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WhatShed is not just about garden storage – our dedicated team has spent time researching and testing out wooden log cabins so that you can find the perfect building for your garden. Whether you are looking for something traditional, modern and functional, or if you have been searching for a real eye catching feature for your garden, you will find what you are looking for in these pages. We believe we have found the very best to suit your requirements, whether you want to hideaway from the hustle and bustle of modern life or just want to sit and admire your garden, you will find it here.

A log cabin makes a cost-effective way to include an additional room to your dwelling when put into your yard or garden. These buildings offer a very versatile addition to your residence – they can be utilised as an extra room, a summerhouse, or home business office. They also make great storage solutions – so you can use your garage for your car or bike and not your garden tools and lawn mower. Our log cabins suit a variety of spaces and individual tastes and self assembly construction of the tongue and groove interlocking boards and pre-assembled roof and floor sections, is straightforward. Our cabins incorporate styles from Alpine to Classic, meaning the log cabin of your dreams is ready to be delivered directly to your door. The larger models are ideal for entertaining in, or what about an incredible pool house for the swimming pool minus the outrageous expense? Many of the cabins feature overhangs, thicker wall construction, double doors, top opening windows, and eye catching details. Visit our Log Cabin Insight page to see what our customers are doing with theirs and to read our buying guides.

In the past, it hasn’t been easy to create an office without upsetting your home with cables, computers and printers. Well, What Shed has a range of garden office options to suit your garden and we are confident we have a home business office solution for you.

So for the best independent reviews of all Log Cabins in the UK, from cheap log cabins to log cabin kits, we have all the garden log cabins you could possibly want. If your looking for Log Cabins for sale you have found the right place.

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Score: 8.5
Price: £8999.99
Size: 5 X 4m
Full Details

5 x 4 Waltons Insulated Garden Room

Waltons have created this 4 x 5 insulated garden room. Installation is present throughout the building, including in the roof, the walls and the floor. This brings a..

Score: 8.5
Price: £6399.99
Size: 4 X 3m
Full Details

3 x 4 Waltons Insulated Garden Room

This fantastic looking insulated garden room is amazing. The walls, the floor and the roof are all insulated, to give a nice and warm place to stay. The..

Score: 8.5
Price: £3529.95
Size: 4.85 X 3.0m
Full Details

4.85 x 3.0 Wrexham 2 Log Cabin

This 4 x 3 log cabin is unique in that it has a 15 year guarantee against rot. This is quite unusual for a cabin of this size,..

Score: 8.5
Price: £2875.99
Size: 3.9 X 2.4m
Full Details

3.9 x 2.4 Wrexham 1 Log Cabin

This 3 x 2 log cabin has double glazed opening windows. This is an amazing feature for a cabin at this size, and it shows how much quality..

Score: 8.5
Price: £1099.95
Size: 3.3 X 3m
Full Details

3.3 x 3 Waltons Log Cabin Studio

Here you have a building that has 19 mm pine log boards throughout. These logs are incredibly tough and thick, and actually provide you with a structure that..

Score: 8
Price: £2899.95
Size: 5 X 5m
Full Details

5 X 5 Waltons Haven Log Cabin

This gorgeous 5 x 5 building has been created from Baltic planks. This pine is particularly strong and tough, and has been slow-grown, and so brings natural resistance..

Score: 8
Price: £1799.95
Size: 4 X 4m
Full Details

4 x 4 Waltons Haven Log Cabin

This amazing looking log cabin has a distinctive overhang at the front, which makes it really feel rustic and charming. There are plenty of things involved in this..

Score: 9
Price: £3399.95
Size: 5 X 4.8m
Full Details

5 x 4.8 Waltons Maine Log Cabin

This 4×4 log cabin has been created by Walton’s. There are all kinds of features in this unit, and it’s difficult not to go overboard when you’re thinking..

Score: 8.5
Price: £1499
Size: 3.0 X 2.40m
Full Details

9’10 x 7’10 Alpine Davos 28mm Log Cabin

This bright and attractive log cabin has tongue and groove work throughout. This means the timber locks together and instantly provides strength and durability to the construction. This..

Score: 8.5
Price: £1089
Size: 2.1 X 2.1m
Full Details

7′ x 7′ Avesbury 19mm Log Cabin

One thing will strike you immediately when you first see this log cabin, and that is the wonderfully charming exterior. It looks like it belongs in the perfect..