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The 10 Best Mini Greenhouses In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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A mini greenhouse is an ideal plant growing solution for people who don’t have enough room in their garden for a full size model, and they can make a cost effective addition to people who already have a greenhouse but want to increase their capacity. The only difficulty can come in finding the one that’s just right for your needs, which is why WhatShed have created this handy guide to the very best mini greenhouses that can be bought online in the UK today.

At WhatShed we review greenhouses in every size and every variety, so we know what makes a top quality mini greenhouse stand out from the crowd. We have also ensured that all the mini greenhouses featured in our top ten league table were easy to find and purchase, and that’s why we’ve only considered models which are sold by the UK’s ten leading online retailers in this field, who between them account for over 95% of the market.

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BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Wooden Polycarbonate Mini Greenhouse

Just because a mini greenhouse is compact doesn’t mean that it can’t be big on style, as our table topping model from BillyOh shows. Unlike most of the greenhouses in this WhatShed league table, it features timber rather than aluminium framing and this gives it a stunning appearance that caught our eye at first sight. As the boarding runs around the  bottom third of the structure it also has a Victorian greenhouse feel to it, so its sure to appeal to people who like classic garden buildings.

One of the reasons that we found this mini greenhouse so attractive is that it uses smooth planed tongue and groove cladding alongside the polycarbonate glazing, which should give the building as a whole strength and stability. This is also the largest of our miniature greenhouses, with a base area of approximately six foot by three foot, meaning that it can fit a lot of plants inside. That’s why we were pleased at the wide opening double hinged doors, which make it easy to move wider or bulkier items such as bags of soil in and out. Considering the high quality of components used in this greenhouse we also feel that this represents good value for money and it should prove to be durable, which is what carries it into the number one position.

4'x2' Forest Wooden Small Mini Lean To Greenhouse (1.2x0.62m)

In the runner up position in our league table, we have another wooden framed mini greenhouse, but this four foot by two foot model from Grow-Plus is a very different building. For starters it’s much more compact, with a peak height of 1.44m, so it’s not designed to be walked around in as the BillyOh greenhouse is. Nevertheless, the clever design of this greenhouse means that you can likely fit more inside than you might initially think. The hinged double doors open to the full width of the frontage, and the split lid lifts up too, and can also be propped open for ventilation purposes. This should make it very easy to lift plants and other items in and out, and to position them appropriately.

What most impressed us about this mini greenhouse is that it uses superior quality pressure treated timber around the shatter resistant styrene glazing. This makes the timber very rot and weather resistant, and enables the manufacturer to provide a 15 year warranty. This is as long as any that we’ve seen supplied with a mini greenhouse, and it’s this that helps it claim the second spot within our guide. It also adds extra value to what is already a very affordable price of significantly less than two hundred pounds, especially as an open slatted shelf is included as standard.


Halls 6Ft X 2Ft Supreme Curved Lean To Wall Garden

This mini greenhouse is the first within our league table to be designed as a wall garden. That means that even though it boasts an aluminium rather than wooden frame, like the two greenhouses above it, it’s still one of the most attractive compact greenhouses that we’ve seen. What particularly caught our eye were the curved eaves that give the structure an onion shape, and this can look even more impressive if it’s filled with flowering plants. That’s one of the advantages that a high quality wall garden such as this brings, it not only provides a great environment in which to grow plants it then acts as an ideal display case for them.

Because this mini greenhouse is designed to be attached directly to a wall, and we were pleased to see a kit included to facilitate this, it won’t take away any room from the garden itself. We were also impressed that it comes with three sets of staging as standard, allowing the owner to make the most of its 1.93 x 0.71m interior and its generous 2.07m peak height. The most impressive feature of all, however, was its use of toughened safety glass, making it practically shatter proof. That makes it a safer and more secure greenhouse, and gains it a place inside our top three even though it costs a little more than many other models to be found in this league table.


4'x2' Palram Lean To Small Wall Mini Greenhouse

This top ten league table shows the diversity of mini greenhouses available, with this representing the first aluminium framed lean to greenhouse here. Whilst the silver coloured frame has a very modern look, its appearance is dominated by its large expanse of polycarbonate panels. Once again this means that it also acts as an excellent place to display plants as well as growing and nurturing them, and we were pleased to find that the panels were UV resistant meaning that they won’t fade or yellow over time as some earlier examples of plastic glazing occasionally did.

The lean to design of this mini greenhouse brings its own significant benefits: firstly it means that it’s suitable for people who want a greenhouse but have little or no lawn space available on which to situate one. Secondly, the supporting house or garden wall protects the greenhouse from strong winds and gives it added stability. What impressed us most however was the price tag of not much more than a hundred pounds, and with a 5 year guarantee included as well this is enough to gain it a place in the top half of our league table. It also comes with a free base plinth, making it easy to install and adding even more value.


4'x2' Forest Wooden Small Mini Lean To Greenhouse (1.2x0.62m)

We’ve reviewed many wooden sheds from Rowlinson, and inevitably find them to be both attractive and well built from high quality components. We were very pleased to find that their mini greenhouse, with a base area of 1.20 x 0.63m and a ridge height of 1.44m, lived up to our high expectations. Whilst it uses cost effective polycarbonate glazing, as do most of the greenhouses to feature in our top ten league table, it also incorporates a hardwood frame. This isn’t something that we would expect at a price tag of less than two hundred pounds, and it gives the structure a sophisticated air.

