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The 15 Best Large Gazebos In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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A large gazebo can combine the two things that are most attractive in garden buildings: form and function. The very best examples are attractive garden features in their own right, and because of that they can even be thought of as an investment that can add to the value of the property itself. They are also, of course, an ideal garden shelter from hot sun or from the rain, and often double up as an area to hold a barbecue or dinner party, or a place to grow and display climbing plants. There are a lot of models to choose from in this field, so to help you find one that meets your needs we’ve created a top 15 league table that will reveal the best large gazebo that can be bought online in the UK today. 

At WhatShed we have a wealth of experience in reviewing garden buildings in all shapes and sizes, so we knew what to look for in a large gazebo that would make it stand out from its competitors. We also wanted to make sure that our top 15 large gazebos were easy to find, so we considered models that were sold by the ten leading online retailers in this field in the UK, who between them sell over 95% of all garden buildings purchased via the internet. more...

Before we could compile our list,of course, we had to define what exactly a large gazebo is: for the purpose of this league table we’ve only considered gazebos that have a base area in excess of ten feet by ten feet. After this, we’ve taken into account the price of the gazebo and the value for money it offers relative to its size. We’ve also looked at any value adding features it may possess, such as a long warranty period, and its aesthetic appeal and build quality.

Our WhatShed league table of the fifteen best large gazebos features a very diverse range of buildings, so it’s well done to the Walton’s Superior Gazebo which lives up to its name by being crowned the best large gazebo that can be bought online in the UK today. It achieved this through offering excellent value for money for what is a well sized and very good looking garden building. Whatever kind of garden building you’re looking for, be it a gazebo, shed or play house, WhatShed will bring you the in depth reviews that can help you make a perfect purchase.

20 x 11 Waltons Superior Garden Large Gazebo

The first thing that caught our eye with this large gazebo was its sheer scale, even compared to the other models that have earned a place in our top 15 league table. It has a base width of 5.90m and a base depth of 3.42, so there’s a huge amount of sheltered space underneath it. What most impressed us about this gazebo, however, is the very affordable price tag that comes with it considering its generous dimensions, meaning that you can now have a 20 x 11 foot gazebo for less than thirteen hundred pounds. It’s this great value for money, combined with the versatility of the structure, that takes it to the very top of our league table.

We talk of versatility because its size means that it can be used not only as a garden shelter for yourself, it can also be a place to entertain house guests before or after a party, and there’s more than enough room to situate even the largest of barbecues under the apex roof. The roof itself has a tiled effect that we found very pleasing, and the absence of any walls other than six strong wooden supports mean that there’s an unimpeded view of garden surroundings. We were also pleased to see that the supports on this large gazebo had been pressure treated, meaning that they come with a 15 year guarantee against rot.

Rowlinson Oriental Pagoda Gazebo, Sunshade, Garden, Natural

This is without a doubt the most eye catching large gazebo we’ve reviewed, and in our opinion it’s one of the most attractive garden buildings that we’ve seen. As one of the joys of a gazebo is that they can add to the beauty of the garden as a whole, we think that its unique looks really adds value to what is already a well priced building, and this is enough to ensure that it claims second place in our top 15 league table. Looks wise this faithfully replicates the pagodas you’d expect to see around the temples of Japan, and yet it’s so stylishly done that it won’t look out of place in a typical British garden.

The hexagonal base area measures 4.02 x 3.20m, and around five sides of this hexagon are balustrades. Above these come five supports which lead to the roof that’s sure to attract admiring glances from all that see it. The roof is in three sections and features intricate cut out windows. It’s an original look that makes it stand out from any other large gazebo we’ve seen, and yet we were pleased to find that the manufacturer had also used high quality pressure treated timber. It means that this pagoda style gazebo should stay rot free and beautiful for at least fifteen years.

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Rowlinson Sandringham Gazebo

Rowlinson take the third, as well as second, spot in our table of the 15 best large gazebos that can be purchased online, and this earns its elevated position by sharing many of the qualities that we loved in the oriental pagoda gazebo above it. First of all, this is another large gazebo that impressed us with its good looks, although in this instance the designer has followed a more traditional British garden style. We can imagine, therefore, that this will find favour with people who want a good looking gazebo without having anything too extravagant.

