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The 20 Best Garden Storage Sheds In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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With such a massive range of garden storage sheds out there, it can be difficult knowing which one is right for you. In order to pick the right one, a number of factors need to be considered. There is no ‘one size fits all’ model. Perhaps you live in a vulnerable area so security garden storage sheds would be high on your priority list. Or maybe you have height restrictions that prevent you from installing an apex shed? The actual amount of storage space required also differs greatly from person to person. We’ve kept all of these things in mind when creating this top 20 garden storage sheds list.

In the list below, we’ve selected something to suit everyone. From a typical large shed, spacious garden storage sheds to space-saving, security garden storage sheds; whatever you are looking for you’ll find it in this ‘best of the best’ compilation. We’ve spent hours reviewing the different garden storage sheds available from the UK’s top garden building providers. These suppliers make up 95% of the UK’s garden buildings market. Therefore, you can be 100% sure that the sheds featured on the list below are definitely the best off the shelf. more...

With so many impressive models on the market, choosing the best garden storage sheds wasn’t easy. Therefore, congratulations go to the Ryton Apex 8×6 for making it to the top of our league table of garden storage sheds which can be bought in the UK online. No matter what type of garden building you’re searching for, WhatShed offers independent, detailed reviews to help you make the best choice.

Tiger Shiplap Apex Shed

Narrowing down the top 20 Garden Storage sheds was difficult, but choosing which shed should be included at the number one spot was a very tough decision. In the end it came down to 3 major factors – quality, long term value for money and security. The Ryton Apex 8×6 is truly one of the best quality garden storage sheds we have come across. Constructed from outstanding 18mm tongue and groove and super strong 75mm x 75mm framing, this is by far the most reliable and durable sheds on the market. Most tongue and groove sheds measure 12mm thick, so the 18mm thickness of this construction is really impressive. It makes the shed more weatherproof, secure and longer lasting than most other sheds, ensuring you are provided with long-term value for money.

One thing that surprised us with this shed is the included fibreglass roof covering. This is a very rare feature as the majority of wooden garden storage sheds tend to come with free sand felt which does offer good value for money, but it can be quite flimsy. Fibreglass does not perish even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. So like the rest of the building, you can be sure it is going to really withstand the test of time.

Another uncommon feature of a shed this size is the double doors. Not only do they provide great, convenient access into the building, but they are also fitted with a 3 lever lock. So if security is high on your priority list, this is definitely one of the best sheds to invest in. There are so many benefits that come with this impressive medium size shed. Therefore, it is well deserved of the number one spot on the list.


Waltons 10 x 8 Overlap Double Door Apex Wooden Shed

In close second place, the Waltons Trust 8×6 Heritage Apex Garden Shed is a spectacular choice. This popular size shed is able to store practically anything thanks to its tough 16mm matchboard tongue and groove clad floor. The matchboard cladding also features on the exterior of the shed, though it is slightly thinner at 12mm thick. Matchboard cladding is pretty rare on garden storage sheds, giving this model a real stand-out aesthetic quality.

It isn’t just the tough design and attractive style that has made this shed stand out for us however. It also boasts an extra-tall design making it not only more suitable for tall gardening tools and equipment, but also more comfortable for you to use. It’s also a great choice for those who are environmentally conscious. Waltons gives 5% of the proceeds to the Woodland Trust. So not only will you be investing in a top quality shed, but you’ll also be helping out a good cause too.

Finally, we like that the shed comes with a RIM lock. This allows you to keep your storage secure, making it a great choice for those who live in a vulnerable area. All in all, it’s one of the best all-round garden storage sheds available and is guaranteed to last for many years.

8' x 8' Windsor Groundsman Dutch Barn Wooden Shed (2.57m x 2.44m)

We’ve aimed to add something for everyone on this list and this extraordinary shed is designed primarily for those where budget isn’t an issue. If money really is no object and you want something that really stands out, this is the shed for you. With a striking gothic design, it is definitely one of the most unique and contemporary garden storage sheds available on the market. It looks more like a mini-church than a storage shed! It’s 18th century design has been created with completely British sourced materials, making it structurally reliable.

One of our favourite features of this shed is the roof. It features Metro roof tiles which comes with an outstanding 20-year warranty. They also give it an incredible stand-out design. Aesthetically we are blown away by this sheds design.

