Eden Greenhouses Acorn Horticultural Glass Greenhouse

Prices Around: £499.95
Size: 6 x 6’
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This is a green trim aluminium greenhouse with horticultural glass. This is recommended for first time greenhouse buyers or for gardeners with small outdoor space. It is renowned for its strength and it has bracing at the side giving it additional durability. Using a galvanised steel plinth gives additional height and will keep the greenhouse fixed to the ground securely. There are three different choices of glazing available. A superb first timer’s product which will last for many years.

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What we rate

  • A superb first timer’s product
  • Using a galvanised steel plinth gives additional height

What we slate

  • Small size
So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Ease of assembly
63% Complete
54% Complete
Quality of construction
62% Complete
Longevity of material
58% Complete
Storage size
48% Complete
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Prices around: £499.95
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  • Alan Penn said...

    Very keen look and great for the beginner for sure. I’m a retired sparks and need a less stressful hobby. I have a good pension but wanted value for money as well as something I wouldn’t have to replace too quickly. So needless to say, I am well happy with this. I chose the mid-grade horticultural glazing for this and seems to be working well for some of my more exotic pieces.


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Ease of assembly
Quality of construction
Longevity of material
Storage size

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