We were also pleased to find that this octagonal gazebo also offered the excellent value for money that we’ve come to associate with Rowlinson gazebos. For such a well constructed large gazebo with a width of 3.94m and a depth of 3.00m we wouldn’t have been surprised gto see a price tag of well over, rather than slightly under, fifteen hundred pounds, especially as the pressure treated timber carries a 15 year guarantee. At this size it’s large enough to take a dining table and chairs, and so perfect for entertaining. We also liked the trellised lower panels on two sides, and trellised upper panels on two further sides, as it created a very attractive contrast with the fully boarded rear panels.

Wooden Heavy Duty Gazebo Pressure Treated Hot Tub Shelter With Roof Shingles Included And 10 Year Rot Guarantee Atlas W3.2m x D3.2m

This is neither the most generously proportioned nor the most attractive large gazebo we’ve reviewed, and yet it gains a deserved place in the top five of our WhatShed league table by offering exceptional gazebo. A large timber gazebo such as this can bring large benefits too, but some potential customers may be put off by the price often associated with them: this eleven by eleven gazebo is available for approximately eight hundred pounds, making a good sized freestanding wooden garden shelter more affordable than ever before.

It boasts a simple look, but even so we found the apex roof to be an attractive feature as it features a shingle tiled effect. This also makes it very durable and weather resistant, and the four timber struts at each corner of the rectangle also have excellent weather defences as standard. That’s because they have been pressure treated to give them a long lasting protection against rot, which also means that it comes with a very reassuring 15 year manufacturer’s warranty. This isn’t something we’d necessarily expect to see in a large gazebo that’s as affordable as this one, but it adds even more value to what we feel would be a great choice for those who want a larger than average wooden gazebo but who are working on a strict budget.

13’ Regis Octagonal Large Gazebo

A large gazebo can come in a number of shapes, as our league table has already shown, but we always find octagonal gazebos to be very pleasing on the eye. That’s perfectly illustrated by this Regis eight sides gazebo, and this helps it achieve a place in our top five large gazebos that could have been even higher if the price tag was a little lower. Nevertheless, we still feel this represents reasonable value for money for a building with a base size of 3.41 x 3.41m.

We were pleased to see that both the floor and the apex roof had been made from tongue and groove timber, as this makes the structure strong and stable. Even more pleasing was the fifteen year guarantee that’s been able to be provided for all the wood, thanks to the initial pressure treatment that’s been used to force preservative deep into the heart of the timber. What made this large gazebo really stand out for us was the five large trellised panel sides which then lead on to two sides featuring balustrades and an open front side. It’s a very striking design, and it makes a perfect environment to grow climbing plants upon which could then make it an even more attractive centrepiece for a garden.

Palram Palermo 3600-3.6 x 3.x6 Garden Gazebo

Whilst nothing can match a timber constructed gazebo when it comes to classic good looks, a plastic gazebo brings a host of benefits that can make it a perfect purchase, as demonstrated by this large gazebo from Palram. It has a steel frame to give it excellent strength and stability, but this has then been coated with a polycarbonate cladding. This means that it can’t rot or rust, isn’t prone to insect attacks, and requires no retreatments or maintenance other than occasional cleaning with a hose. Another advantage of this particular gazebo is that it’s also very good value for money when compared to timber models of a similar size.

The base area of this large gazebo is 3.34m x 3.34m square, and the apex roof has a peak height of 2.95m. That means there’s more than enough room to move around in, all the time protected from the elements. It has integrated guttering, which is a feature we don’t always see on gazebos, and we also welcomed the fact that the polycarbonate is UV resistant so won’t fade or yellow over time. A 10 year warranty has been supplied by Palram, but as the structure is made from such strong materials we wouldn’t be surprised to see it far outlast this period without any difficulties.

Regis Octagonal Large Gazebo With No Sides

Earlier in our league table of the very best large gazebos we looked at the regis octagonal gazebo with trellising, but at number seven in our list comes the open sided model. Instead of the highly decorative, and useful, side panels, this large gazebo simply has eight timber supports that lead from a thick tongue and groove floor to the eight sided apex roof. Whilst this design is therefore much simpler, it also means that it gives unbroken views of the landscape around it, so we can imagine this being popular with people who are wanting a straight forward and cost effective shelter that won’t compete with the garden itself as the star attraction.

