. The fact you do not need to treat the shed annually also saves both time and money; making the initial low purchase cost of the shed even more impressive.

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6' x 4' Forest Shiplap Pent Dip Treated Wooden Shed (1.82m x 1.27m)

This Shiplap pent shed comes in at extraordinary value for money. We’ve chosen it for not just its superior quality design, but also for its space-saving benefits. The pent style roof makes it ideal for those who have height restrictions such as low hanging branches in the garden. Whilst still providing a tall interior, the pent roof makes this shed great for installation underneath low hanging trees, as well as against or in front of other buildings and garden fences. Its shiplap construction is a stand-out feature that makes it one of the best discount sheds available. Offering superb weather resistant, this high quality shed is guaranteed to last for many years.

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6'9 x 6'6 Shire Barn Double Door Wooden Garden Shed (2.16m x 2.52m)

We couldn’t not include this 7×7 Shire Barn Double Door Shed onto the list. With an exceptionally stunning design, this shed offers a generous amount of storage space, whilst maintaining a unique, charismatic style. It also features an opening glass windows which is not something you find very often on discount sheds. Barn style sheds offer exceptional height as well as a large entry space and this one is no exception. The wide, tall double doors ensure you can get anything in and out of the shed quickly and easily. This exquisite shed will look great in any garden and definitely provides something different from the majority out there.

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6' x 4' Forest Overlap Apex Wooden Shed Pressure Treated with Lean-To (1.82m x 1.32m)

This 6×4 Pressure Treated Overlap Apex Shed including Lean to is the most unique building on the list. Its 2-in-1 design makes it one of the best discount sheds currently on the market. We are especially impressed with its pressure treated design; meaning you will never have to treat the building. It also means the warranty you receive increases to 15 years.

The building is split between an indoor and outdoor storage area. The outdoor section is largely designed to hold logs, though it could also be used as a place to store garden bins, a BBQ or bicycles. This is a great choice for those looking for something a little different that won’t take up too much space in the garden.

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7' x 9' Shire Casita Wooden Summerhouse including Veranda (2.16m x 2.72m)

This wonderful shed is featured thanks to its stylish and reliable design. The fact you can also add a veranda to the front of the shed is an excellent advantage. If you buy it from the Shed Store, it automatically comes with the veranda included, but you can save money and opt for the shed alone if you shop through Taylors Garden Buildings. We would recommend adding the veranda as it gives the shed a really unique design and protects the front of the building from the elements; helping to ensure it lasts longer no matter what the unpredictable UK weather throws at it.

The shed is made from Shiplap tongue and groove, making it one of the highest quality discount sheds on the list. 34mm square framing also ensures the structure is well supported and adds to the buildings extremely robust design. We especially love the Georgian style joinery windows added to the front of the shed which really add to its character.

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10x6 Waltons Tongue and Groove Apex Wooden Shed

What we really love about the 10×6 Waltons tongue and groove apex wooden shed is that it offers a very strong, long-lasting design. Not many models on our discount sheds list come with tongue and groove construction. Compared to overlap, the tongue and groove design provides a more weather-resistant, stylish build. It’s also one of the larger buildings on the list, making it suitable for those with high-volume storage needs.

We also love the height of this shed. It means that you can store anything from bicycles and patio furniture to taller items such as step ladders, fishing poles and garden rakes. With annual treatments this shed is going to last at least 10 years.

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8' x 6' Forest Overlap Apex Dip Treated Wooden Double Door Shed (2.36m x 1.91m)

Convenience and ease of access are the main reasons we’ve included the 8×6 Shed-Plus Classic Overlap Double Door Shed onto the list. Unlike most discount sheds of this size, this one comes with unique 3’7” wide double doors. These offer outstanding access in and out of the shed, making it suitable for bulkier storage. Another great thing about the doors of this shed is the fact they are braced. This may seem like a pretty small feature, but it actually adds a lot more durability to the shed, therefore offering more value for money. So if you’re looking for a basic, medium sized storage space that won’t break the bank, this is an excellent and reliable choice.

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8x6 Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed DD

This 8×6 Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed DD is one of the manufacturers most popular discount sheds. Offering both a stylish design and excellent reliability, this model gives you superb value for money. What we really like is its long list of features. Despite coming in at under £250, this brilliant shed comes with a 10 year anti rot guarantee, repositionable windows and an effective weatherproof design. It is one of the more basic models on the list but its popularity and reliability earn it a position in our top 20 discount sheds list. You also have a number of upgrade options available such as an extra strength floor support pack and superior duty roofing felt. Both of these will increase its strength and durability whilst still supplying excellent value for money.