Being made of hardwood, the timber in this mini greenhouse also has excellent natural weather resistance, although it will still need to be treated with wood preserver on an annual basis by the customer. We were pleased to find that the timber was FSC certified too, and this proof that it comes from sustainable sources will be particularly welcomed by consumers who keep a close eye on their carbon footprint. Also impressive was the inclusion of two wooden shelves as standard, and as both the front doors open wide and the lid opens upwards as well, which should mean gaining access to them is very easy.


Mercia Wooden Mini Greenhouse Store

This mini greenhouse has a look all of its very own, and it’s one that we found very visually appealing. Upon a base area of 1.16 x 0.63m it rises up to a peak height of 2.01m, and as it also has a rain deflecting apex roof with a diamond shaped finial at the front, this gives it a sentry box like appearance. We were pleased to find that it also comes complete with two shelves, allowing the owner to make the most of its taller than average height and meaning that they can start moving plants and trays in as soon as the greenhouse has been assembled.

There’s a lot more wood on display here than we usually see on a mini greenhouse, and so we were glad to find that 12mm thick smooth planed shiplap timber had been used. This should give it excellent strength and stability, and it also means that there are no gaps for rainwater to get into, which is one reason the manufacturer has been able to give a 10 year conditional anti-rot guarantee. Another feature we liked about this mini greenhouse is that the bottom section is designed so that it can be used as a store, and because this area is boarded over, passers by will have no way of knowing if anything of value is being stored there.

44 x 24 Halls Wall Garden 24 Small Greenhouse (1.32 x 0.69m)

This is the second silver coloured and aluminium wall garden to feature inside our WhatShed top ten league table, but this one has a more typical rectangular design rather than the elegant tear shape we saw earlier. Whilst it’s not among the most elegant greenhouses that we’ve reviewed, we felt that it had a very clean and modern look and so it should fit in well with gardens and property that have a minimalist style to them.

Once again we were very impressed by the asking price of less than two hundred pounds, making this an excellent all year round growing environment for gardeners who are operating on a tight budget. We were also pleased to find that it includes two aluminium shelves as standard, which adds even more value for money. The standard option of this mini greenhouse comes fitted with horticultural glass, which has light and heat transmitting qualities that are even better than the polycarbonate glazing that is often used on greenhouses of this size and price. We were also pleased to see that there is an option to upgrade the glazing to toughened safety glass, although this does add significantly to the initial price. This then is a good value and very practical miniature greenhouse, and only the lack of an extended warranty keeps it in the bottom half of our league table.

44 x 24 Halls Wall Garden 24 Small Greenhouse (1.32 x 0.69m)

This pent roofed mini greenhouse can be used as a stand alone structure, but it works best as a lean to as this gives it added strength and stability as well as protecting it from the worst of the British weather. Whilst it has a base width of just 1.08m and a base depth of 0.65m, it has an accommodating peak height of 1.90m so there’s still room for a good selection of plants. One thing we particularly liked about this model is that whilst one side has three shelves included as standard, which are ideal for seed trays and potted plants, the other half is shelf free and can therefore be used for taller plants or even to store gardening tools such as spades and hoes.

One thing that distinguishes this visually from many of the lean to greenhouses we’ve reviewed, including the other examples in this WhatShed mini greenhouse league table, is that the polycarbonate glazing has a frosted finish. This means that the glazing is very shatter resistant and also has excellent heat retaining properties, but it also means that this may not be an ideal choice if you want the plants growing inside to be on display. Other than that, we feel that this represents very good value for money although we would have liked to see an extended warranty provided with it.


44 x 24 Halls Wall Garden 24 Small Greenhouse (1.32 x 0.69m)

This four foot by four foot mini greenhouse from the leading brand Palram, a name that we’ve come to associate with quality, has a look that’s unlike any other that we’ve seen, and it’s not just visually striking it’s also very practical. The top half of the structure contains polycarbonate glazing, providing an ideal if compact environment to grow plants and seedlings in. This sits on top of a rectangular base made of plastic, but this half has been given a woodgrain effect. We found this very pleasing on the eye, but we realise that it may not be to everyone’s taste, and it also means that the glazed area is restricted, which is why it finds itself in the penultimate position within our league table.

The bottom section of this mini greenhouse can come in very useful, however, as it can be used to store most small to medium sized gardening tools and accessories, including trowels and hose reels. We were also impressed by the number of extra features included here that we don’t see in other mini greenhouses, namely the inclusion of two deep planting trays and ten plant hangers. With a 5 year warranty included as well, this mini greenhouse can be a good choice for customers who want an original rather than conventional plant growing solution.

Worth Garden Portable 5-Tier Shelves Mini Greenhouse

This mini greenhouse from B&Q is starkly different from the nine models that precede it, in that it doesn’t have a conventional aluminium or wooden frame, and is therefore a much more lightweight and less permanent garden structure. Instead, it uses a thin PVC material that is stretched over a thin metal frame, with integral shelving providing both extra support and extra space in which to place plants and seed trays.

This certainly couldn’t be described as the most stylish mini greenhouse we’ve reviewed, which accounts for it having to be content with the final position within our league table, and yet it is one of the most practical. Based upon a base area of 0.69m square, it won’t take up too much garden space, and could easily be positioned on a patio or terrace. The height of 2.00m, however, is very generous, and the five tiers mean that you can fit a lot more plants inside than you might at first imagine. We were particularly impressed with the asking price of just thirty pounds, meaning that everyone can now enjoy the benefits that a miniature greenhouse can bring. It’s also easy to assemble and take down again, so this is  a truly portable year round plant growing solution.


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