So besides its unique, attractive look what else makes this shed worthy of third place on the top 20 garden storage sheds list? Well, it comes with an incredibly robust internal structure compared to most sheds out there. It benefits from an incredible 38mmx89mm frame and an 18mm thick flooring grade chipboard floor. It is also lined with 4mm plywood. Externally it benefits from 19mm thick cladding which is one of the thickest types available. So its initial high cost is actually a long term investment as it is guaranteed to last a lot longer than your average garden shed!

Finally, another benefit of this shed is the fact it is available in various colour finishes. Very few garden storage sheds give you the option to personalise the colour scheme. Overall this is one of the best, stand-out garden storage sheds we’ve ever come across and if you have the money, it is a worthwhile investment.

12x8 Waltons Windowless Groundsman Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed

If your priorities when choosing garden storage sheds are security and privacy, the Waltons Windowless Groundsman Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed is definitely worth a look. This large shed has plenty of space to store larger tools and equipment, along with any outdoor furniture. It is also strong enough to hold heavier items thanks to its 12mm thick tongue and groove floor. The lack of windows means whatever you do choose to store will remain completely closed away from prying eyes. There is also a great high quality RIM lock included; making it an excellent choice for valuable storage.

It isn’t just great for security. This shed is really built to last. A 12mm tongue and groove exterior provides great protection against the elements and provided you give the shed annual treatments, it will really last the test of time.

We also added it to the list for its exceptional comfort and convenience. Large double doors allow you to transport anything in and out, while an extra tall design means you have plenty of headroom, allowing you to manoeuvre around easily and comfortably. Out of all of the windowless garden storage sheds on the market, this is a superior model that is well worth the money.

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8' x 6' Traditional Heavy Duty Apex Wooden Garden Shed (2.44m x 1.83m)

The Treetops Traditional range is a personal favourite of ours so it’s unsurprising this Traditional Heavy Apex model made it onto the list. The mid-size 8×6 shed is big enough to store all of your gardening essentials, whilst small enough to fit into the majority of gardens. So what sets it apart for us compared to the hundreds of other garden storage sheds out there? Well, it isn’t just one thing, it’s many things!

Firstly, all Treetops Traditional sheds are built from tough Redwood tongue and groove cladding. Redwood is unique to this range and therefore gives it a stand-out look compared to its competitors. However, perhaps the most impressive thing about this shed is its quality. We have yet to come across a range that matches both the quality and value for money as Treetops Traditional. It is the quality of even the smallest of details that stands out. From the thick, strong braced door, to the bracing and roof trusses used to improve the shed’s rigidity, it offers an outstanding quality inside and out.

This shed also focuses heavily on security and comes with a key operated lock. This is pretty unusual in garden storage sheds, so it would be a great model for those needing a more secure place to store their belongings.

You can also customise the windows and doors. The fixed windows can be upgraded to opening windows or you can remove them entirely if privacy is important to you. The double doors can also be made wider. These customisation options are yet another thing that set this shed apart from most garden storage sheds out there.

So if you want a shed that literally has it all, this is a fantastic model that is really hard to beat.

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6' x 4' Traditional Tongue and Groove Apex Wooden Shed (1.83m x 1.22m)

Another security inspired shed, the Traditional Bentley Apex 6×4 is perfect for the smaller garden. It benefits from a really tall design and an extra-strong build. It is actually a lot stronger than most garden storage sheds thanks to the diagonal bracing and gable ends included in the sheds structure. However, it is the range of cladding options available that really set this shed apart. Keep in mind that the average garden storage shed comes with 8mm-12mm thick cladding. Therefore, the fact this one comes with options to upgrade to anything from 15mm-19mm thick cladding is a massive benefit. So why is this a big deal? Well the thicker the cladding, the more weatherproof, secure and durable the shed will be. So if you’re looking for garden storage sheds that are really built to last, this is definitely the one you should invest in.

Other great features that make this shed a worthwhile addition to the list include a key operated press lock and customisable door options. It is worth noting that there are other sizes available in the range, but we wanted to feature the smaller size for those with space limitations.

Waltons 7ft x 6.3ft Metal Apex Garden Storage Shed - Light Green

The fabulous 8×6 Lotus Apex Metal Shed is included on the list for those looking for a low cost, zero maintenance shed. You’ll find there are very few metal garden storage sheds out there and the ones available don’t typically come with a stylish design. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised by this Lotus model. Its benefits stretch far beyond its aesthetic appeal and low maintenance however. It also features integrated ventilation and easy-access sliding doors.