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6' x 4' Forest Overlap Reverse Apex Dip Treated Wooden Shed (1.82m x 1.32m)

The quaint looking Forest Economy 6×4 Overlap Reverse Apex shed is the only reverse style model to feature on the list. It is one of the more compact sheds available, making it suitable for those with a smaller garden. We’ve also selected this model because it has been constructed from FSC Certified timber, making it a great choice for those concerned with the environment. Overlap sheds aren’t known for their aesthetic appeal, but this one offers a nice change from the norm. It offers a great design, with the reverse apex giving it a lot more character than most of its competitors.

This is one of the most stylish discount sheds out there and the hasp and staple included really adds to its overall value. Typically you’ll find overlap discount sheds come with either turn button locks or pad bolts so the higher quality hasp and staple highlights this sheds quality in comparison.

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YardMaster 8 x 9 Emerald Deluxe Apex Metal Garden Shed

Another virtually maintenance free storage solution, this great Waltons metal apex shed offers great value for money. Supplied with a free anchoring kit, the 8×6 shed is perfect for storing lawnmowers, bicycles and heavy machinery. As well as being offered at a low initial purchase cost, the fact it requires no regular maintenance and no added extras means you also benefit from long-term value for money. We also like its windowless design, making it ideal for storing valuable tools and equipment. Its durability and quality as well as its affordable cost are what truly makes it a worthwhile addition to our top 20 discount sheds list.

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BillyOh Partner Eco Apex Roof Metal Shed

If you’re looking for discount sheds that require zero maintenance and are guaranteed to last for many years, the Billyoh Ballington 8×6 Metal Shed is a great choice. It’s unusual to come across a metal shed that is as stylish as this one. Complete with a powder coated galvanised steel finish, this tough shed is designed to hold large equipment and machinery. With no floor, you can store practically anything in here regardless of its weight. More similar to a garage, this metal shed even comes with duel air vents to prevent condensation build up inside the building. It’s a fantastic storage solution and offers impeccable value for money.

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10' x 8' Forest Epping Overlap Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Wooden Shed

One of the larger models on our list, the Hartwood 10×6 FSC Double Door Overlap Apex Shed is great for those in need of a large storage area. It isn’t just the impressive size of the shed that sets this model apart in terms of value. We also love that it comes with a hasp and staple, providing the opportunity to add a padlock to keep your contents secure. Most sheds of this size and value tend to simply feature a turn button catch so the hasp and staple is definitely a stand-out feature.

This Hartwood model also offers maximum natural lighting. There are six styrene glazed windows added to its design, ensuring you can always see what you’re doing. In a shed of this size having so many windows is a definite benefit and eliminates the need to install artificial lighting, thus saving you even more money.

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8' x 6' Forest Overlap Apex Dip Treated Wooden Windowless Shed (2.4m x 1.86m)

Another small model to add to the list, this great 5’x7’ overlap garden shed from Wickes has a few outstanding features. We love the autumn gold coloured finish. With overlap sheds they tend to feature a rather rough design. So the coloured finish gives this model a lot more style in comparison and saves you having to paint the shed yourself.

Another great feature is the floor bearers included. Raising the floor off the ground, it ensures the shed lasts for many years; giving you great long-term value for money. When looking for discount sheds you need to look at not just the initial low cost of a building, but also the long-term value it produces. That’s what makes this model a worthwhile addition to the list.

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6' x 3' Forest Overlap Pent Pressure Treated Wooden Lean To Shed (1.81m x 1.07m)

The Forest Economy 6×3 Overlap wall shed makes it onto the list for its excellent space saving design. If you only have a narrow space available, this discount shed is ideal. What’s really great about this model is the fact you can install the door on either side of the building; giving you excellent flexibility to install the shed to best suit your garden’s design.

However, the stand-out feature of this compact wall shed is the fact it is pressure treated. This means you receive a 15 year anti-rot guarantee and it does not need to be annually treated. So as well as a low initial cost, it also comes with long-term cost savings too. This makes it one of the best discount sheds currently available for smaller gardens.

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8x6 Waltons Ultra Value Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed

Rounding up our discount sheds list we have this incredibly popular 8×6 Waltons Ultra Value Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed. It is by far one of Walton’s bestselling models and it isn’t hard to see why. As you’d expect from a shed of this value, it is a fairly simplistic model. However, its durability, reliability and overall design are impeccable considering its low cost.

Being a medium size shed, it offers plenty of storage space to suit most people. It is also windowless which means whatever you do store is kept safely out of view. We particularly like that the floor of this shed is raised slightly off the ground to protect it against damp and rot. If you’re looking for a shed that offers exceptional value for money then this is a great choice.

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