At a price of nearly four hundred pounds less than the model with sides it represents very good value for money, even if the attractive features earned its stablemate a higher position in our list. We were pleased to see that this lower asking price didn’t mean that standards had been lowered, as the timber has still been given an initial pressure treatment that gives it a 15 year guarantee against the appearance of rot. If value and functionality are your main priorities when selecting a large gazebo, then this should be one for your shortlist.

13'x10' (3.9x3m) Rowlinson Sandringham Wooden Garden Gazebo

Although this is one of the most compact gazebos featured in our top 15 league table, it still has a lot to offer. In fact, the base size of 3.58 x 2.81m makes it ideal for those who want a large gazebo but don’t have too much garden space to spare when it comes to fitting it in. Once again this is an octagonal gazebo, and we found it another highly attractive example of this genre. Unlike some other eight sided models, however, it is not symmetrical but instead features an elongated front. This makes it an ideal garden building to entertain guests in, and as the three back panels are fully boarded with two full length trellis panels next to them, there’s excellent weather protection.

Once again there’s a 15 year guarantee thanks to an initial pressure treatment, which is always a welcome sign of high quality in a large gazebo. What we particularly liked about this gazebo is that it has integrated bench seating throughout the interior, so with the addition of some cushions this can be a very stylish and comfortable place to pass the hours on a summer evening. Indeed, the only reason that this building doesn’t feature much higher up our list is the relatively high price tag.

11 x 10 M&M Royal Hexagonal Thatched Roof Large Gazebo

This large gazebo looks like none other that we’ve seen, and alongside the eastern pagoda style gazebo that earned the runner up spot in our league table, this is the model that really caught our eye. Featuring a six sided design, it’s well constructed out of high quality machine rounded timber, but what impressed us most of all was the uniquely styled roof. It’s finished in a series of concentric circles covered in thatch that owes more to traditional South African dwellings than British thatched cottages. The effect is stunning, and we’re sure that it will impress anyone who sees it.

Once inside this large gazebo there’s bench seating around five of the six sides, with the sixth serving as an open entrance. It’s even possible to buy matching cushions and drapery to go with these benches, to add an extra touch of luxury to what we feel is already a very elegant garden building. This will appeal particularly to those who want their garden to have an individual or rustic look to it, and with a 15 year guarantee included as well to give extra peace of mind to the customer it’s only the large asking price which prevents this from reaching the top half of this list.

14 x 12 M&M Imperial Hexagonal Timber Roof Large Gazebo

This is the second large gazebo manufactured by M&M in our list of the fifteen very best that can be bought online in the UK today. Like its thatched roof stablemate this is also a very well designed, good looking and durable gazebo that is only prevented from achieving a higher ranking because of a high asking price. In fact, this is the most expensive building to make our top fifteen, but if you have a budget that stretches to over four thousand pounds then you may want to make this one of the first gazebos you consider.

This is one of the largest hexagonal gazebos we’ve reviewed, with a base size of 4.07 x 3.05m, so it’s ideal for people who often have a large number of house guests over and want an outdoor setting for pre or post meal drinks. As expected at this price, all the timber has been pressure treated and therefore comes with a 15 year guarantee, and this includes the heavy duty apex roof and the six sided deck which acts as a base. Another thing that we particularly liked about this large gazebo was the number of optional extras that can be added to it, including cushions and curtains and a matching hexagonal dining table that fits perfectly in the centre.

10'x10' (3mx3m) Glendale Marco Polo Mocha Garden Gazebo

This is the first metal structure to make our league table of the best large gazebos, and one of the advantages that brings is that it’s relatively lightweight and easy to construct. As it also boasts a simple design, with four struts supporting a rectangular apex roof, this can be put together by two people in around two hours, which makes it ideal for people who find the ideal of assembling and installing their own garden buildings daunting. It’s also more than reasonably priced for a large gazebo with a base size of 3.20 x 3.20m and this helps it claim a position just outside of the top ten in our league table.