Despite being offered at such a low cost; the shed is also made from lightweight high tensile steel. This means it’s going to last a lot longer than standard garden storage sheds. So if you’re looking for a durable, affordable and spacious shed, this is a fantastic choice.

BillyOh Master Tongue and Groove Pent Shed

BillyOh is potentially the most well-known name in the garden storage sheds market. Manufactured to the highest standard, it is unsurprising the manufacturer has made it onto the list. This great low cost 5000 pent range is included for those looking for a space-saving shed, as well as something they can really customise.

The customisation options are fantastic. You can choose everything from whether the shed comes with a floor and base, to whether it comes with shelves and even what colour you want it to be. There are numerous trim and wall colours to choose from; allowing you to really personalise the shed to fit your preferences. No other garden storage sheds come with such extensive customisation options.

The quality of this budget shed is also incredible. When you’re buying a shed of this size and cost, you don’t expect it to come with premium quality tongue and groove cladding. Even the smaller details of the shed have been created with superior quality in mind such as the well-braced door and a fixed and opening window. All in all, it’s a great shed with a huge amount of possibilities.

Tiger Workman Apex

If you find the majority of garden storage sheds just aren’t tall enough, this Extra High Supreme Apex 8×6 shed is just what you need. Whilst its internal height is one of the main factors that got the shed onto our top 20 garden storage sheds list, it also comes with an array of impressive features. For example, it’s also incredibly secure thanks to a lock that has been mounted internally. Aesthetically it also has a great design, with a stylish antique style handle on a 3ft wide door. It comes with a reverse apex design, meaning the windows and door are situated at the front.

To top off the fabulous benefits of this shed, you also have a range of customisation options to choose from. It is one of the toughest, visually pleasing, highest quality sheds out there. It is also worth pointing out that the shed is available in a wide range of sizes to suit every garden.

BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed

Simple and affordable, the BillyOh 30 Windowless range is great for those on a budget seeking a private, secure shed. It may come at a superb low cost, but the manufacturer certainly hasn’t scrimped on quality. The entire BillyOh range has been recently improved, making them stronger and taller than before. It is constructed with traditional style overlap, but what is most impressive is you do have several customisation choices available. Most overlap garden storage sheds don’t allow you to change anything so this model definitely stands out from the competition. If you’re looking for an affordable, budget-friendly shed then this is by far one of the best models on the market.

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10' x 6' Yardmaster 106TBSL Shiplap Metal Shed (3.03m x 1.97m)

The second metal shed to be featured on our top 20 garden storage sheds list, the Yardmaster Shiplap metal really stands out. Backed by a 12-year guarantee, this Shiplap design shed isn’t just stylish; it offers great value for money too. It is one of the few metal sheds to come with a wooden design yet unlike wooden garden storage sheds, it never needs to be treated. So it’s a great zero maintenance option. It also offers excellent access thanks to the neat sliding doors. We also love the fact it has been painted both inside and out and it comes with an extra-tall design making it extremely comfortable and convenient to use. This is an ideal option for those looking for a large storage shed that won’t break the bank.

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Adley 6' x 8' Overlap Apex Shed

One of the most budget-friendly garden storage sheds on the list, this pressure treated overlap mid-size shed is another low maintenance option. Typically overlap sheds require strict high quality annual treatments. This one however doesn’t require any. That’s one of the main reasons we included it on the list. It is backed by a long-life 15-year warranty and features a very traditional, rustic design. If you’re looking for a shed that is simplistic, offers a great level of storage space and is guaranteed to really last, this is definitely one of the best models to go for. It is by far one of the best budget garden storage sheds on the market.

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6' x 4' Forest Overlap Apex Dip Treated Wooden Shed (1.82m x 1.32m)

On our search for the best garden storage sheds, the Blooma 6×4 overlap shed is one we simply couldn’t ignore. It is great for the smaller garden and the fact it comes complete with assembly service is a major advantage. Most garden storage sheds require self-assembly unless you pay a lot of extra money to have it assembled for you. So if you’re looking for a shed you can just buy and use without the stress and time of putting it together, this is a fantastic choice.

It is constructed from European softwood and we really like its ‘beach hut’ design. If you have limited space available, then this is one of the best compact models you can invest in.


