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The 10 Best Lean To Sheds In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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Lean-to sheds are great. They fit in just about any sized garden and provide outdoor storage whilst not being too imposing on your property’s overall space.

Fitting snugly up against a wall or fence, a lean to shed makes the most of your garden. Whether it’s garden tools, bicycles, or the barbecue, these compact, space-saving designs are ideal when either available space or budget is limited.

Even though they’re often smaller than a conventional garden shed, these products often feature the kinds of finishing touches seen on manufacturers’ flagship designs. Amongst this best lean to shed league table, you’ll find models with robust heavy duty framework, weather-resistant tongue and groove cladding, and the best metal sheds the garden shed market has to offer. Join WhatShed as we introduce to you 10 of the finest lean to shed designs out there today.

5' x 8' Lotus Heritage Green Lean-To Metal Shed (1.55m x 2.42m)

WhatShed just loves Lotus metal sheds and we’re particularly fond of the firm’s Heritage lean-to offering. This rugged industrious outbuilding is seriously built to last. Like all Lotus sheds, it’s constructed using 3mm pre-profiled sheet steel walling. The difference between this and the thinner walling used by other metal shed manufacturers is pronounced. There is simply no give in Lotus products.

Another serious plus for the Heritage Lean-To is one that is common across the entire range — it’s so simple to construct. The kit has been designed with as few parts as possible. When compared with the involved task building a wooden shed can be, it’s clear why products like those in Heritage range are rapidly gaining such popularity amongst shed owners.

Being a metal lean to shed, the Heritage Lean-To will not require any form of treatment after construction in order to activate its 15-year warranty. Non-pressure treated wooden products need additional applications of a preservative once a year. Metal sheds save time and money for the customer.

Lotus’s lean-to offering is windowless but fully vented to avoid condensation. It has an extra-large single access door that measures almost the height of its 1780mm eaves. The shed itself is a rather fetching shade of green and is by no means the eyesore many people expect a metal shed to be.

If you’re looking for an affordable, highly secure, maintenance-free garden storage solution, and space is an issue, WhatShed highly recommends the Heritage Lean-To.

Why WhatShed loves this lean to shed

  • Best-in-class construction. With 3mm walls, these metal sheds are hard as nails.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Compact design and green colouring make it discrete.
  • Highly secure.

Tiger Pent Bike Store

If space really is of a premium in your garden, the Tiger Pent Bike Store might be ideal. Don’t let the name fool you though, it’ll store any items you want just as securely as it will a bicycle!

This all-wood product comes in three sizes, ranging from 7′ by 3′ to 7′ by 5′. In terms of its construction, it features many of TigerSheds’s hallmark touches. The walls, floor, and roof are all constructed using the firm’s durable 12mm tongue and groove boarding and the framework is a substantial 28 by 44mm. The entire product is made out of slow grown European softwood, which, contrary to the name’s suggestion is an excellent choice for garden building construction.

Such building techniques and materials are by no means synonymous with all smaller garden sheds. It was, therefore, encouraging for us to see them used throughout the Yorkshire-based manufacturer’s lean-to offering.

Even though you can use the Tiger Pent Bike Store for any of your garden storage needs, the manufacturer is clearly hoping  customers will use it for their bicycles. The space available within each of sizes of this model is the perfect size for an adult bicycle and large double doors are obviously sized to make wheeling your ride out as easy as possible. Super compact yet brilliantly constructed. Built to house a few bicycles but features the same touches & construction methods used in bespoke models. Overall a fantastic buy.

Why WhatShed loves this lean to shed

  • Super compact yet brilliantly constructed. 
  • Space saving.
  • Great price.

6' x 3' Forest Overlap Pent Pressure Treated Wooden Lean To Shed (1.81m x 1.07m)

The Forest Overlap Pent is a pressure treated shed that’s ideal for those who don’t have masses of space to work with but still want stylish and weather-proof garden storage. It’s one of the most compact products on this league table and with a 6′ by 3′ footprint it will squeeze into almost any garden. It was an easy selection for this league table based on its incredibly low price for a pressure treated product.

