Hampton 7 X 7 Shiplap Timber Summerhouse

Prices Around: £599.00
Size: 7 x 7
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This is a real beauty, a corner summerhouse which will turn heads in your garden and impress everyone who lays eyes on it. Constructed out of tongue and groove cladding so it is strong, durable and will last for years, this summerhouse has a real classy and elegant style that you will just love. It has two large opening windows and large double doors complete with toughened glass panes so there is plenty of light and air inside. You’ll be hard pressed to leave this stunner as it’s the ideal place to relax after a hard day’s work. This comes with a 10 year anti rot guarantee and is home delivered.

The good looks of this summerhouse are backed up with some very high quality and cleverly chosen materials. The timber used for this is planed and smoothed, European softwood which is strong and as you can see has a truly fantastic look to it. For the flooring, to ensure you are able to have a few friends round and also keep a lot of stuff in here such as chairs tables and other larger items, they have used strong and gorgeous, tongue and groove boarding. Thanks to the pent roof all of your items inside are going to be kept safe and sound from rain and snow.

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What we rate

  • High quality tongue and groove shiplap cladding
  • Has a ten year anti rot guarantee
  • Will fit into smaller gardens
  • Has two large doors
  • Plenty of windows to allow in natural light

What we slate

  • Is one of the more compact summerhouses
  • No locking mechanism is included
  • Will require two people to build
How We Rate It
Quality 8.5/10
85% Complete
Longevity of Materials 8.5/10
85% Complete
Storage Size 7.5/10
75% Complete
Ease of Installation 8/10
80% Complete
Value for Money 8/10
80% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Shed Type And Roof Size

Hampton 7 X 7 Shiplap Timber Summerhouse UnpaintedWe really love the look of the Hampton 7 X 7 Shiplap Timber Summerhouse. As a matter of fact we really could not be any more impressed with the awesome design of this summerhouse. It is made to be a corner summerhouse so it should be able to fit in a corner and not take up the whole garden which is great if you are a little limited on space. This is one of the more compact summerhouses, but as long as you are a little bit crafty with how you organise your things, you will find this is plenty of room. Due to the shape of this it is a little hard to give you the exact dimensions of this summerhouse, but the width and the depth are both right around the 7 foot mark. There is a fair bit of headroom inside of here which is ideal for walking around. It is 6 feet 10 inches high and this is a little higher than we would expect from a summerhouse in this price range so this generous headroom is something we are very impressed with and so will your back as you will not need to be walking around hunched over when you are inside here.

The pent roof on here is fantastic and we really like how they have made it slope towards the back. This means if you ever need to get in here when it is raining the water will not be running off onto your head. There is a slight overhang which is rather understated, but it still looks great and gives the front of the summerhouse a little bit more character. The roof is made with solid sheet boarding, much like the larger versions of this summerhouse and we feel that for a roof of this size from a practical point of view, solid sheet boarding is fine.

Cladding, Frame And Floor

Hampton 7 X 7 Shiplap Timber Summerhouse DimensionsOne of the first thing that catches your eye about this summerhouse is the cladding. It is tongue and groove shiplap cladding and they have made sure that it has a really smooth and classy look to it. This is done thanks to the European softwood being planed and smoothed when they are constructing the walls. It really does give it a nice effect and it also helps the walls be very strong.

By utilising double framed corners they have ensured that this is one very strong and robust summerhouse that is going to be in it for the long haul. It is not an exaggeration to say that you are going to get 20 or more years out of this and a large part of that is down to how solid this frame is. The chunky and thick frame is very high quality and while a frame may not be the most exciting thing to talk about, we can assure you that this really is one fantastic frame.

Impressively the flooring is made with tongue and groove boards. While these are strong and solid boards that can take a lot of weight. They also have a very high quality look to them and we are sure that their inclusion is as much a design choice as it is a practical one. Due to these being so strong, you can easily put in a sofa, a table and a TV unit and have this as a place you can sneak away to and enjoy a little quiet time.