8' x 6' Shire Durham Tongue and Groove Apex Wooden Shed (2.38m x 1.79m)

Another great model from B&Q, this great 8×6 Apex Shiplap Wooden Shed has a traditional design with a modern touch. A couple of things made this model stand out from the rest of the garden storage sheds out there. The fact you can adjust the position of the window is a great benefit. There are various placement options available and it is constructed from safety styrene, making this a great shed for family homes.

What really makes it stand out however, is the overall value for money. This is one of the best budget-friendly models out there and thanks to its high quality design is guaranteed to last for a good number of years.




Mercia 4 X 6 Ft Double Door Windowless Timber Overlap Apex Shed

Due to the sheer amount of garden storage sheds out there, it’s hard for an entry-level shed to stand out from the crowd. However, this great overlap shed from Wickes manages to do exactly that. So what is it that sets this model apart? Well not only is it one of the cheapest sheds on our list, but it is also designed with maximum storage capacity in mind. Unlike 99% of overlap garden storage sheds of this size, this one comes with wide double doors. This means you have an incredible amount of access in and out of the shed; allowing you to store practically anything in here. For the price you are getting a reliable, convenient storage shed with unbeatable value.

Waltons 8 x 6 Pressure Treated Shiplap Single Door Apex Garden Shed

This budget shed from Sheds.co.uk is one of the lowest priced tongue and groove clad sheds on the market. Created from Baltic sourced pine, it has made it onto the top 20 garden storage sheds not just for its incredibly low cost, but for its privacy and spacious storage area. We think it’s one of the best ‘no frills’ sheds available; especially taking into account the generous width of the door. Its wide design ensures you can get in and out with bulky garden furniture without any problems.

We also like that there are several upgrade options available such as security kits and a base to ensure stable, long-lasting construction. This truly is a shed that will appeal to any budget and is a great option for those with light to medium weight storage.

BillyOh Storer Overlap Shed

We wanted to include something for everyone on this garden storage sheds list and this excellent BillyOh Traditional Economy Apex Shed is one for the budget conscious. Created with overlap cladding, this is the most basic shed included on the list, but it’s quality is fantastic. We’ve reviewed hundreds of basic overlap models and this one has proven to be one of the best value for money garden storage sheds available. So what exactly makes it stand out? Well it’s appearance is significantly more attractive than your average overlap shed and it comes with pre-assembled panels. So installation is a lot easier compared to other models. It is suitable for low-domestic use and what we really like the most is the fact you can choose from many different colour variations.

5' x 3' Forest Kielder Overlap Dip Treated Windowless Apex Wooden Shed

When all you need is a small, compact storage area, the 5’x4’ Waney Edge Budget Shed is the model for you. It really stands out aesthetically thanks to its contrasting black roof felt and traditional rustic design. Compared to other compact garden storage sheds on the market, this one has an extra-tall design, making it suitable for taller tools. The door has also been well-hinged which is something you don’t usually find on budget sheds. It’s these small details that really help to set it apart for us. Finally, we love that it comes without windows, giving total privacy to those who need it. So if you’re looking for a compact shed that also looks great and will last for years to come, this is one of the best available.

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6' x 3' Forest Overlap Pent Pressure Treated Wooden Lean To Shed (1.81m x 1.07m)

Not every garden has the luxury of a lot of free space, which is where the Forest Wall Shed comes in useful. Designed to be installed against your home, a fence or other garden building, this is the ultimate space saving model. It is the only wall shed to be featured on the top 20 garden storage sheds list and we’ve included it largely due to its extreme durability. Unlike its competitors, this shed is backed by a fantastic 15-year guarantee. This is thanks to the pressure treatment applied at the factory. It also means you never have to treat it. So the low cost of the shed is actually even more impressive when you take into account its durability.

6x6 Waltons Reverse Overlap Apex Wooden Shed

Last but not least, the 6×6 Waltons Reverse Overlap Apex Wooden Shed is a fantastic choice for any garden. It’s not often you come across an overlap reverse apex shed that offers such large dimensions. This Waltons model comes with extra tall eaves and internal height, making it really comfortable to use and suitable for taller than average equipment. The framed styrene glazed window at the front of the shed gives it a ‘small house’ design, ensuring it looks great in any garden. We’ve reviewed a lot of reverse apex garden storage sheds but feel this one is hard to beat thanks to its all-round, great value for money.

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