Tanalised wooden lean to sheds, like the Forest Overlap Pent, provide a balance between the style of a wooden product and the practicality of a plastic or metal shed. The pressure treatment makes the timber much stronger and more weather resistant than when dip treatment is used. As such, Forest will guarantee this model for an impressive 15 years.

The value is hard to beat on the Forest Overlap Pent. However, a few design concessions have been made to allow the firm to sell a tanalised shed for this price. Although it features double “Z” bracing for a tough and durable door, the overlap cladding used for the walls is a little on the thin side at 8mm and the framing measures just 28mm square. These are on the lower side of what we like to see. However, the treatment process will significantly improve even thinner wood’s longevity. Money has also been saved thanks to the use of a single of OSB.

Why WhatShed loves this shed

  • Incredible value for a tanalised product.
  • Compact footprint with tall eaves makes it ideal for a smaller garden.
  • Long guarantee.

4' x 6' Palram Grey Skylight Pent Plastic Shed (1.18m x 1.75m)

If you’re looking for maintenance-free, highly secure garden storage, you can do much worse than one of the Palram Grey Skylight range. These plastic lean to sheds all feature translucent polycarbonate roof panels. These allow light to pass through but make it very difficult to see the contents of the shed, even from above. On the lean-to model, the panels resemble shingles for a touch of extra style.

The lean-to version is constructed using a heavy duty aluminium framework. Filling in the gaps are 100% UV-protected polycarbonate panels. The company claims these to be virtually unbreakable, which is why its happy to guarantee the product for 10 years. The design not only makes the Palram Skylight maintenance free, but also very easy to assemble. Panels click together from the inside – a simple but effective method. 

The Palram plastic sheds are designed with security in mind. As well as their robust framing and panelling, they’re windowless to prevent would-be intruders from seeing the contents of the shed. That said, they follow also a highly functional design too. Access is provided by an extra large single door that takes up almost all of one end on this pent model. Meanwhile, the entrance also has an extremely low threshold. This makes entering with wheeled items, such as a ride on mower, much easier.

Why WhatShed loves this shed

  • Functional, secure design.
  • Effortless to assemble.
  • Maintenance free.

Tiger Overlap Double Masterstore

As a TigerSheds product, you know you’re getting quality with this 7′ by 3′ wall storage shed. The Double Masterstore is a practical, space saving shed that provides secure outdoor storage. Despite its small footprint, the building’s high eaves make it extremely spacious. It’d be ideal for those with small gardens and lots to store!

We were particularly impressed by the substantial materials used throughout the Overlap Double Masterstore. TigerSheds opted for 9mm overlap cladding on an impressive 28x44mm framework. All timber is also professionally finished to prevent splintering. The roof and floor are constructed using butt-jointed boarding rather than OCB, chipboard, or some other inferior material.

Why WhatShed loves this product

  • Fantastic craftsmanship throughout.
  • High end materials used where some manufacturers might opt for cheaper alternatives.
  • Functional design.

9' x 6' Trimetals Premium Titan 960 Pent Metal Shed (2.63m x 1.76m)

The Trimetals Premium Titan 960 is one largest lean-to sheds on the market today. This vast galvanised steel storage unit comes in a militaristic green colour, which allows it a commanding look on an urban background whilst remaining discreet amongst foliage.

Being a metal outbuilding, it is not only fast to assemble but is very low maintenance. It’s also completely fire-resistant and, thanks to its windowless design and large double doors with two locking systems, highly secure.

Trimetals are clearly anticipating the galvanised steel design to stand the test of time. The product is guaranteed for an impressive quarter-of-a-century. If you have a lot of things to store and neither space or budget are an issue, we highly recommend this rugged, dependable outbuilding.

Why WhatShed loves this lean to shed

  • Vast functional storage space.
  • Massive 25-year warranty.
  • Highly secure galvanised steel product.
  • Maintenance free.