Treatment Requirement And Warranty

Hampton 7 X 7 Shiplap Timber Summerhouse CladdingThe smooth looking timber on the Hampton 7 X 7 Shiplap Timber Summerhouse is protected during delivery and while you build it due to the timber being dip treated. A coating of wood treatment should be applied shortly after construction, we know some people leave this too late and regret it as rot can start to appear so do not let this happen to your summerhouse. A fresh coating just once a year is really all the maintenance that you have to do with this.

As long as you treat the summerhouse, you will be covered by a very generous, ten year anti rot guarantee.

Doors And Windows

Hampton 7 X 7 Shiplap Timber Summerhouse RoofWe just love those large double doors that make up most of the front of the summerhouse. To start with these are a very good size and they will make getting your tables, sofa, pool table or whatever else you have planned, inside of here very easy. They also have a very attractive look to them as they are mostly made up of high quality toughened glass. They have gone for some high quality hinges to prevent the doors from sagging and they have also used this classic door handle that we feel greatly adds to the style and charm of the summerhouse.

As well as the doors there are two more windows. One on each side and these are a very good size and made with that same toughened glass. These are able to be opened so you can let in some fresh air which is great if you plan on spending a lot of time in here vegging out watching Netflix on your tablet.

Security And Privacy

This is certainly what we would class as a solid and secure summerhouse, but there is no included lock. However adding a padlock is something that would be very easy to do and something that we would actually suggest you think about doing if you plan on having things that are expensive inside of here.

As most of the front of the summerhouse is made up with those amazing windows, pretty much anyone can see inside, so you may want to get yourself some blinds, curtains or even some fabric as you do not want the local weirdos being able to see all the cool and fun stuff you have inside here.

Customisation Options And Extras

While they are not offering any ways to change the look of the summerhouse, you can actually flex your creative muscles by using a coloured wood treatment. You could make it either a little lighter, darker or a whole new colour all together.

Apart from the padlock for the door and something to cover the windows there really is not anything else that you need to worry about when it comes to extras.


So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 8.5/10
85% Complete
This is a very well made summerhouse and its design really is amazing. They really have done a great job here and managed to keep the price reasonable even though it is high quality.
Longevity of Materials 8.5/10
85% Complete
With just an annual coating of wood treatment that timber will stay looking smooth for decades. This is one very robust summerhouse so you can expect to be enjoying your evenings and weekends in here for many years.
Storage Size 7.5/10
75% Complete
Being 7 x 7 does make this one of the more compact summerhouses we have seen, but as long as you are smart and think about where you place things, we are sure that you will find that this is far more spacious than you would think.
Ease of Installation 8/10
80% Complete
Be sure to have a friend to help you out, a friend with a fully stocked tool box and a bit of DIY knowledge is always best. Even if that does mean the tea and snack duties are left to you. You are looking at about 6 hours to build this, but it does come with instructions so be sure to do what they tell you and you will be fine.
Value for Money 8/10
80% Complete
While it may be a little snug, because of how well it is made and just how amazing it looks, we do feel that this is still very reasonably priced.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: The Hampton 7 X 7 Shiplap Timber Summerhouse is something that really did impress us from the first moment we saw it. It has a very eye catching design and we actually do not see its compact size as a negative. This just means that even those with smaller gardens will be able to enjoy this and have a nice place they can enjoy a relaxing glass of wine after a long day at work or even as a space to play some board games with the kids during the summer holidays. This is very well made and the price has actually been reduced recently so we feel that it really is a good deal and well worth considering.

Prices around: £599.00
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  • John said...

    I just purchased a summerhouse. It isn’t anything huge, but that is what I wanted, something small and simple. The price was just where I wanted it, I didn’t want to pay anything more than that. It is a corner summerhouse which saves room in my backyard. I have a TV and a couch out there. I like to get away out of my house sometimes, as does anyone really, so this is my go-to spot when I want to get out. I have teenagers who like to have sleepovers out there. They love it as well. It has a lot of windows so it is relaxing with the sunrise or sunset. It lets in natural light which is great for improving mood and decreasing the electricity bill!


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Longevity of Materials
Storage Size
Ease of Installation
Value for Money

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