Whilst being made of metal, which of course brings with it the advantage that it won’t be subject to attack from rot or insects, we were pleased to see that it didn’t actually look metallic, and that’s thanks to a rattan effect created by a durable powder coated finish. We also liked the fabric roof, which is unique amongst the apex roofs we’ve reviewed. This canvas is in two stages, and is both strong and very effective when it comes to carrying rain away. If you want an affordable large gazebo with a difference, then this could be just what you’re looking for.

Tuin Grand Open Gazebo

The ultimo is aptly named as it’s the most generously sized large gazebo to gain a place in our top 15 league table. Even with a price of slightly over two thousand pounds this still represents excellent value for money for a timber gazebo that has a base width of 6.94m and a base depth of 4.44m. It’s this that earns it representation in our list, and it could have been given a much higher ranking if it had come with an extended warranty. As no such warranty is provided on this occasion, it will need to be treated regularly by the owner to ensure the threat of rot is kept away, and on a gazebo of this size that could take considerable time and money.

Nevertheless, there are many things that we liked about this very large gazebo, one of which is that it’s also very tall with a ridge height at the summit of the apex roof of 3.51m. We also liked the option to add shingle tiles rather than sticking with the original roofing felt, and it was good to see that the customer can then choose whether they want their tiles to be in red, green, black, brown or blue colours.

11'x11' (3.5x3.5m) Square Wooden Garden Gazebo with Timber Roof

Even though it occupies a spot towards the foot of our top 15 league table, this Madeira model from Lugarde is a very attractive large gazebo that could become a central feature of your garden. Lugarde make a lot of gazebos in all styles and sizes, and yet this is perhaps the most stylish of them all. The four sides all feature balustrading, and three sides also have an open entranceway positioned centrally. We found the effect of this very pleasing on the eye, and this can be enhanced still further by painting or staining the wood in a colour of your choice. This is something we always recommend with unpainted timber, as it prevents it fading to a silver or grey colour over time. If you wish to save time on this operation, there’s an option to have the wood pre-stained in either brown, green, blue, or white. This is something that we don’t often see offered with a gazebo, and we very much welcomed it.

We were also pleased to find that the manufacturer had used a pressure treatment on the lower edges of the timber that could come into contact with ground moisture, although it seems that the rest of the wood used has been dip treated. This means that there is no long lasting warranty provided, which is certainly something we would have hoped to see on a large gazebo of this price.

BillyOh 4000 Premium Garden Party Large Gazebo

The penultimate position in our league table is occupied by a very different large gazebo to the other fourteen occupants. In effect it combines the role of a large gazebo with the functionality of a portable marquee. Whilst this certainly isn’t as elegant as the timber marquees that feature on our list it is much more flexible, in that it can quickly be assembled and just as quickly taken down again and packed away. This makes ideal for those who need a temporary structure in their garden, particularly those who may require such a gazebo on a regular basis.

At the heart of this large gazebo is an aluminium frame that creates a base area of three metres by 9m, approximately ten by thirty feet. Across this frame is a polyester canopy featuring clear plastic windows and a roll up entranceway. This means that you want to have to worry about the structure becoming damaged, knocked or strained. We were impressed by just how practical this building is, and the best thing of all is its price tag of not much more than a hundred pounds. It’s this that earns it a place in our league table, even though its looks and designs can’t be compared to the other gazebos around it.

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Lugarde Free Standing Veranda Corsica Large Gazebo

Most of the large gazebos we review come with an apex roof of some kind, whether that be made of timber, canvas, shingles or even thatch, but this is the only large gazebo with a flat roof to enter our top 15 league table. That gives it a look of its own, and a Mediterranean style that we think will fit in well with a contemporary garden. This modern look does come with a premium price however, and its the combination of a price point over four thousand pounds along with the lack of an extended warranty that prevents this good looking gazebo from being ranked any higher.

The open faced front is perfect for dinner and garden parties, as it means that guests can look out over the garden. Once inside there’s lots of protection from the weather as well, thanks to the solid back of the rectangular building and the partly boarded and partly open sides. We were also impressed by the size of this large gazebo, as the dimensions of 4.20 x 6.00m mean that there’s lots of space even for a large party. If you don’t mind carrying out regular treatments, and are happy to pay a premium price for a well designed garden feature then this is well worth looking at.

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