Walton's Tongue and Groove Modular Pent Garden Storage Shed

We just love the functionality of this 6′ by 3′ tongue and groove pent roof offering from Walton’s. Despite its small size, the building features a total of three doors. With all three open, it’s incredibly easy to access the interior space, even when carrying large items.

In terms of the building’s construction, Walton’s have opted for extra durable 12mm tongue and groove cladding for the walls. The doors are exceptionally high quality too thanks to framing with sturdy double “Z” braces. Unfortunately, Walton’s has dropped the quality when it comes to the roof and floor of this product. They opted for single sheet of oriented strand board, which although not as durable as a fully boarded floor, does allow the firm to price the product more competitively.

Thanks to its compact but spacious design and practical opening arrangement, the product is well-suited to those wanting to store lots of different items, accessed at different times, but who might not have the largest garden. It’s tasteful, discreet pent roof design will house garden furniture, push bikes, or garden tools comfortably, without being too imposing on the rest of the space around your property.

Why WhatShed loves this shed

  • Functional design makes it easy to access even if the shed is overloaded.
  • Tongue and groove cladding provides exceptional weather resistance.
  • Compact for use in even very small gardens.

Absco 7ft 5 x 5ft Grey Easy Build Pent Metal Shed

This 7’ by 5’ metal lean-to shed by Absco might not be the most attractive but it certainly is built to last. The product is constructed using ultra-tough BlueScope steel with an industrious grey paint finish to give it exceptional protection from the elements. The manufacturer is so confident in its product that it’s willing to guarantee it for a massive 30 years. Absco also says it’s tested the structure in speeds of up to 147 kmph.

As with most metal sheds, this product has been designed to be as simple as possible to construct. It’s built using the manufacturer’s “Snap-Tite” assembly technique and assembly will take considerably less time than it would with any wooden outbuilding. Once built, it requires little in the way of maintenance, other than occasional cleaning down.

As with most metal sheds, this one is optimised for security. The braced single door with padbolt and optional extra padlock; the durable, high tensile steel used throughout; and windowless design all provide owners with a huge amount of peace of mind.

Why WhatShed loves this product

  • Massive 30-year guarantee.
  • Very simple construction.
  • Low Maintenance.

Absco 5' x 2' 7" Pale Eucalyptus Easy Build Pent Metal Shed

If your budget won’t quite stretch to the Absco Grey Easy Build Pent Metal Shed or perhaps you’re a little put off by its highly industrious look, this compact storage unit from the same manufacturer might be perfect. It features the same exceptional build quality seen in the bigger Absco product but, with a smaller overall footprint, far better-suited to smaller gardens. The soft green is also much more pleasing on the eye than the cold grey of the larger product.

Just like the bigger grey version, Absco’s 5′ by 2′ 7″ offering is constructed using “snap-tite” components, which are themselves made from high tensile steel. This allows the manufacturer to offer an exceptional warranty of 30 years on the product.

With its superior build quality, braced door, and windowless design, Absco has ensured that its products are as resistant to would-be intruders as possible. However, the firm’s metal sheds are not only incredibly tough, they’re incredibly easy to assemble and require very little in the way of maintenance.

Why WhatShed loves this product

  • Massive 30-year guarantee.
  • Very simple construction.
  • Low Maintenance.

Walton's Value Overlap Modular Pent Storage Shed

If your budget or space in your garden is extremely tight, this Walton’s Value product represents one of the best low cost lean to sheds on the UK market today. With a small overall footprint, spacious double door, and 6′ eaves height, you get a lot of space to store whatever outdoor equipment you’d like.

The Value Modular Pent is no nonsense, functional, and affordable. It’s easily big enough for a couple of bicycles or a lawn mower and other garden equipment. Its cladding, roofing, flooring and framework might not be up to the standards of some of the other products on this league table, but for the money you can’t really fault this budget lean to offering from Walton’s.

Why WhatShed loves this product

  • Quality craftsmanship at an affordable price.
  • Compact design makes it great for smaller gardens.
  • Classic good looks.